Stress and Shoulder Pain Relief With Acupuncture

Shoulder Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC

Acupuncture is a type of healthcare that recognizes the connection between the body and the mind. Stress uniquely affects each person; nonetheless, many people experience tightness in their shoulders when they are under pressure. Treatment for stress and shoulder pain and tightness by a licensed acupuncturist benefits the channels that course the shoulder region. Therapy of the channel, also known as meridian or energetic pathway, helps the shoulder as well as similar emotional concerns. Acupuncturists treatment with acupuncture needles, meridian massage, and auriculotherapy provide needed relief.

Energetic pathways passing through the shoulder include the wood channel, the metal channel, and the fire channel. The wood channel relates to the emotions of anger and frustration; the flip side of these sentiments is creativity. Areas of the shoulder connected with the wood element are the top of the shoulder and the neck. Persons experiencing stress related to frustration and anger or blocked creativity who also experience pain and tightness in the upper shoulder region will benefit from acupuncture to these regions.

The anterior aspect of the shoulder and the emotion of grief relates to the metal element or channel. Other features include inspiration and letting go. Persons who experience stress as a lack of motivation and feeling that they can’t let go of an issue, as well as pain or tightness in the anterior aspect of the shoulder, will find acupuncture treatment to the metal channel beneficial.

The fire meridian or channel relates to the posterior portion of the shoulder. Muscle aches and pain and fatigue of this area suggest irritation of the fire element. The fire element’s emotional aspects are bitterness and joy; persons who experience stress with bitterness and lack of joy will find some relief with Chinese medicine and acupuncture to the fire channel.

Acupuncture intake and evaluation rely on criteria somewhat different than western medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis involves asking questions about where pain exists as well as about mood and mental concerns. Other aspects include the evaluation of tongue and pulse because these critical diagnostic criteria reveal a lot about the patient. Other issues revolve around organ function. Be sure to fill out the necessary paperwork and intake forms as completely as possible because answers provide the information your acupuncturist needs to provide accurate and beneficial diagnosis and treatment. Answer any questions your acupuncturist inquires to the best of your ability to enable them to know you better. Acupuncture relies on channel theory to heal the patient, and your participation helps practitioners understand where the imbalance lies and how to treat problems effectively.

Stress frequently accompanies aches and pain in the shoulders or other body regions. Your acupuncturist can help you understand what causes the problem and how to reduce anxiety and stress better. Using small sterile acupuncture needles, acupuncturists unblock areas of stagnation and blocked qi flow. This relatively painless, relaxing treatment benefits the body and mind. Many acupuncturists also incorporate massage such as gua sha and cupping to restore balance further, reduce tight muscles and trigger points.

Acupuncture is an enjoyable, beneficial treatment that has helped millions worldwide reduce stress and pain. Call a licensed acupuncturist today to get the help you deserve.  For more information, contact us today at Acupractic to schedule an appointment with a shoulder pain doctor Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend.

Acupractic Natural Healing Center Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care Re-Opens Carefully

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, our goal is to be part of the solution. Patients call every day, asking if we have re-opened, and they ask what steps we have taken to ensure their safety amid this pandemic. Rest assured that your health and safety is our ultimate goal. We understand that Covid19 infection impacts each of us in different but significant ways; with the steps, we take at our office, we can safely and effectively provide vital in-office care. Additionally, please keep in mind that we continue to offer HIPAA compliant Telemedicine for anyone who wants it. Using your computer or smartphone, you can access a HIPAA compliant healthcare encounter with Dr. Oskardmay to discuss stress, learn or review exercise and other helpful

At our office, we limit the number of people in the office at any one time. Even though we have three available treatment rooms, we use them sequentially to clean between visits effectively. We schedule patients in such a manner as to avoid overcrowding, so please arrive on time for your appointment. We take steps to ensure proper airflow and use effective cleaning products on all surfaces between visits. Everyone wears a mask in the office, and we provide masks for persons who need them. We ask that only patients come to the office- no visitors are allowed at this time. We ask that patients exposed to the virus, have an elevated temperature or flu symptoms or who have themselves tested positive to Covid19 wait to come in and discuss the situation over the phone with us before coming into the office.

