Chiropractors Do Not Prescribe Medicine or Drugs

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As the title to this blog post attests, most Doctors of Chiropractic do not prescribe or even recommend drugs or medicines to their patients. Licensed in holistic medicine, chiropractors share a healing paradigm with other non-drug practitioners, including acupuncturists and naturopaths. Whereas medical doctors and osteopaths are licensed to prescribe drugs and medication to their patients, most US chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists do not have this privilege. For this and other reasons, chiropractors do not generally recommend drugs and medicines to heal patients. At the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, she does not prescribe chemical products and advises patients to review all medication and drug questions with their medical providers.

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay provides hands-on diagnostics, followed by chiropractic adjustments, massage, and acupuncture to restore body function and qi flow. Doctors of Chiropractic, Licensed Acupuncturists, and Naturopaths work on the premise that the body knows full well how to heal itself in most instances. The best mode of treatment is always first to help the patient access their healing potential. A licensed chiropractic physician, Dr. Oskardmay, understands the role of the brain and nervous system in healthful living. She provides chiropractic adjustment to restore vertebral integrity and support proper nerve impulse conduction. Not dissimilarly, as a licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Okardmay also employs acupuncture to enhance qi flow, reduce meridian stagnation and uniquely heal each patient. She enjoys helping patients choose foods and exercises to improve their healing response, as well.

Patients suffering from back pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains have access to a wide array of over-the-counter pain relievers- NSAIDs and analgesics. While these provide temporary relief to many, medical errors and misuse of drugs cost countless lives in the US. Many people reach for these products because they want quick results as promised by numerous television commercials for these and other medicines. Clinal results are not a given, and not everyone receives the promised glory of a pain-free life.

Missing also is the understanding of the side effects of these products. A close read of the tiny print on the sides of the bottles demonstrates the dangers within, which include: indigestion, liver damage, stomach ulcers, headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions, to name a few. These side effects are also mentioned at the end of television advertisements, albeit quickly and in blurring monotone, while magnetic images of happy people propel the viewer onward. Historically, chiropractors and other natural health proponents have not prescribed drugs and medicines mainly due to the adverse side effects of drugs.

Drugs and medicines are chemical substances used to create change in the way our bodies work. When taken by swallowing, inhaling, or injecting, drugs enter the bloodstream and move to affect the brain and other body parts. In the brain, drugs and medications may intensify or dull the senses, change how alert or sleepy a person feels, and sometimes decrease the physical pain. At the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, she enjoys working with patients who appreciate the hands-on treatments she provides to heal the body naturally.

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Chiropractic for Scoliosis

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Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. Usually occurring during the growth spurt preceding puberty, scoliosis can have significant health ramifications. At the chiropractic and acupuncture clinics of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we help bring relief to patients with the symptoms of scoliosis.

Usually, the spine bends along the lateral view in three places- the cervical lordosis or anterior curvature, the thoracic kyphosis or posterior curvature, and the lumbar lordosis. This curvature provides some shock absorption to the normal spine, but the spine appears straight from the rear. In cases of scoliosis, the spine has additional curvature to the side and does not appear straight from the posterior view. The health implications of scoliosis can be mild or severe.

The additional spine curvature impacts the vertebral range of motion and muscle attachments, sometimes creating painful movement and increased risk of spinal degeneration. Scoliosis can affect overall body balance; leg length differences and gait issues are common. In severe cases, patients suffer internal organ derangement and abnormal compression of some organs. Nerve compression is not uncommon. Spinal imaging is crucial to determine the level of curvature; parents need to make sure their children receive proper evaluation early to determine spinal health at a young age and watch the progression of spinal curvature.

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay evaluates each patient young and old, for spinal imbalance, pain, and nerve irritation. Please tell her about any prior diagnosis of scoliosis; she can order x-ray films as needed, as well, if required. She uses gentle chiropractic adjustments to support the vertebral range of motion, soft tissue massage to reduce muscle aches and pains, focused deep tissue massage for trigger point relief, and acupuncture for meridian therapy along the spine and other areas. Treatment soothes pain locally and enhances healing distally at impacted tissues. Other physical modalities available at our office include the use of electrostimulation, electro-acupuncture, auriculotherapy, cupping, and gua sha. At each visit, Dr. Oskardmay also provides helpful information to support healing at home between visits.

