Acupuncture after Surgery

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Following any surgery, the body needs to heal. Acupuncture is a holistic treatment that can help the body heal more quickly and improve the healing experience, in general. Many people choose acupuncture to recover from all types of surgery – neck, back, hand, shoulder, hip, knee, or foot surgical procedures all heal better with the application of this age-old holistic treatment. Some people even choose to receive acupuncture before the medical event to help set the stage for improved healing.

Questions you may have regarding the choice of acupuncture after surgery include: what is acupuncture? How does it work to help after surgery? Is it safe? How do I get started?

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment a healing method based on the ancient theory of Chinese medicine which sees the body as coursed by energy channels similar to nerve, artery, vein and lymph pathways. We have channels that arise in the foot and travel to the head, others that occur in hand and journey to the chest, and still others that occur on the neck and travel down the back through the knees to the feet. Energies from these superficial tendinomuscular channels enter the body to effect change in organs and other deeper structures and powers. Energy channels are affected by many things including patient age, gender and health presentation, patient emotional status, and other aspects. Environmental factors influence channel flow, as well and Chinese medicine energies are named after environmental elements: wood, water, earth, metal, and fire. A skilled acupuncturist considers many things before commencing a treatment plan.

Surgery is a treatment that creates a certain amount of trauma to the body it aims to help because surgery involves cutting into deeper tissues. The initial injury and that of the operation creates a situation of sympathetic stress for the patient – a yang experience as defined in the context of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture treatments soothe the significant trauma that occurs following surgery. Yin balancing acupuncture techniques can help soothe and heal the body and mind after surgery, improving sleep and relation. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture at Eastowne, LLC, in Chapel Hill, NC, Dr. Oskardmay will teach you how to increase yin healing when you leave the office and between visits. When you leave the office, she will suggest ways to carry the treatment home to increase its value in your life; she will suggest specific yoga postures and herbal remedies to improve health.

To choose acupuncture after surgery, call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website to schedule your appointment today. We offer self-pay discounts, accept your HSA or FSA and participate with and submit claims electronically for you to most major insurance plans, including BCBS State and Federal, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Medicare, and others. Helping people of the Triangle since 1995, we look forward to helping you, too. Our office is open Monday to Friday and we are here for you to help you recover from surgery and other health problems.

Acupuncture for Pinched Nerves

acupuncture for pinched nerves

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Pinched nerve, or radiculopathy is a serious health condition that can be helped by acupuncture. Pinched nerves occur when too much pressure is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues resulting in pain. Symptoms vary in intensity and location depending on which nerve(s) are injured. The pain signal is an indicator that a problem exists somewhere along the nerve pathway that requires attention. Acupuncture therapy is an ages old treatment that can help get to the root cause of the problem to reduce pain naturally without side effects, gently and effectively.

A pinched nerve occurs when too much compression is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues. In some cases, such as a herniated disc, this pressure can come from bone or cartilage. Injured or irritated muscles or tendons that are inflamed can also cause pinching of nerves such as in carpal tunnel syndrome. Whatever the cause, proper treatment is essential to keep the body and nervous system functioning at its full capacity.

Pinched Nerve Diagnosis

Diagnosis of a pinched nerve can be done by history and physical examination including palpation and orthopedic studies. Additional tests may include nerve conduction velocity studies which measures electrical nerve impulses through electrodes placed on the skin. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture at Eastowne LLC, in Chapel Hill, NC, Dr. Oskardmay will work with you and other health professionals to help you understand the root cause of your pinched nerve.

Repercussions of untreated pinched nerves can be very serious because nerves carry messages to and from the central nervous system and brain to control overall body functioning. Permanent numbness, muscle, even organ malfunction and other impairment can occur if compressed nerves are left untreated for too long. Medications and drugs that reduce pain might help you to feel better temporarily; but sometimes these mask symptoms that require treatment.

