Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

Who May Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Are you considering a visit to a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, but wonder whether you will benefit from an adjustment? There are a variety of individuals who could benefit from chiropractic care, with the following being just a few.

Pregnant Women

If you are expecting a baby, you’re probably doing a lot of things to prepare. Be sure you prepare your body with a chiropractic adjustment to get everything in alignment. Chiropractic care can ensure your baby has enough room to develop correctly, your hips are ready to birth the baby, and your back is strong. It is advisable to discuss this with your OB/Gyn and a Chapel Hill, NC chiropractor before moving forward with an adjustment.


Being pushed through the birth canal can wreak havoc on some infants’ spines and necks. Chiropractic care conducted by a licensed professional can alleviate the pain some infants feel following birth. Some signs your little one may need an adjustment include irritable infant syndrome, colic, issues with breastfeeding and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Babies with special needs may have more serious physical problems that could require the help of a chiropractor. As a leading chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, we invite you to call us today to find out whether or not your baby may be an ideal candidate for this treatment.


Athletes are using their bodies every day in ways the typical person doesn’t. An athlete’s body takes a beating, whether they are running, jumping, swinging, tackling, or involved in other repetitive movements. Because these movements are often quick and hard, the body can become misaligned quickly and without notice. Regular chiropractic care can keep athletes healthy, limber, and feeling great. This type of treatment could also aid in the recovery process following an injury. Athletes are some of the most common patients that Acupractic Natural Healing Center treats. If you are an athlete and would like to schedule an appointment with a Chapel Hill, NC chiropractor, call us now.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

Many people who suffer from chronic pain end up feeling hopeless after they have tried surgeries, medications and other unnatural solutions that don’t work. Chiropractic adjustments are a natural way to realign the spine, causing that pain to be alleviated. It helps with back pain, joint pain, headaches, achy muscles, and so much more.

The Physically Disabled

Some people who are physically disabled can find relief through chiropractic care. An individual should speak with his or her healthcare professional first to ensure it’s safe considering the handicap he or she is dealing with.

Desk Job Workers

If you sit at a desk all day long, chances are you have developed poor posture. It’s not your fault, but it could begin to cause pain if you don’t do something about it. Many people in desk jobs will see a chiropractor to realign the spine, which ends up alleviating upper back, neck and shoulder pain. These people see an improvement in the way they feel, which often leads to an improvement in the way they work.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me?

When you think about the health problems you have, you might not think about seeing a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC for assistance. While it might not be obvious to you, the answer to your health problems could actually lie in chiropractic care. Chiropractors see patients of all ages, professions, genders, and circumstances. The following are some ways chiropractic care helps a wide variety of conditions.

Treating the Cause of Your Pain

When a Chapel Hill, NC chiropractor makes an initial assessment of your condition, he or she will be able to pinpoint the problem area. It’s possible your headaches are stemming from subluxation of the lower back. It’s possible your shoulder misalignment is causing hip pain.

Your central nervous system connects and controls everything, and chiropractors can take a look at the whole of it to treat the cause of your pain, rather than just treating a symptom. There won’t be prescribed medication or multiple tests to determine your issues. There will just be a straightforward treatment.

Improving Performance

Whether you’re a sports player, a full-time mom, or an adolescent dancer, chiropractic treatment can improve performance. By focusing on the actual issue, the muscles are stabilized and balanced, leaving the patient in a better position to complete everyday tasks and hobbies. Chiropractic care also improves flexibility, so whether you exercise for fun or just need that range of motion to complete your day job, it helps you get through your day.

Encouraging Relaxation

When you’re not in pain all the time, you’re more able to relax. A chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC can help you wind down at the end of a long day, may encourage better sleep at night, and may enable you to enjoy your favorite extracurricular activities, It also helps your mind relax because you’re not thinking about a future filled with pain and limitations.

Boosting Your Immune System

Chiropractic treatment has been shown to boost the immune system. Whether you typically catch every bug that comes along, or just want that extra level of protection this season, visiting the chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC is an affordable, effective extra line of defense.

Contacting Your Chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC

There are a lot of conditions chiropractors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina  treat on a regular basis. While you might be hesitant about having treatment done, realize there are a lot of benefits that come with chiropractic care, and there are many ways individuals are assisted in living a better life. Chiropractic care can be beneficial to almost anyone. If you wonder whether or not it could help your situation, contact your Chapel Hill, NC chiropractor today.

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