Scoliosis is a prevalent disorder that afflicts approximately 3 million Americans annually. While treatment can help symptoms, no treatments available at this time can cure this ailment. Scoliosis is a chronic condition that can last for years or be lifelong in most cases. As a spinal care expert, Dr. Oskardmay can help to reduce the painful symptoms of scoliosis and help patients improve their overall well-being in the process. Call today at (919) 929-1400 to get the care you need or visit us 24 hours a day online to schedule and learn more about natural, hands-on healing at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, providing alternative healing to the Triangle since 1995.

Chiropractic and Massage

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Chiropractic and massage go very well together. Hands-on or activator-assisted vertebral mobilization works better when surrounding muscles relax. Dr. Oskardmay uses massage with most patients to enhance treatment results, and the different types of massage available help in many ways.

Massage is a soft tissue movement technique that moves a person’s skin, muscle, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay performs massage using her hands and Thumper pulsating device to reach deeper tissue levels on the back, shoulders, hips, and legs before the chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture treatment. Tight muscles relax, tight ligaments allow movement, and spasms within connective tissues cease with pulsating massage. Massage improves blood flow to muscles, ligaments, and tendons and helps to break down adhesions between connective tissue units. With massage, Dr. Oskardmay finds patients are more receptive to the therapeutic chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture therapy as they relax in many ways.

Other massage techniques Dr. Oskardmay uses include cupping gua sha massage. Cupping massage is a technique using silicon cups placed on the skin’s surface with gentle pressure and suction. Cupping massage lifts the skin away from the underlying muscle, allowing muscle and skin tension release. Cupping massage is a form of gua sha, which means ‘get the bad out. It helps to release tension and remove muscle skin micro-adhesions that impair healing.

At our chiropractic and acupuncture office, Dr. Oskardmay applies massage before most therapies. The patient rests on a padded table in a comfortable room, soft muscle playing nearby as the massage is used. Massage not only helps to relax muscles, ligaments, and tendons- it also helps to increase both doctor and patient understanding of body biomechanics, that is, where problems exist. In this way, a massage is also a diagnostic tool and tool to improve self-awareness. Nearly every day, patients report that they didn’t realize they had tension in a particular area or more. Providing awareness of body issues and providing the means to help correct muscle imbalances is another excellent benefit of alternative medicine care at our office.

Muscles tighten, ligaments shorten, and tendons begin to calcify when tensions rise and remain. When spinal bones suffer misalignment affecting nerve outflow, surrounding muscles respond with tension. Using massage and palpation, Dr. Oskardmay identifies misaligned vertebral units and, the following massage effectively applies adjustive procedures to restore vertebral position and motion and correct nerve impulse transmission.

Massage is a vital component of a treatment plan at Acupractic Natural Healing Center. Call to schedule an appointment today and see how massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture can help you. (919) 929-1400, or visit us online 24 hours a day at to learn more and schedule.

The Effects of Sleeping Face Down and How Chiropractic Adjustment Can Help

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At the alternative medicine clinic of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, people sometimes ask if sleeping in the face-down position is good or bad for their health. While research is somewhat scant, some indications sleeping in the prone posture can affect health in myriad ways. Since we spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping and the goal of sleep is to relax and restore, it is vital to understand how to sleep in a posture that brings us the best benefit.

Research from the NIH (PUB article PMC6609073) shows that the face-down position puts more compressive pressure on the bones and soft tissues of the back. This is because the spine is in relative extension, compacting the small joints that support the spine and allow the spinal column to move freely. Over time, this pressure will cause more inflammation and pain, and stiffness in the morning. Eventually, habitually sleeping in the face-down position can cause increased spinal degeneration and disability.

Sleep position can also affect dreaming, according to studies in the UK. The prone posture is related to people experiencing more dreams connected with feeling locked up, smothered and unable to breathe, and other negative themes. This is because the prone position puts more pressure on the front of the body and makes it difficult to breathe. Understandably this could trigger stressful dream responses.

