Using Natural Products in Our Homes to Create Relaxation and Healing 

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Nature heals. The conclusion of many types of mental health practitioners is to increasingly recommend outdoor time in nature over medications to relieve stress and anxiety.  Stress and anxiety are significant culprits in many ailments- pain is worse with increases in either of these two troublesome conditions. At our chiropractic and acupuncture office here in Chapel Hill, NC, we incorporate natural themes throughout the facility to relax the mind and body. Dr. Oskardmay makes helpful suggestions to help you incorporate nature in your life, as well. Our goal to help you feel better naturally.

Chiropractic and acupuncture are natural health alternatives- they provide nature-based options to traditional medications and drug therapies. These hands-on therapies have fewer adverse side effects and provide practical, lasting relief for many conditions.  Dr. Oskardmay depends on skilled palpation and observation of the patient and thorough patient history evaluation to diagnose wherever possible.

Chiropractic perceives the flow of nerve energy through spinal subluxations- rocky impediments and teetering blockages that deprive downstream muscles, organs, and other tissues of nourishing energy. Dr. Oskardmay removes obstacles to healing via the chiropractic manual adjustment to restore nerve flow. As an acupuncturist and chiropractor in Chapel Hills, NC she uses massage techniques to relax and smooth taut muscles to relax the body-mind, reduce sympathetic flight-of-flight overload, and restore natural health.

Acupuncture treatment has many connections with nature, as well. Yin and yang are essential concepts that, generally, relate to the balance of all energies -hot and cold, fast and slow, hard and soft. Channels or meridians recognized by Chinese medicine acupuncture are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The balance and movement of corresponding energies along the meridians reflect regions of imbalance and stagnation, disease, and impairment. Being in nature builds yin, which reduces stress and strengthens the relaxation response. Dr. Oskardmay, like other acupuncturists, uses energetic channels to heal and incorporates natural themes to facilitate the process.

Beyond the outdoors, there are many local businesses with products that aid natural healing.  For instance, Weaver Street Market is a local Food Cooperative with organic foods and herbal remedies and ointments. Fleet Feet Active Feet in Carrboro is a local store that provides client foot evaluation for the best activewear shoe to enhance the outdoor experience. On a smaller scale, Carolina Cairn Company on Etsy sells handmade rock sculptures and other objects to incite relaxation and balance.

Wherever there is natural relaxation, there is a chance for healing. Choose your favorite natural respite to take the edge off; your mind and body will benefit. Call or email our chiropractic and acupuncture offices in Eastowne Hills of Chapel Hill for more information. Call Acupractic today.

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