Medical treatment for radiculopathy can include analgesics for pain, anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling, muscle relaxers and possibly even surgery. Alternative treatments can include chiropractic adjustments and massage to mobilize bony tissue impediments and physical modalities such as hot and cold application to soothe irritated tissues. Physical therapy exercises to strengthen weak muscles may be useful once tissue healing has progressed.

Chinese medicine therapies including acupuncture, gua sha and herbs can be especially useful to get back to the root source of the irritation as well as reduce pain, swelling and inflammation locally. Acupuncture meridian therapy for pinched nerves will start with an understanding of the medical diagnosis, followed by additional exam measures to determine which meridians channel pathways are blocked or congested and how. Small acu-needles are used to stimulate specific channel points to mobilize channels related to the nerve impingement. Additionally, massage techniques coupled with herbal application can gently and effectively relax and soothe surrounding tissues. This ancient treatment helps because it works to stimulate the body’s whole resources to heal itself from the inside out.

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Chiropractic Care for TMJ

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Temporomandibular joints or TMJ disorder is a painful jaw condition that affects many people. Pain can affect talking, sleeping or eating and have serious repercussions. TMJ has a variety of causes, and treatment aimed at resolving pain and reducing recurrence is best. TMJ can exacerbate other medical ailments such as a headache and tooth and neck pain. TMJ is similar to another condition known as Upper Cervical Dysfunction, and the two share overlapping symptoms, causes, and treatments. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC, Dr. Oskardmay will perform a thorough physical exam and understand your history to diagnose and treat this painful condition accurately.

Jaw pain from TMJ occurs when the temporomandibular joint in the mouth is injured or damaged. Sufferers may experience pain in the head, face, ear, jaw, or mouth. This painful syndrome is caused by arthritis to the temporomandibular joint, tooth or jaw injury, misalignment to the teeth or jaw, tightness in the mouth musculature, and tooth grinding. Stress, poor posture, and gum chewing contribute to TMJ. Pain can be chronic. Tell your chiropractic physician about any mouth and head pain you have as TMJ is a treatable syndrome that can have serious repercussions if left untreated. Dr. Oskardmay will review your health history and palpate muscular areas related to your pain area. Tightness in facial muscles surrounding the mouth or around the neck and upper back are frequently found in both TMJ and Upper Cervical Dysfunction. Additionally, painful joints in the mouth, throat, and head may cause or be caused by the two conditions.

The tightness of the masseter muscle and tenderness of the TMJ joint can be relieved with hands-on techniques designed to mobilize irritated joints and relax and soothe tight muscles. Inflamed vertebral units in the neck and upper back contribute to jaw pain; this region can be adjusted with chiropractic techniques to take stress off these important supportive structures and help the nervous system fully function to heal the area. Stress reduction techniques may be helpful to reduce nighttime tooth grinding. Disposable or prescription mouth guards may assist in the healing process.

Chiropractic care aimed at relieving joint and muscle inflammation, posture and balance will help the dual syndromes of TMJ and Upper Cervical Dysfunction. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit our website at to schedule your appointment today. We offer self-pay discounts, accept your HSA or FSA and participate with and submit claims electronically for you to most major insurance plans, including BCBS State and Federal, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Medicare, and others. Helping people of the Triangle since 1995, we look forward to helping you, too.

How Wood Channel Imbalance in Chinese Medicine Relates to Your Health

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Each element in Chinese Medicine relates to specific body areas and organs in each person. Additionally, there are emotions and seasons and other aspects that relate to one another. The element of wood connects the regions described below. Connected components tend to be out of harmony together and are diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine; treatment aimed at restoring balance in elemental areas is healing on many levels and improves overall cures response and rate.

Spring is the season of wood and sour is the flavor. The yin organ is the liver; the yang organ is the gallbladder, the color is green; the opening in the eyes. Emotions related to the wood element include frustration and anger; creativity is a strength of wood. Body regions which relate to the wood element include the lateral foot, leg, hip, torso to the head and outer canthus, as well as the medial foot, leg, groin to the nipple.