At our office, we strive to help patients achieve excellent mental and physical health using non-drug, natural methods wherever possible. Recognizing that sleep posture will impact physical and mental health today and into the future is an excellent first step to improving that third of one’s day. Getting the answers you need to questions about sleep posture and the help you need to enhance spinal biokinetics is the next step to sleeping well and feeling better each day.

During an office visit, Dr. Oskardmay helps patients understand the impact of sleep position and other factors on their well-being. Using the chiropractic adjustment, she applies gentle, specific vertebral movement to individual spinal bones to restore the position and reduce inflammatory pain between vertebrae caused by sleep load pressure or other factors. The application of soft tissue massage and other therapies to the neck, back, legs, and paraspinal regions assist in muscle relaxation that improves healing response. Also, as a licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Oskardmay can apply acupuncture to body regions to enhance overall body qi flow.

Call (919) 929-1400 today to schedule your alternative health evaluation and treatment. Located in the Eastowne Office complex just off I-40 at Durham and Chapel Hill junction, Dr. Oskardmay has helped thousands of Triangle residents with pain and other disorders caused by sleep and other conditions since 1995. Or visit us online 24 hours a day to learn how chiropractic and acupuncture can help you.

Chiropractic Care for Stress

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At Acupractic Natural Care Center, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we recognize the healing power of natural healing to reduce stress. Hands-on treatment using chiropractic principles and adjustment therapy with massage helps soothe muscles, balance the nervous system and reduce stress naturally. From the cervical spine through the thoracic region to the lumbar and sacral vertebral regions, chiropractic manipulative therapy and massage at our office heals on many levels, reducing pain and muscle spasms, nerve impingement, and cortisol levels that result from imbalance.

The vertebral column, comprised of bony vertebrae surrounding spinal segments and exiting spinal nerves, supports good posture and serves as an attachment site for many postural muscles. Stress and cortisol levels increase when there is misalignment or other irritation between these vertebral units because misalignment or subluxation increases pain and affects nerve flow. This stress response is systemic because cortisol filters throughout the body and the nervous system is lightning fast to respond to pain and impingement, affecting the vital spinal column. The spinal adjustments Dr. Oskardmay performs help mitigate the stress response because spinal mobilization restores healthy movement between vertebral units and reduces nerve flow interference.

Nerves arising in the neck or cervical spine region transmit messages to and from the upper extremity. Shoulder tightness, forearm muscle spasm, hand or wrist pain all relate to irritation in the upper spine. Additionally, tightness in the region between the shoulder blades relates to shoulder movement problems, as well. Many people recognize that they carry stress on their neck and shoulders. Correction of spinal fixation in the neck and upper back resolves tension arising in these areas. When Dr. Oskardmay also applies massage or acupuncture, that benefits the surrounding muscles, relaxing the mind and improving strength and endurance of the tissues. Organs receiving innervation from all spinal areas also benefit from adjustment procedures which help to relieve pain and stress from conditions such as TMJ, headache, asthma, hypertension, vertigo, digestive disorders, and others because nerve flow functions better.

Lumbar and sacral vertebrae protect spinal areas transmitting nerves to the lower extremities and pelvic organs. Hip pain, patella-femoral knee trouble, foot and ankle arthritic concerns, and plantar fasciitis indicate nerve problems from nerves transmitting messages to and from the low back. Hands-on diversified chiropractic adjustment or Activator adjustment procedures mobilize vertebrae in the lower spine and improve the functioning of all areas served. Internal organs such as the bladder, kidney, and reproductive organs also benefit from enhanced nerve flow and reduction in pain and muscle spasm through treatment of the lumbosacral region.

In addition to chiropractic adjustment plus massage and acupuncture, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay also enjoys helping understand how to update patients’ food selection, exercise, and daily activities to get healthy. Read our many appreciative patient reviews on our website and call (919) 929-1400 or visit online 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment.