Upon arrival at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, patients will notice their intake form waiting for them. The receptionist operates behind the closed glass window and strives to limit physical interaction with patients. Please wash your hands with the hand sanitizer, and use the included pen or your own pen to complete the form and wait until the receptionist tells you to which room to proceed. Private restroom facilities are sanitized and available if needed. If you have questions about the clinic, insurance benefits, or other concerns, please ask, but please strive to limit time in the front office. If you like, you can ask insurance or billing questions by phone or email before or after the appointment. Many patients find it convenient to leave their payment method on file and to schedule several weeks at a time to reduce contact at the front desk, as well. Let us know your preference.

In the treatment room, Dr. Oskardmay can perform a proper examination and treatment with adequate safety measures. She will have reviewed your intake form before entering the room, so please be sure to fill this necessary information out as completely as possible and to have any questions you might have ready to ask. She will not rush you but will try to reduce time in the room with you to the amount necessary to achieve treatment goals. The hands-on or Activator chiropractic adjustment is a relatively quick procedure and safe to provide and receive with these measures. Therapeutic soft tissue massage with the thumper can also be performed safely in our office. Likewise, acupuncture needle insertion is a relatively quick procedure, reducing the necessity for long contact periods. Patients can rest comfortably in the private treatment room without risk.

Chiropractic and acupuncture treatment provides pain relief and stress reduction for many people, both vital therapies these days as people strive to maintain healthy stress levels and supportive immune systems. If you would like to come into the office at this time, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay are open and seeing patients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with the acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC patients recommend.

Chiropractic Care for Neck and Shoulder Pain Caused by Large Chest Size

Shoulder Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC

Neck and back pain caused by heavy breasts is a problem some women experience with little relief. Chiropractic care at Acupractic can help in several important ways. Lack of adequate bra support and balanced muscle tone contributes to the problem. Additionally,  the type of work many women perform every day- sitting at a computer or carrying children, promotes thoracic muscle tight weakness and painful trigger points such as between the shoulder blades. Here at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay DC, LAc. gets to the root of the problem by mobilizing vertebral subluxations, massaging tight muscles and restoring nerve flow. She provides exercise and nutrition advice, as well, to support healing between visits.

Large breasts and constrictive undergarments put a lot of pressure on the neck, back, and shoulder regions. Brassieres that focus weight on the shoulders compound the issue, and thin bra straps can cut into the joints. Sometimes women carry heavy purses, as well, which contributes to the problem. Our body musculature, the pectoralis muscles, naturally support the breast tissue and front of the body; these muscles attach at the ribcage and the lateral collarbone.  Excessive pressure on these muscles from large breasts and heavy purses draw the shoulders and neck forward, in effect rounding the shoulders. Compensatory tightness in the corresponding back muscles exists from the chronic pulling ahead of the shoulders and neck.  This pulling creates discomfort between the shoulder blades and pain in the neck and back. Dr. Oskardmay helps patients understand the connection between everyday habits and physical changes that contribute to pain.

The neck and back consist of vertebrae of increasing size top to bottom with intervening discs. The backbone surrounds and protects the vital spinal cord and the nerves that depart under each segment. Nerves carry crucial information to and from the central nervous system and the shoulders to hands in this area. When there is pressure on the vertebral column from tight muscles and ligaments or when bra straps cut into the shoulders, this impedes nerve flow. Proper diagnostics and effective treatment using gentle chiropractic adjustments help many women recover from the back, neck, and joint pain caused by postural distortion.

When a patient complains of neck pain and numb hands or pain in the elbow or shoulder, it is essential to identify the cause of the problem and treat it at its source. Frequently, the problem stems from the neck itself, worsened by the pressure imposed by heavy front carriage. As a licensed chiropractic physician, Dr. Oskardmay palpates, inspects each part of the back, and performs other diagnostic tests to determine its cause. Each spinal nerve affects a particular part of the neck, back, shoulder, into the hands. Pain and tenderness in the neck, accompanied by other specific signs and symptoms indicate where to apply the chiropractic adjustment most effectively. Dr. Oskardmay has helped many people with neck and back pain caused by nerve impingement and looks forward to assisting you. Contact us today to consult with the shoulder pain doctor Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend.

