Cupping Chapel Hill, NC

Cupping and How it Helps Reduce Back Pain and Other Pain

Cupping Chapel Hill, NCCupping in Chapel Hill, NC is an ancient therapy that is used in our clinic to mobilize tissues on the back and other areas to improve energy flow. Hand-held cups, comprised of natural silicon and rubber, create suction when compressed; therapeutic oils such as lavender, rosemary or menthol are applied, then Dr. Lisa moves places these cups on the skin and moves them around in a rhythmic fashion. Underlying tight, stagnant muscles and ligaments benefit from this treatment as it increases circulation of blood and lymph. Mild skin exfoliation and redness under the cups indicates increased blood flow to the skin surface, which helps with detoxification and release of tension.

While you rest on the table, cupping therapy in Chapel Hill, NC also relaxes the mind and increases body awareness. Cups may be left in place for several minutes to improve specific regions. When used in conjunction with therapeutic oils, the effect is quite beneficial on many levels, not just pain and muscle tightness.  Due to the proximity of the nervous system to the back muscles, cupping on the spine affects the entirety of the nervous system; the sympathetic `flight or fight` response balances with the parasympathetic relaxation response enabling each patient to relax and recuperate. Lavender and rosemary oils accentuate the relaxation response as they both affect the stress hormone cortisol. Treatment focused on the upper back benefits the shoulders and regions of the spine associated with the lungs and heart, which can aid respiration, metabolism, cardiac function, and stress reduction. Applied to the midback regions, cupping therapy aids digestion and respiration via the diaphragm — problems such as acid reflux and stomachache benefit. Areas of the low back respond to cupping, too; cupping in this lower lumbar and sacral region can benefit the organs of reproduction and elimination, providing aid to issues such as constipation.  

The thighs and shoulder muscles also benefit from cupping in Chapel Hill, NC, which improves range of motion and decreases muscle pain in these vital areas.

Cupping in Chapel Hill, NC supports other treatments offered at Acupractic Natural Healing Center and generally takes about 12″ to complete. Dr. Lisa will ask you to change clothes to in-house, looser garments to increase relaxation and reduce oil getting on your clothes. If the cups sit on the skin for a few minutes, you may notice dark circles where the cups were after the therapy; this is normal and can indicate areas of released stagnation or irritation after treatment.

Let Dr. Lisa know if you’d like to try cupping in Chapel Hill, NC at your next visit. It’s quite therapeutic. It is beneficial to relax an hour or so after treatment to achieve maximum benefit so you may want to plan for that.

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