How the Clavicle Bone Affects Health

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At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, chiropractor and acupuncturist Dr. Lisa Oskardmay evaluates clavicle range of motion and pain as part of a routine exam because this small superior bone impacts our health in many ways. When a patient presents with neck or shoulder pain, hand or elbow irritation, or problems getting a deep breath or even slow metabolism, this area of the upper extremity can reveal clues and treatment options.

What is the Clavicle Bone?

The clavicle is elongated, turned sideways, and rotated s-shaped bone in the upper front of the body. A part of each shoulder, we have two clavicles. Attached to each clavicle is a series of muscles that affects shoulder range of motion, strength, and position, as well as neck position in part owing to the anterior neck muscles. The clavicles should make each move and rotate equally without pain popping noise upon arm movement overhead and shoulder rotation. Lack of rotation from improper muscle coordination in the complex shoulder can eventually cause shoulder bursitis and pain. Anterior head position, called ‘tech neck by many, refers to the bent forward head position assumed by many people nowadays as they peer over their devices for work and pleasure. This lordotic slump reduces clavicle movement and is a silent but significant cause of health impairment seen in our office.

Notably, the position and movement of the clavicles impact respiration, and the top of the lung resides just above these shoulder bones. When a person breathes with their shoulder muscles in place of the abdomen, as doctors suggest, the ensuing shoulder muscle tightness can affect clavicle movement and impair respiration. The clavicle lifts typically at the end of respiration to bring in extra air when needed. In contrast, the abdomen ideally performs the bulk of the respiratory effort, ballooning out to draw air into the lungs. In addition to helping people recognize the importance of belly breathing and shoulder range of motion, Dr. Oskardmay uses chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage techniques to improve muscle and bone coordination in the neck and shoulder.

clavicle bone

Several vital nerves and blood vessels surround and run under the clavicles. The brachial plexus is a series of nerves arising from the lower part of the neck vertebrae C5,6,7. This nerve bundle passes between the middle and anterior scalene neck muscles originating from the neck and attaching to the first rib below the clavicle. The brachial plexus sends sensory and motor messages to the shoulder and arm muscles. Compression or irritation of these nerves under the clavicle or between the scalene muscles can affect upper extremity movement and pain. Conditions such as neck pain, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, or shoulder bursitis can result in shoulder and arm and hand pain, tingling, and numbness, even muscle weakness. Left untreated, minor problems can turn into more significant issues.

Dr. Oskardmay strives to determine the cause of each patient’s pain and disability at our chiropractic and acupuncture office. It is not uncommon for patients to come into our office with long-term residual neck and shoulder pain, tightness, shallow breathing, and other troublesome ailments that affect overall life quality and ability to exercise and breathe fully. Palpation and treatment of clavicle motion and tenderness using chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage applied to the neck and shoulder complex frequently helps to improve troublesome symptoms.

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Do You Need a Referral to See a Chiropractor?

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Patients no longer require referrals from their medical doctors to seek chiropractic alternative medical care. Chiropractic is safe healthcare that promotes healing, restores postural and musculoskeletal balance, and supports nervous system integrity. Many patients choose chiropractic care first because they do not wish to depend on drugs or risk surgical implications for conditions that the body can heal itself given the proper conditions. Chiropractic care helps produce those appropriate conditions, and patients no longer need a referral from a medical doctor to get chiropractic care.

At our office, we see patients every day who do not need a referral to see a chiropractor to get insurance coverage for their visit. For most insurance plans, and for virtually all of the plans we participate in, patients can self refer, meaning they can call and make an appointment to see Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, licensed chiropractic physician and acupuncturist. These plans include BCBS, Aetna, United Healthcare, Federal and State Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UMR, Medicare, Medicaid, and many others.

While patients in the Veterans VA programs still require a referral from their primary medical doctor to see all doctors, including chiropractors, they are the exception. We enjoy working with Veterans each day and help them get the referrals they need for chiropractic or acupuncture at our healthcare clinic. For the vast majority of patients seeking care at our office for back pain, neck strain, headache, and other ailments of the spine and extremities, we are glad to offer appointments with the need for prior authorization and referral.