Chiropractic Care and the Fifth Cervical Spinal Nerve

Neck Pain Doctor In Chapel Hill, NC

Chiropractic physicians are neuromuscular specialists with emphasis on the spine and nerves. Dr. Oskardmay evaluates each patient’s spinal health as part of a regular treatment plan. She recognizes that each nerve arising from the neck and backbone has the potential to impact particular muscles and organs; each spinal vertebra also impacts posture and back pain. Using careful evaluate she determines where to perform treatment to relieve spinal subluxation and pain.

For instance, the nerve arising in the lower mid-neck region just above the fifth cervical vertebrae is called the fifth cervical spinal nerve. This nerve is part of several larger peripheral nerves that travel to muscles in the neck and shoulder. Misalignment or subluxation of the fifth cervical vertebra that puts pressure on this cervical spinal nerve can impede function of those muscles and cause changes in skin sensation related to the nerve. When you have neck pain or other symptoms such as shoulder irritation or headache, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay can help determine spinal level involvement and she can provide effective gentle treatment.

Peripheral nerves that receive input from the fifth cervical spinal nerve include the dorsal scapular nerve, the long thoracic nerve, the phrenic nerve, the upper trunk of the brachial plexus, and the musculocutaneous nerve. Muscles innervated by these nerves include: the middle scalene muscle that lifts the top ribs, the levator scapalue that elevates the shoulder blade, and the rhomboid muscles that hold the scapula toward the spine. Other muscles include the serratus anterior muscle which is a muscle that attaches the first eight ribs to the scapula, as well as the muscles on the anterior compartment of the arm that flex the arm such as the flexor carpi radialis and palmaris longus muscles, and that flex the wrist and fingers such as the flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorum superficialis muscles. Importantly, the fifth cervical spinal nerve also contributes fibers to the phrenic nerve, involved with breathing.

Irritation of the mid-neck in the region of the fifth cervical spinal nerve has the capacity to affect many areas as described. When there is irritation to the mid-neck either from injury or chronic degeneration, the spinal nerve suffers, and connected muscles and ligament suffer, as well. Patients may notice symptoms such as headache, shoulder bursitis, and imbalance, back muscle tightness, neck pain, arm and hand weakness or problems with the fingers. Dr. Oskardmay treats problem areas using a combination of supportive techniques.

Dr. Oskardmay adjusts spinal misalignment using chiropractic mobilization techniques. Well trained in hands-on spinal adjustments and Activator technique, she will improve vertebral position and stability. Additionally, massage helps to relax tight muscles; Dr. Oskardmay provides therapeutic massage and other beneficial therapies such as cupping and acupuncture as needed, as well, in order to bring balance back to the system.

The fifth cervical spinal nerve is just one of the spinal segments that benefit from chiropractic care. Whenever you or a loved one suffers from pain and other health problem, contact a neck pain doctor in Chapel Hill, NC from Acupractic Natural Healing Center to help get to the root of the problem.

Telemedicine and Low-Contact EarSeed Acupuncture for Stress and Pain

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Ear acupuncture is a beneficial health service used by millions worldwide. During stressful times when patients need to avoid in-office visits, auriculotherapy paired with online care can help. As a licensed acupuncturist with additional training in ear seeds for ear acupuncture, Dr. Oskardmay is well prepared to help you get well and feel better without the hands-on care you already know.

Telemedicine is healthcare for patients who prefer the comfort and safety of their homes in place of an office visit. This type of visual and audio enabled virtual meeting enables practitioners and patients to meet in a safe, HIPAA compliant manner to discuss health concerns. Doctors such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, neurologists, and physical therapists provide this type of care for clients. Doctors and therapists can talk with one another, ask questions, receive advice, and other information. Practitioners can see patients, and patients can see practitioners.