A Chinese medicine practitioner, such as Dr. Lisa Oskardmay at Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC, will review each of these areas as well as other internally connected regions as keys to the health and balance of the wood channel. If you have hip pain or shoulder pain, she will examine the muscles and ligaments of these areas. She will ask about the other areas connected to the wood channel including the presence or absence of anger and frustration, for instance, or the predilection or total avoidance of the sour flavor in your diet. History and the personal story of each patient will reveal the times of the year and the times of day which affect you most as these, too, will indicate balance in the wood channels and other elements.

Dr. Oskardmay will discuss treatment with you before doing anything. Treatment will include the insertion of acupuncture needles at specific acupoints to balance meridians or energy channels. Acupoints found mainly on the sides of the four limbs, the head, and ear, as well as the mid-torso and even on the back relate to the wood channel. Following needle insertion, you will rest comfortably for 20″ or so; your practitioner will manually stimulate the needles midsession, and you will relax and meditate a bit more. Sometimes electro-stimulation is applied to some of the points to change the effect. Involved and connected muscles are massaged and potentially deep tissue massage and healing ointments are applied where needed, which primarily benefits the wood channel because it resonates with the muscles and ligaments of the body.

The Chinese medicine acupuncture perspective on healing reflects another, more holistic alternative to health improvement than avenues to healing provided in western medicine clinics. It is not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to use alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has helped thousands of people make sense of and effectively treat pain in the areas supplied by and connected to the wood channel and the other channel areas of the body and mind. If you have hip, back or shoulder pain and want to use acupuncture, you have made a good choice.

Please use this resource to help you understand how acupuncture can help you and remember to keep your appointments to get the most benefit from care. Call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit our website at to schedule your appointment today.

Understanding the Vocabulary of Back Pain

back pain

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

When a person has back or neck pain, they see and hear new words related to the issue they might not initially understand. Familiarity with the vocabulary surrounding the spine and nerves will improve understanding and facilitate communication with providers. It will also help one understand the diagnosis and proposed treatments. Terminology related to the spine and its anatomy might sound intimidating, but a little knowledge can go a long way to improve treatment outcome. Additionally, it can be helpful to understand other terms used in a chiropractic or other provider office.

The back is made up of vertebrae which are bony segments separated by cushioning discs which provide shock absorption and height. The spinal cord is an extension of nerves from the brain, and the vertebrae protect it as it passes from the head (cervical vertebrae in the neck), through the back (thoracic vertebrae) to low back (lumbar vertebrae), to the tailbone (sacrum and coccyx vertebrae). Nerves arise at each level of the spinal cord. Pain at the level of the spinal cord can arise from problems at a vertebra or nerve.

Each vertebra has several important parts that can suffer injury or disease and cause pain. The vertebral foramen, for instance, is the space through which the spinal nerve passes. The facet is the posterior (back) side of the vertebra that touches the vertebra above or below. Postural distortions such as hyperlordosis can occur and cause increased spinal curves when seen from the side putting more pressure on vertebrae and nerves. A vertebral subluxation occurs when vertebrae parts are injured. Hallmarks of vertebral subluxation include pain, tenderness and slight dislocation of the vertebra and surrounding tissues and a change in laxity or tightness of connected ligaments.

A chiropractic office, such as Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC will do an exam and give a ‘report of findings’ to help patients understand the cause of your pain or problem and also to propose a treatment regimen.

The chiropractic adjustment is a high velocity, low amplitude movement applied by a chiropractor to correct a subluxation. The chiropractor will use a specific technique to mobilize or adjust the spine. The Diversified technique involves hand placement on the back or neck with a quick specific thrust. A practitioner using Activator technique utilizes a handheld instrument (activator) to apply the thrust. Some other types of adjustments techniques are Gonstead, Sacral Occipital, Drop Table and Atlas Orthogonal.

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How Do You Choose a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist?

