An Experience Getting Stem Cell Injections in the Wrist

wristStem cell injection therapy is an increasingly popular procedure used to treat some diseases, injuries, and arthritic pain. The therapy carries some risks and a specific cost, but the potential benefit is worth it for many. I recently had an autologous stem cell therapy injection in my wrist and thumb, and the improvements so far are worth it. Here is my experience getting stem cell injections in the wrist.

About two years ago, I injured my wrist in a bike accident, fracturing a small wrist bone with subsequent pain that affected work and other activities. X-ray analysis showed the fracture healed, but the pain persisted despite casting, rest, and visits to a physical therapist and an occupational therapist specializing in hand disorders. I was also told I have some thumb arthritis. I was diagnosed with ulnar abutment syndrome, wherein the ulnar arm bone is too long, hitting against the wrist bones; a doctor and two orthopedic surgeons suggested I would benefit from ulnar shortening surgery. This surgery involves cutting the arm bone to resect several millimeters of length, then fusing the ulna back together. Wanting to avoid this intense procedure, I looked at Regenerative medicine.

I contacted several regenerative medicine clinics in the area and chose one several hours away because of its cost, reviews, and other factors. The helpful front desk assistant was able to schedule me a month out and sent me more information about what to expect. He scheduled an initial over Zoom, after which they prescribed me Valium to take for anxiety upon arrival to the clinic if needed. They could perform the rest of the exam on the day of the procedure.

My husband and I drove the two-hour trip to the clinic, and upon entry, I completed the paperwork. The doctor performed an essential examination, and I entered the treatment room. Following the application of a numbing agent, they used a long needle to extract bone marrow from one of my hip bones, entering from the top of the ileum. The procedure was a bit harrowing; I wish I had taken the Valium, but not too terrible. They next numbed my wrist and thumb in preparation for the following step. The bone marrow was divided into syringes, the contents of which were next injected directly into my wrist at several key locations and thumb. This injection step was excruciating.

Following the procedures, which encompassed about two hours, including the exam, my wrists hurt and swelled up. Armed with a prescription for codeine, the doctor and staff gave me wound care instructions and an ice pack and let me go. My spouse drove the rest of the day as I was too uncomfortable to hold the wheel. I’m glad we reserved a hotel for that evening. We also went out to eat, and I did not take the codeine, opting instead for a glass of wine, which helped. That night, I slept fitfully but felt a little better the following day.

The clinic advises that benefits can take weeks to months to appear. I had the STEM cell injections two weeks ago and am now feeling better than before the procedure. I can now lift a gallon of milk without pain, play the violin, dress without pain, and do other activities that used to cause discomfort. The clinic will give me a follow-up PRP treatment 6-12 weeks post-STEM cell to enhance the treatment benefits. While I am not 100% back to preinjury status, it’s only been two weeks, and I feel good about the progress. Autologous (coming from my own body) STEM cell therapy is a novel way to harness the body’s natural healing response. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to use a treatment like this and avoid surgery.

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