Some insurance plans used to require patients to get referrals from a medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor. This lengthened the time frame for patients getting the crucial care they needed, however, as the arduous referral process was both cumbersome and elusive for many. As more people sought the safe and beneficial services of chiropractors like Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, insurance plan moderators recognized the need to skip the referral process and allow patients to call directly to get the benefits they require and deserve. This improved healthcare and allowed patients and chiropractic offices more healthcare choice freedoms. While we enjoy the referrals of many medical professionals in the area and appreciate the proximity of quality medical providers in the area, it is essential to note that referral is no longer needed for patients from anyone.

Chiropractic healthcare is a good form of whole-body medicine that emphasizes non-drug, non-surgical approaches to many health complaints. After completing pre-med undergraduate education, chiropractors attend four-year chiropractic school training, including neurology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, chemistry, psychology, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting, and other hands-on healing methods.

Chiropractors attend an internship at local hospitals and other clinics to obtain clinical skills and help the communities they work in. Dr. Oskardmay had her internships at the Lombard National Clinic of Chiropractic Student Clinic and the Salvation Army Clinics in Chicago, IL. Since graduating in 1995, she provides chiropractic and acupuncture care to Triangle residents at her clinic in Chapel Hill, NC. Call today at (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment and get the healthcare you deserve. We are here for you!


Chiropractic and Acupuncture: Alternative Healthcare Supports Body Healing

Chiropractor and Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture at Eastowne LLC are two offices at 205 Providence Rd. in Chapel Hill. Here, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay helps patients each day using chiropractic and acupuncture. Chiropractic and acupuncture are two of the main types of so-called alternative healthcare in America. Also referred to as holistic healthcare, these healing body solutions help bring out the best in each person’s body and mind to maximize one’s individual healing potential. But how do they do this?

Chiropractic and acupuncture rely on the fact that the body knows how to heal itself when given proper instructions, or, instead, with the removal of impediments to self-healing. Rather than a vague idea, we understand that the human body and mind are miraculous and suffer when external and internal circumstances get in the way. At the offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, she helps the body-mind get back on track using chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities, massage to the muscles and ligaments, and acupuncture to the meridian and channels that carry healing energy.

For instance, when we sit, the hips and legs may suffer because there is a blockage to energy movement from head to toe. The hip and leg muscles shorten, back muscles tighten, and other accompanying disorders result in hip and back pain, lowered metabolism, and respiratory rate, to name a few. Dr. Oskardmay uses treatments unique to each individual at our office to improve muscle balance and nerve flow and motivate good posture.

For treatment, Dr. Oskardmay may perform a chiropractic adjustment to the lower back, lumbar spine, and hips, for instance, to mobilize the vertebrae surrounding nerves innervating the hips, legs, knees, and feet. She uses massage such as Thumper percussion massage, gua sha, or cupping techniques to lengthen tight muscles and improve muscle balance. Each treatment is individualized to the persons’ needs and wishes.

Acupuncture is a beneficial treatment option for many. Dr. Oskardmay may employ acupuncture needles in the lumbar region and legs, for example, to resolve qi flow problems in the lower back.

Similarly, there are many treatment options for neck and shoulder pain, the tightness between the shoulder blades, and problems sitting up straight or concentrating. Both chiropractic and acupuncture treat every condition from headache to stomach to infertility to depression from the standpoint of helping the body improve and use its natural resources- that is, nerve flow and qi flow.

Chiropractic and acupuncture are ages-old non-drug, non-surgical healing options available to us all. Call today to discover how alternative medicine can complement your healthcare regimen to help you make the most of each day. Call us at the offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit us online to learn more and schedule your appointment 24 hours a day.


Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

Healthcare should be for all people and at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, we specialize in family chiropractic. Located in Chapel Hill just off I-40 in Eastowne Hills across from the new Wegmans, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay are here for your whole family. Patients from young to old benefit from the gentle, effective hands-on care Dr. Oskardmay provides at her local alternative medicine practice. Since opening in 1995, she offers treatment options that support the spine and nervous system of every person, helping balance posture, reduce pain and improve performance.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a hands-on therapy that emphasizes evaluation and care of the spine and nervous system to support whole body health. Dr. Lisa Oskardmay is a licensed chiropractic physician who believes that everyone who has a spine benefits from regular periodic chiropractic care. She corrects spinal misalignment using the hands-on or activator chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is a safe and effective healing tool that yields powerful benefits for people of all ages. Dr. Oskardmay helps patients achieve better posture and less pain when doing everyday activities, vital goals for everyone.