Chiropractor and Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Your decision to receive chiropractic or acupuncture care is a good one. A chiropractic physician or an acupuncturist are licensed healthcare professionals, both fields with a strong history of caring and healing the sick and injured. Many people wonder how to choose a practitioner and how to schedule that first appointment. The decision to select a particular practice is personal. Many people look to their alternative medicine provider for help and guidance over time, and it is essential to be comfortable with your decision.

Many people seek advice from their friends and loved ones or other healthcare providers regarding which chiropractor or acupuncturist to choose. Use this method in addition to different ways to find the help you need. Other ways to find a chiropractor or acupuncturist may be to check online reviews, ask your insurance for participating providers, and contact the Better Business Bureau. Former and current client reviews should be mostly positive and give you insight into the practitioner’s business. The insurance plan lists businesses that accept that insurance which may be significant. So-called ‘participating providers’ agree to take the insurance plan allowable rate for specific services and generally conform to bill insurance for you. Look for information about HSA or FSA accounts if you have those.

A practice’s website should be easy to navigate to find information such as address, phone number, and email, services offered and conditions treated, office photos, and Doctor or practitioner biography. Additional helpful website features can include a link to online scheduling, accepted insurance plans and billing information such as cost and payment methods, and reference areas such as links to more information about chiropractic and acupuncture. Some websites such as Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC may include a set of blogs or resources with great details on a variety of topics such as back pain and chiropractic or how acupuncture treats headaches. Websites will frequently include practice reviews and recommendations from former clients; some will even have video reviews.

The decision to choose alternative medical care is one of the best ones you can make. Once you make a decision, based on advice or insurance considerations, call or visit that practice or that practice’s website to get more information. Your ‘first impression’ of the practice may be a helpful indicator as to the practice’s best fit for your needs- is the phone answered quickly by a cheerful voice? Are your questions answered? Is the website well organized with working ‘links’? Does the practice offer appointment openings that work with your schedule?

If you’re looking for a chiropractor or acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit our website at to schedule your appointment today.

Acupuncture for Insomnia

acupuncture for insomnia

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Insomnia is defined as habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep. Synonyms include: sleeplessness, wakefulness, restlessness, watchfulness. Frequently paired with anxiety, insomnia is a condition suffered by many people worldwide. The condition can lead to impairment over time; mental function and even physical abilities are affected when one cannot sleep.

Though still not well understood, sleep is crucial to our well-being in part because our brain and body are repaired when we sleep. Our ability to remove brain toxins is impaired when we lose shut eye, vital brain connections can’t be made as easily. Other important organs won’t be as well repaired either, such as the liver, heart, and lungs.  Many people fool themselves thinking that they don’t need as much sleep as the recommended 8 hours a night; studies show otherwise. Acupuncture therapy can help improve both sleep quality and quantity to improve overall health.

Insomnia and anxiety both involve what is referred to as the ‘fire’ channel in Chinese medicine. While it is not necessary to fully understand the theory behind this age-old practice of acupuncture, most people are curious to know how it works. The body is caused by 5 main elements and corresponding channels, or meridians. These 5 elements are: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The fire channel is affected regarding sleep, as well as its involvement in anxiety and all forms of restfulness. The physical locations of the fire channel include: the pinky side of the fingers up to the shoulders, back side of the head and neck. Pain and irritation in these areas may occur with this meridian’s imbalance. The tongue and speech can be involved when the fire channels are affected as well. A person suffering from disruption of the fire channel will frequently have insomnia which worsens anxiety and other physical ailments.

Gentle treatment using acupuncture can be performed by your licensed acupuncturist, like Dr. Oskardmay at Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC. At your initial appointment be prepared to fill out intake forms just like you would at your medical doctor’s office. Be as complete as possible in your description of your ailment to help your acupuncturist help you. The initial appointment will consist of a review of your intake forms and any medical tests you may have had. Your acupuncturist will ask you questions related to your health history and do a physical exam, part of which will include evaluation of your tongue appearance and pulses on each wrist. Following this, a diagnosis will be made and treatment may ensue. Be sure to ask any questions you may have prior to treatment and along the way. Exam and treatment can take an hour or so – plan to spend at least that much time on your initial visit and also plan to relax afterwards in order to get the most from the experience.