Chiropractic physicians can assess posture and movement limitations and make further diagnostic suggestions if needed. Well-trained in exercise and physical therapy prescription, they can also suggest other modalities to perform at home to support and enhance spinal health that impacts the whole body. Licensed acupuncturists are well versed at inquiry and diagnosis using Chinese medicine methods, much of which is possible using Telemedicine. Patients can learn future steps they need to take to improve their health, learn new exercises or nutrition protocols, and determine how and where to obtain further required help safely.

Additionally, EarSeed acupuncture is a technique some acupuncturists provide either by patient instruction or in the patient’s vehicle to enhance a telemedicine visit. EarSeeds can be applied using low/no-contact. Also known as auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture, EarSeed acupuncture uses small seeds or magnets attached to a dermal tape, which one applies to a specific portion of the outer ear to enhance healing. EarSeeds can stay in for several days to a week or more. The outer ear contains regions related to nearly every body part, even mental conditions such as stress. Gently applying a painless ear seed or magnet can impact mental and physical health and take a telemedicine appointment to the next level. Some practitioners utilize EarSeed `bling`- Swarovski crystal-embellished ear seeds over gold that look great.

Telemedicine and Low-Contact EarSeed Acupuncture for Stress and Pain

Don’t let your health suffer when you can’t come to the healthcare facility. Schedule a telemedicine appointment today and get the results you need. Many insurance plans cover telemedicine appointments during a pandemic or other health concerns, and some do not even charge the standard co-pay to support participant’s good health. You’ll be surprised how a telemedicine virtual meeting can help, and EarSeeds ear acupuncture might be an added benefit. For more information on Telemedicine and auriculotherapy, contact Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, DC, LAc an acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC. Call us at Acupractic to schedule a consultation.

Spinal Care of the Neck Fourth Cervical Nerve Impacts Neck and Shoulder Pain, Posture and Respiration

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Dr. Oskardmay provides gentle and effective care to the spine to improve health in many ways. Nerves arising from between the bony vertebrae comprising the spine suffer when the backbone is not aligned correctly. Additionally, surrounding muscles and ligaments show signs of imbalance- painful tightness and unstable weakness. Using skillful palpation and other diagnostic techniques, Dr. Oskardmay locates areas of subluxation and provides a hands-on treatment that feels good and sustains good health in many ways. One of the critical regions she treats is in the mid-neck. Patients exhibiting pain and tenderness in this region frequently suffer from misalignment to the spinal vertebrae in this region, which creates pain and impairs cervical spinal nerve four discussed below.

Cervical spinal nerve four is part of the peripheral nerve, which controls the diaphragm. This nerve is called the phrenic nerve. The membrane is a large muscle that bisects the upper body from the lower body. The diaphragm muscle attaches below the rib twelve and is the muscle that controls respiration. Major arteries and nerves and the esophagus pass through the diaphragm. Irritation of the nerve controlling the diaphragm can affect breathing, digestion, blood flow, and nerve transmission. Dr. Oskardmay uses palpation and other techniques to assess the diaphragm region, and she will provide therapy as needed, to improve muscle tone to the diaphragm.

Spinal Care of the Neck Fourth Cervical Nerve Impacts Neck and Shoulder Pain, Posture and Respiration

Cervical spinal nerve four contributes fibers to the levator scapulae muscle, a muscle that elevates the shoulder and connects the neck to the shoulder.  The fourth cervical spinal nerve affects neck and shoulder movement; problems in this nerve cause neck and shoulder problems such as shoulder pain and bursitis. Following careful evaluation, Dr. Oskardmay uses the chiropractic adjustment to, and neck restores shoulder balanced motion and strength.

The fourth cervical spinal nerve innervates neck muscles on the front of the cervical spine, engaged in neck flexion. The anterior and middle scalene muscles, the longus colli muscle, and the longus cap8tus muscles receive input from the fourth cervical spinal nerve and help us to incline the head. Anterior head posture is a result of taut cervical muscles. Consequently, anterior neck positioning contributes to spinal problems such as cervical osteoarthritis and headaches and shoulder impingement. Dr. Oskardmay will evaluate and treat these conditions.