Each visit starts with evaluation to determine the presence of spinal irritation- subluxation and misalignment that contributes to pain and nerve malfunction. Dr. Oskardmay reviews patient history and uses skillful palpation to determine where to best apply care. For instance, vertebral misalignment in the neck region or cervical spine frequently causes neck pain, headaches and shoulder, arm or hand tension and pain, whereas subluxation of spinal segments in the lower back or lumbar spine usually present with back pain, hip and or leg pain. Stomach irritation may indicate nerve imbalance in the lower thoracic spine region, and problems related to fertility or menstruation in woman may relate to the sacral spine region. Spinal irritation affects people of all ages and left untreated, can have serious health ramifications.

To correct spinal misalignment, Dr. Oskardmay uses the right tools and techniques appropriate to each person’s needs and body type, health history and pain level. Patients benefit from the wide variety of supportive treatment techniques available at our office. Dr. Oskardmay is certified in hands on diversified chiropractic technique, Activator Technique and others. Additionally, we offer cushioned treatment tables for pregnant women and others, and the elevation aspect of our tables ensures safe and comfortable positioning for each person.

Men and women, children and the elderly will each discover that treatment at our office is beneficial, safe and comfortable for all their spinal concerns. People from the Triangle have trusted us with their spinal care needs since 1995. Check our patient reviews and call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website to schedule an appointment for yourself or for someone you care about.


Can A Chiropractor Help a Herniated Disc?

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

At the Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, patients frequently inquire about treatments for neck and back pain caused by herniated discs and back joint irritation. We understand how bulging discs impact back motion and pain, and we strive to learn what factors contribute to each person’s condition. Holistic healthcare leaders in the Triangle since 1995, our goal is to provide effective natural remedies for pain. As a licensed chiropractic physician and licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Oskardmay uses natural methods to reduce pain and restore stable, supportive vertebral alignment with less irritation from bulging discs and other disturbances.

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a region of instability in the joint of the backbone that happens when the disc material sandwiched between vertebral units pops out or herniates. Sort of like what happens when you step on a balloon, the disc material spreads to other areas, potentially putting pressure on vital nerves and other structures. Local pain in the back or neck will likely occur, and distant areas of pain and decreased vitality can also occur in regions where impacted nerves travel. For instance, a herniated disc in the low back 5th lumbar region will cause back pain and can also feel like pain in the leg and foot. Additionally, reduction in shock absorption between the discs and the presence of muscle spasm to guard the area causes additional pain.

Dr. Oskardmay examines each patient to determine the cause of both local back or neck pain as well as correlated areas of pain in the feet, hands or other areas, and applies correct treatment. Examination involves patient history, posture analysis, spinal and extremity palpation, appropriate orthopedic tests and review of past medical exams as provided. Be sure to inform Dr. Oskardmay of any previous test results. We can order x-rays and other scans, as needed.

Natural treatment methods employed at our office include the chiropractic adjustment, massage, and acupuncture. After locating spinal levels of disc herniation or other forms of irritation, Dr. Oskardmay applies mobilization procedures to improve vertebral position and movement. Techniques she uses include hands-on chiropractic manipulative therapy or Activator adjustment, each of which achieves correction of vertebral subluxation or painful misalignment. The use of thumper massage to paraspinal muscles benefits muscles and ligaments surrounding achy spinal joints, as well; the overall effect of treatment is to restore postural alignment and balanced musculature for long term healing and pain reduction.

Treatment of the joint related to back pain and affected distal regions improves treatment response. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, we take your pain seriously and strive to uncover the cause of the problem in order to provide the best care. With over 25 years of healing experience in the Triangle, you can trust us to care for you and your loves ones. Call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website for more information and to submit an appointment request.