Acupuncture treatment can be very helpful for insomnia and accompanying symptoms. Call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit our website at to schedule your appointment today. If you are suffering from insomnia, acupuncture treatment at Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill can help.

Chiropractic Reduces Pain and Improves Overall Health Naturally

chiropractic reduces pain

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

The benefits to receiving regular chiropractic care are well known by the millions of persons worldwide who have their spines adjusted. Reduced back pain, neck pain, shoulder, and hip pain are just some of the reasons chiropractic helps you feel better. Regular spinal mobilization (sometimes called adjustment or manipulation) is associated with improved mood, better overall physical health and body awareness and less overall cost than other medical treatments. Because it affects the back and spine, the chiropractic adjustment can also potentially reduce irritation on spinal nerves, thus benefitting many internal conditions in addition to reducing pain locally.

Chiropractic is a hands-on natural remedy for many pain conditions that can help the mind-body in many ways. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay strives to help each person achieve health naturally. Chiropractic has been shown to help reduce sciatic pain, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, headaches, and other pain types. It gets to the root of the problem- nerve irritation, muscle spasm, and vertebral subluxation/misalignment; symptoms go away naturally as nerves that radiate from the irritated spine heal. Chiropractic is a very safe therapy. There may be mild soreness at the adjustment site, but most soreness heals quickly and patients benefit from lasting pain relief elsewhere.

Treatment does not depend on drugs or medications- many of which cover up symptoms and have negative side effects; nor does it utilize surgery which is invasive and can be slow to heal. The hands-on therapy can complement medical treatments, nonetheless; physical therapy modalities and medical care can be utilized with the chiropractic adjustment each of which can augment the effects of the other. For some people, regular chiropractic care enables them to reduce the number of medications they depend on or to avoid surgery. Always discuss your healthcare goals with your doctors.

Another terrific benefit of chiropractic care is its focus on the individual. From the initial examination to the creation and carrying out of a treatment plan, patient needs are considered and treatments can be modified each visit- no one-size-fits-all. Regular, periodic re-examination enables the practitioner and patient to assess care, discuss the care plan and make changes as needed. Chronic pain sufferers with fibromyalgia or other conditions might find that their pain takes a little longer to go away or diminish- be sure to discuss any concerns or needs you have.

Many chiropractors are well trained in nutrition therapy as well, and can provide you with healthy eating and supplement suggestions. Healthy food choices and diet changes help many people overcome acute as well as chronic conditions because healthy food intake and selective supplementation provides nutrients to heal on the cellular level that affects every structure. Chiropractic care is considered holistic healthcare because chiropractors treat the whole body through adjusting the spine and nervous system, promoting proper nutrition and diet and exercise regimens.

Acupractic Natural Healing Center has successfully treated many patients in the Chapel Hill community who lived with chronic pain for far too long. Call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website to schedule your healthy appointment today.

How Acupuncture Can Help Treat Pain

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that can help pain in many ways. Derived from Chinese Medicine, this time-tested, drug-free relaxing pain remedy heals in many ways so it deserves your consideration. Millions worldwide have used this non-drug approach to reduce back, knee, shoulder pain; even headaches and stomachaches respond to this treatment. Acupuncture as a treatment for pain has just started being used by doctors in clinics and hospitals in the United States; but it has been used in other parts of the world for many years with great effectiveness.