Breathing suffers when there is irritation to the mid-cervical region. The fourth cervical spinal nerve innervates the scalene muscles, which attach onto the first rib and assist in breathing. Shallow breathing and lack of full respiration is the result of irritation of cervical spinal nerve four when muscles such as the scalene suffer. Following an adjustment at Acupractic, patients frequently realize improved inhalation and exhalation.

Chiropractic care at Acupractic Natural Healing Center with a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, can help in many ways. If you suffer neck or shoulder pain, gentle, effective relief is available.

Headache Treatment at Acupractic: Focus on the First Cervical Spinal Nerve

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

Chiropractic care reduces pain and improves nerve flow and posture because chiropractors mobilize the spine to restore the backbone’s alignment. Each spinal nerve segment impacts health in specific ways. Dr. Oskardmay understands the impact of vertebral misalignment on patient health and to treat vertebral subluxations using the chiropractic adjustment.

Spinal bones called vertebrae house the nervous system, which emanates through small IVF as nerves. The first nerve, arising between the occiput and the first vertebrae, sends vital nerve signals to muscles and other tissues responsible for head movement, position, and stability. Impingement of this nerve, as happens with vertebral misalignment, degeneration, and muscle imbalance, causes this nerve to misfire. Using careful chiropractic methods of palpation and spinal mobilization, Dr. Oskardmay detects areas of the vertebral subluxation and adjusts irritated segments. She reduces headache and neck pain safely and effectively without drugs or surgical interventions in this manner.

The first cervical nerve contributes nerve energy to many peripheral nerves and other areas vital to head and brain function. Peripheral nerves connect the brain to the rest of the body. The nerves connected with the first cervical spinal nerve are: the hypoglossal nerve, the ventral and posterior rami of the cervical spinal nerves, the suboccipital nerve, the hypoglossal nerve, and the ansa cervicalis nerve. These nerves carry nerve energy to muscles neck and shoulder muscles and other areas that affect headache pain in many ways.

The first cervical spinal nerve transmits nerve impulses to many muscles affecting the neck—for instance, shoulder elevation performed by the levator scapulae muscle. The rectus capitus anterior and longus capitus muscles assist in neck flexion. The rectus capitis lateralis muscle helps to stabilize the neck. Other muscles connected with cervical spinal nerve one affect swallowing. These muscles include the glenohyoid, omohyoid, or thyrohyoid muscles, which affect the small cartilaginous hyoid bone. The rectus capitis lateralis muscle helps to stabilize the neck. These muscles affect neck pain and headaches in crucial ways.

For instance, when there are issues with shoulder elevation, the shoulders feel tight. Restricted shoulder motion impedes respiration as well as shoulder movements such as overhead lifting, opening a car door, or typing at a computer. Additionally, tight shoulder muscles create agony; one of the main culprits to back and neck pain is the region between the shoulder blades. Adjustment of the spine affecting the first cervical spinal nerve improves pain and tightness in these areas.

Impeded nerve flow in neck flexor muscles impairs these vital neck movers. We use neck flexion in virtually every activity, from swallowing food to breathing to sitting at a desk to driving. Taut neck muscles atop delicate neck arteries carrying blood to and from the brain impair arterial flow, causing brain fog and mood disturbance. Tightness in neck flexors from impaired nerve transmission at cranial nerve one affects these actions and others in small, incremental ways that, over time, reduce the quality of life.

Muscles and ligaments that stabilize head posture suffer from the atlanto-occipital region’s subluxation, affecting cervical spinal nerve one. Problems with head stability produce stress, can cause dizziness, and contribute to headaches. Additionally, cervical spinal nerve one affects many muscles involved with swallowing; when impaired, swallowing muscles increase the risk of choking.

