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How Exercise Affects Back Pain

Chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NCEveryone knows that they need to exercise to stay healthy. The amount of exercise you need, however, and the type of training to do can be a confusing topic.  Too much use can exacerbate back or shoulder pain, whereas too little can impact healing in other ways. There is a middle ground, and Dr. Oskardmay will teach you ways to exercise that help improve health on many levels. If you’ve been a high-performance athlete and have recently experienced an injury that needs repair, or if you’re a person who hasn’t exercised much at all since childhood, there are ways to incorporate exercise as part of your healing plan and, here at Acupractic Natural Healing Center for chiropractic and acupuncture in Chapel Hill, NC.

A core focus at our clinic is postural stability. Dr. Oskardmay, chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC is trained in the principles of Posture Pro rehabilitation and helps patients learn how to engage the core posture stability muscles to balance muscles, ligament, and vertebral position. Timing is essential, however- one should never start an exercise program when they are in pain because this will increase injury to already damaged tissues, increase pain and inflammation, and reduce motivation. Wait until Dr. Lisa tells you to start an exercise program and follow her suggestion s regarding timing, repetitions, and activities for best results.

Back pain and shoulder pain respond well to gentle exercise programs that commence when you are ready, as a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC can explain. Once your back or shoulder pain has subsided, and inflammation has improved, she will recommend additional exercises that relate to your area of chief complaint and concern. Each body area benefits from physical fitness prescribed and followed correctly. The brain responds well to adequate exercise, as well- the right amount of activity performed in the right way can reduce stress. Businesses to improve range of motion, strength, and flexibility work to balance posture and nerve flow so that the whole body heals on many levels. Dr. Oskardmay is well trained in physical therapy techniques and utilizes different exercises to enhance treatment goals such as pain reduction, vertebral joint balance, shoulder arm, and hip and leg foot pain-free range of motion and function and muscle strengthening.

Exercise also helps patients improve their metabolism and lose weight and improve glucose and insulin control, all critical factors in overall health. Nonetheless, it is essential that patients not just jump into exercise, especially if they are in pain or have other health concerns. Too much of the wrong kind of training can create more pain and inflammation and stress- all things we want to avoid. Talk with Dr. Lisa Oskardmay about exercise at your next visit- she can help you. She will also suggest ways to reduce stress and pain following any. Helpful hints can make all the difference between too much pain and effective exercise that contributes to healing.

Keep your appointments with your chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC and remember to contact us if you have any questions about the use of exercise in your healing journey.

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