Many people wonder how acupuncture works to reduce pain. Examination and treatment are somewhat different than the standard western medical approach to healthcare. Both treatment methods begin with a thorough patient examination. The Chinese Medicine history portion of the patient examination may include questions not generally asked by Western Medical doctors. However, both acupuncture and western medical treatment perform a physical exam in order to understand the nature and cause of your pain. This may include palpation of the painful area and connected parts, as well as orthopedic and neurological testing, evaluation of posture and movement, and medical tests such as x-rays and laboratory tests. In addition, your acupuncturist will likely include evaluation of your tongue- its coat, color, and moisture in different areas; and your pulses on both wrists. A diagnosis, or cause of problem, is made and then treatment can resume.

Pain can be caused by a variety of things. When an acupuncturist, like Dr. Oskardmay at Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC, considers causes of pain, the conversation sounds a bit like a weather forecast- too much cold or heat entering the body, or too much wind stirring things up, or too little movement causing things to settle and percolate or solidify. The ultimate goal of acupuncture, in addition to reducing your pain, is to create balance in the body. When the diagnosis involves an excess situation-such as too much heat, cold, wind; treatment generally works to balance the excess. Alternately, when the diagnosis is made of deficiency of an element, the treatment goal would be to somehow increase that missing element. Balance can be achieved using acupuncture needles placed at acupoints along meridians or channels; other modalities may be enlisted to improve outcome.

Additional therapies in the acupuncturist’s office may include gua sha massage or cupping massage to exteriorize heat and add movement to an area. Also, cold application in the form of ice or cooling herbs, or use of heat or warming herbs can balance energies. Acupuncture is designed to work together to help reduce pain and get you back to your life quickly without side-effects to slow you down or inhibit healing.

Call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit our website at to schedule your appointment today. We offer self-pay discounts, accept your HSA or FSA and participate with and submit claims electronically for you to most major insurance plans, including BCBS State and Federal, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Medicare, and others. Helping people of the Triangle since 1995, we look forward to helping you, too. If you are suffering from pain, acupuncture treatment at Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill can help.

How Can Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Help You?

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture also goes by the name of Facial Revitalization Therapy and Cosmetic Acupuncture. This holistic therapy aims to improve facial appearance and project a more youthful presence overall by working on many levels inside and out. The beauty ideal is actualized more completely by using acupuncture methodology in a way that western medicine, with its dependence on makeup and surgical techniques, does not use.

What is Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture?

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is considered a branch of Chinese medicine – associated beyond its original goal of simply healing the body and mind. People have sought beauty and longevity from the beginning of human history; recently it has been discovered how older cultures achieved this elusive goal. To reduce the signs of aging we can now use acupuncture to get a deeper, more profound treatment that affects more than just the face in our quest for beauty.50,000 years ago in China, youthful beauty pursued by the queen and concubines was achieved using makeup similar to what we use in modern-times, but also using acupuncture to stimulate good looks from good health within. Acupuncture stimulates the movement of qi, blood, and fluids to bring a healthful glow to the face and entire body.

Differential acupuncture channel diagnosis involving personal history and, physical exam of the body, tongue and pulse identifies blocked channels so that the acupuncturist can focus on specific pathways to support and balance. Balance between yin and yang, the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), and the zang-fu (organs) can be achieved using various acupuncture techniques to give long-lasting beauty and improved health. Glowing skin and radiant energy help manifest what is beautiful about the person.

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatment involves placement of very fine filaments needles in the face and body points. Your acupuncturist generally uses only the thinnest and smoothest Seirin filaments as the points associated with this treatment are very sensitive. The client is then instructed to relax on a comfortable table with lowered lights and warmth if requested. This relaxing therapy brings contentment to the senses, warmth to cold areas, cooling to inflamed areas, movement to stagnation and stillness to turbulent regions. Gentle oils may be massaged into the skin to stimulate qi and create a glowing appearance. The client may be left to meditate for 20-30″ or so as the treatment penetrates deeply. Following an acupuncture revitalization treatment, the client is able to resume normal activities immediately.

Experience the transformative effects of facial rejuvenation acupuncture by calling our office today to schedule an appointment for facial rejuvenation acupuncture: 919-929-1400, email or go online to schedule 24 hours a day:

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