At Acupractic, Dr. Oskardmay corrects problems in the neck that contribute to headaches using the chiropractic adjustment and other gentle techniques such as massage, gua sha, and cupping.  Also, a licensed acupuncturist, she employs needle and non-needle acupuncture techniques to reduce trigger points and other areas of energy flow stagnation that cause headaches. If you have questions, contact Dr. Lisa Oskardmay a chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC  residents recommend. Call us at (919) 929-1400.

Chiropractic Care at Acupractic and COVID-19

Acupuncture In Chapel Hill, NC

At the offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we pride ourselves on safe and effective patient care. For everyone’s well-being, we closed our office to in-office visits for several weeks during the coronavirus outbreak and offered Telemedicine in place of in-office visits. Telemedicine has been widely-received, and we hope to provide it to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it in the future. Nonetheless, to offer chiropractic adjustments and other hands-on therapies, we have re-opened with a few essential changes as outlined below. Please assist us as we continue to provide quality healthcare safely and beneficially.

We are open regular business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:15-5:30, Wednesday 12:30-5:30 and Friday 8:30-12:30. To maintain social distancing requirements, we are limiting the number of patients in the office at one time; scheduling opportunities will be affected. Patients can continue to schedule online (, by telephone (919) 929-1400 or email: and the front desk assistant will verify appointment times with you.

Try to complete any necessary paperwork before arriving at the office and call us if you have any questions regarding scheduling, payment, or other issues- we will answer your questions quickly, which helps reduce congestion in the office. Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive more than 5” early, please wait in your car. Once inside, we will give you a thermometer to take your temperature. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher or who suspects they may have a highly contagious illness like COVID-19 will need to reschedule their appointment to Telemedicine that day and until the contagion has ended.

Office staff will wear protective masks and ask you to wear one, as well. A disposable cover will be provided to you if needed. Upon entry, please wash your hands using the alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided or use the restroom. Bring your pen with you for any paperwork or signatures, or give you one to keep. If you cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow or cover your mouth; adequate tissues are available and dispose of used tissues in the trash cans available in each room.

As in other areas, we sanitize each treatment room between patients. Disposable table coverings take the place of washable sheets to reduce laundry. We use unscented, soft hypoallergenic products where possible. Fabric chairs covered in washable plastic and recently replaced treatment table coverings permit enhanced cleaning.

Your chiropractic and acupuncture examination and treatment can proceed as usual; with a few minor exceptions, all procedures are available. Your health and the health and safety of our staff is our main concern. We look forward to providing hands-on chiropractic spinal adjustments, needle and non-needle acupuncture and massage, as well as helpful rehabilitation techniques.

Please contact us with any questions. Whether you need to come in for back or neck pain, shoulder and hand aches, hip and leg discomfort, or stress relief and health maintenance, we are here for you. Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture at Eastowne, LLC, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay

Combat Back Pain With Back Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Back

Acupuncturist In Chapel Hill, NC

One’s posture communicates more than we realize and posture also influences back pain and other conditions such as neck pain, headaches, shoulder, and hip pain, and others. To help you improve spine alignment, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay teaches exercises in-office or using telemedicine online patient visits that focus on stretching first followed by strengthening the spine and surrounding muscles.  These balancing exercises will help you look stronger and more confident as they help to improve posture and reduce inflammation and spinal misalignment. Online video exercise tutorials provide added reminders on how to perform these important and helpful stretches and muscle activation poses.

Extensor muscles on our back pull us upright or even into a backbend on standing.

Combat Back Pain With Back Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Back

Most of us have no intention to do a backbend during the course of a day; but we end up doing the energetic opposite throughout the day as we sit, walk and even exercise in a flexed forward posture.

Combat Back Pain With Back Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Back 7


This chronic flexed posture causes a weak tightening of the back extensor muscles and other muscles. An anterior head tilt, slumped shoulder, lordotic back appearance results and postural distortion ensues over time.

To combat this problem, stretch and strengthen the extensor muscles. Stretch first to provide the muscles adequate space to contract. When our muscles are tight, the tiny fibers comprising the muscles are fully racheted and they can’t move any more.

