Acupuncture Treatment in Chapel Hill, NC

Earth channel imbalance

Acupuncture treatment in Chapel Hill, NCThe earth channel relates to many aspects of change. Of the five elements recognized in the human body, It is the one most associated with a transition- a transition between one element to another, for instance, or between one season to another. This aspect of change and transition is important because change happens all the time- we move through times of day, through the seasons of the year, through times of our lives. We digest food, and nutrients to energy, tissues change into energy or waste. How we transition is a function of earth channel energies present in our bodies.

Other related features of the earth meridian include: the color yellow, dampness and humidity environmental factor, the sweet flavor, the tissue fat, sing-song sound to the voice, the emotion of joy, the concern of worry, the late summer season as well as the two week or so transition time just before and after a new season begins or ends.  Imbalance or problems in any of these areas is associated with the earth element. Additionally, body areas corresponding to the earth element can be affected by imbalance. These areas include the elbows, wrist, knees, and ankles, as well as the skin area from the big toe to the leg anterior medial and lateral, the breast, mid-clavicle to the mouth and just under the eye. Pain, inflammation, swelling of these areas is concerns the earth channel.

Chapel Hill, NC acupuncture treatment of many health issues can utilize the transitioning aspect of the earth channel to accomplish healing. Acupuncture treatment in Chapel Hill, NC using acupuncture needles or electrostimulation of auricular points on the ear that relates to the earth, for instance, can affect appetite and satiety of the stomach organ which will affect weight loss when used in a program geared to that goal. An article written in the National Institutes of Health PubMed describes how auricular acupuncture to earth and fire points on the ear (water element) to support the change in the body-mind required for weight loss. Acupuncture treatment of earth points on the shoulders or elbows can reduce inflammation and pain and support healing at these important joints, also agents of change in the body. Stomach irritation such as pain, bloating, or indigestion can be treated using earth channel point acupuncture treatment in Chapel Hill, NC as well. Acupuncture effectively and safely handles many conditions with no adverse side effects, and it is helpful on many levels.

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay will utilize everything natural to help you gain better health. Whether it’s Chapel Hill, NC acupuncture treatment of the earth channel to reduce stomach pain, chiropractic adjustments to spinal levels connected to the stomach or other regions, or herbal remedy prescription or exercise suggestions to keep you healthy between visits and after that, she will help you. Keep your appointments and remember to ask questions when you have them!