Combat Back Pain With Back Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Back 5

Stretch the shoulder muscles by giving yourself a hug and moving the forearm across your chest or elbows overhead. Stretch the back and neck by bending forward to touch the toes allowing the head to hang. Stretch the back of the leg hamstring area by putting the foot on a chair and lean forward to touch the toes in that position. Hold each stretch 15 seconds or three breath cycles. After a good stretch, move on to strengthen the stretched area.

Strengthen the extensor muscles of the body quickly in one of several ways. On the floor on all fours, lift opposite hand and leg, maintaining balance and stability. Hold for 15 seconds then switch to the opposite side.   Another option is to lay face down and lift head, both arms and both feet and legs from the surface. These exercises use the extensor muscles and deliver a body message to increase muscle mass in those areas, helping to achieve a more balanced, supportive posture.

Combat Back Pain With Back Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Back 6

Over time, increased muscle mass and strength in the extensor muscles will have the effect of seamless posture improvement. Muscles that are tight and weak do not function well. Focus on strengthening the muscles that are on the extensor back side of the body to improve posture and appearance and to reduce back and neck pain. For more guidance on how to do these stretches, visit this youtube video offered by Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, chiropractor and acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC. Call us at Acupractic today.

Non-Needle Ear Acupuncture Using Ear Seeds

Acupuncturist In Chapel Hill, NC

Ear seeds are small energy pellets used in ear acupuncture. Ear seeds provide a safe, quick, and economical means to receive acupuncture treatment and to improve treatment efficacy by self-stimulation of the ear seeds in the days following initial insertion.  Also known as auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture is a non-needle form of acupuncture point stimulation, which, using the ear, is quick and easy and highly accessible. The technique can be a qi balancing procedure that complements other treatments, or it can be a quick remedy in itself. In between office visits, Dr. Oskardmay advises patients on self-stimulation of ear points, performed by pressing the ear seed a few times at specified intervals.

The ear is a microcosm of the entire body; stimulation of ear points is akin to stimulation of body points and can benefit a wide variety of health conditions. Dr. Lisa Oskardmay uses particular ear points to treat pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and to help patients quit smoking, reduce drug dependence, and lose weight. Auriculotherapy is a safe, painless, non-drug, widely used treatment tool supported by research and clinical success. Acupuncture points on the ear are highly energized and available for stimulation using needles, electrostimulation via Pointer Plus, laser stimulation, semi-permanent ASP needles as in Battlefield Acupuncture or other techniques.

Ear seeds made from a variety of substances attach to the ear using dermal tape. Substances include gold or silver or other metals, small magnets, or actual seeds such as sesame or radish or poppyseed or others.  The ear seeds remain on the ear until they fall out, or the patient decides to remove them. Additionally, at our office, we offer ear bling ear seeds- rhinestone covered self-adhesive metal seeds that look like a small earring stud. Ear seed application is NOT akin to ear piercing, and there is no cartilage penetration. The ear seed adhesive effectively situates the ear seed for several days but does not generally irritate the skin. Persons with a latex allergy should discuss this with Dr. Oskardmay so that she can make other options available. If the underlying skin gets irritated, you can safely remove the seed with few repercussions. Contact our office with any other concerns.

Dr. Oskardmay chooses which points to use on a particular patient based on years of research regarding point efficacy combined with technology. Using a point locator like Point Plus that detects regions of high energetic potential, and combined with patient history and treatment goals, she selects points. It is essential to visit a trained auriculotherapy acupuncturist such as Dr. Oskardmay.  To reap the full benefits of this science-based healing tool, one must recognize that each ear is different. Additionally, energetic point change in the same ear as time passes; just like body acupuncture, treatment benefit rests in part on individual point selection. One or two ear points are generally adequate for the treatment effect. The ear seeds can stay in place until they fall out, or the patient wants to remove them for some reason.

Ear seeds acupuncture using metal, magnets, sources, or ear bling is a quick way to experience relief from pain and stress, with some added self-healing opportunities. Whether used as a stand-alone treatment or as an adjunct to chiropractic or acupuncture therapy, ear seed acupuncture can benefit you in many ways.

To schedule a consultation with an acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend, contact Acupractic today.

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