Why Silicone Products are a Healthy Household Option

Why Silicone Products are a Healthy Household Option

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Every day we make choices that impact our health. Food and beverage containers, while not high on most people’s list of concerns, nonetheless impact our well-being in several important ways. Silicone food ware containers are BPA-free, stable, not based on petroleum, and generally considered safe. Household goods made from this pliable, lightweight, nontoxic substance deserve a place in everyone’s cabinets for many reasons. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, NC, we have invested in pint-sized cups for this very reason, and we hope you will take one home today!

Silicone products are made from silica, which is sand. Silica gets synthesized into silicone via a process using extreme heat and oxygen. Storage containers and other items made from this substance are free of BPA and other harmful constituents. BPA is a compound used to line most canned foods and many other containers we use to store food and beverages hot and cold. BPA exposure is linked to adverse health effects of the brain and prostate and children’s mental health. We should avoid BPA exposure where possible for good health. Items made from silicone provide us a viable alternative.

Cups, bowls, baking implements such as spatulas and whisks made from silicone function as well as their plastic-based counterparts but with less worry. Silicone-based products do not melt at moderately high heat, making them suitable for stirring, serving, and storing hot food. They make great coffee cups for reasons mentioned above and because cups made from silicone maintain their heat well.

Although cookware lined or entirely comprised of silicone is available for purchase, the author still uses glass and metal for high-temperature cooking and recommends you do the same until further research is available. Some people have experienced sensitivity to silicone-based products, probably from long term contact (think silicone breast implants) or high-temperature cooking. Far more research exists to the detrimental effects of plastic usage, however. If you are sensitive to silicone, avoid using products made from it, and use glass or non-BPA lined metal.

A benefit of silicone-based food-ware is that it is recyclable and highly reusable. Whereas non-biodegradable, disposable plastic things fill our oceans and trash dumps, there is hope that once discarded,  silicone-based items will break down over time. Since it is easier to re-use the uber flexible, easily stored products, silicone cups, and bowls may provide a means for people to re-use rather than dispose of food containers so quickly. Having an environmentally-friendly mindset is healthier for the individual and the planet.

Please consider using healthier and more ecologically friendly products for food preparation and storage. That coffee cup you use today could be used again tomorrow! If you would like to purchase the attractive, reusable silicone-based hot/cold ‘Silipint’ beverage cup shown above, let us know.

If you have questions, contact your acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC today.

How Chiropractic Hastens Recovery from Colds and Flu

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When you’re sick with colds and flu, you want relief. Your immune system needs help to fight off invaders, but it’s hard to think clearly when your head is congested. Coughing and sneezing lead to body exhaustion and pain and can affect the ability to get restorative sleep. Chiropractic care at our office can help all of these problems. It is a full-body approach that enables you to feel better and can also help you from getting sick.

Dr. Oskardmay uses gentle hands-on treatments to support the immune system and clear congestion. Spinal manipulation applied to the cervical region has been shown to improve T-cell response, important mediators fo the immune system. Adjustments of the upper back help to enhance respiration and reduce breathing pain. She can mobilize the lower back vertebrae to stabilize posture and balance muscles connected to the back. Dr. Oskardmay can mobilize using either hands-on techniques or Activator Adjusting methods depending on your situation and preferences. Both ways effectively function to help improve spinal health.

Treatment directed at spine levels that energize the lungs, back, shoulders supplements nerve transmission to those regions. Nerve impingement can result from twists in a vertebra, tight muscles, inflammation, or myriad other causes. Manual care reduces nerve blockage and enhances energy flow to these vital areas. Chiropractic care assists other areas as well, including the neck, sinuses, and digestion, to name a few. The whole body and mind benefit when the nervous system runs better.

Dr. Lisa will massage aching muscles with essential oils to relax and soothe muscles affected by coughing and sneezing. Every time you cough or sneeze, a tightening occurs of muscles and ligaments near the ribs, shoulders, neck, and low back. This muscle contraction pulls vertebrae and bones out of place, resulting in muscle spasm and discomfort. Balanced soothing massage helps to alleviate this aspect of cold and flu without drugs or other invasive procedures.

Treatment also relaxes the lungs and diaphragm. Pulmonary irritation worsens coughing. Treatment aimed at lung support mitigates the vicious cycle of cough-spasm-irritation that delays recovery for many. Dr. Oskardmay may recommend specific home treatments, exercises, and vitamins to heal you further. Baby Vicks rub is very soothing, for instance, and helps unclog sinus congestion for many.

Dr. Oskardmay recognizes that sleep deprivation delays healing. She emphasizes using the right balance of exercise and rest to promote healing. Ask her about suggestions you can use between visits to get better sleep while you’re sick with colds and flu. You may need more than generally suggested 8 hours a night. Chiropractic care at our office is excellent preventive medicine, too, helping you stay healthy during cold and flu season. People who get regular spinal care year-round report improved body awareness and pain levels over time.

Keep your scheduled appointments and be sure to visit our website anytime or call today to schedule or make changes to your appointments. Let family and friends know about the healing benefits of care at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, where we use chiropractic and acupuncture Chapel Hill, NC patients recommend for healing naturally.

Acupuncture as a Beneficial Healthcare Option at Acupractic

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Initially discovered in the Orient and used by millions there, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are increasing in our country. As people come to understand the benefits of alternative medicines such as acupuncture, they enjoy the drug-free benefits of this care. Dr. Oskardmay is a licensed acupuncturist who has worked with patients using acupuncture since 1995. Acupuncture helps people suffering from a wide variety of conditions ranging from back pain to shoulder pain to stress and fibromyalgia. Since acupuncture works to enhance the body’s natural innate healing force, it is the ideal treatment for many conditions.

Acupuncture treatment for body aches works because energy flows in channels on our collection, and acupuncture needles regulate this flow. Pain and other problems result from energy flow stagnation or blockage. Similar to how blood flows in arteries and veins and nerves carry nervous energy, acupuncture channels or meridians transport qi. Qi (pronounced chee) represents all forms of energy, and it needs to move so that we function at our best. Stagnation of this vital energy occurs when we sit too much or overeat, for example. Injury causes qi disruption, as does mental anguish, stress, and lack of sleep. Left untreated, stagnation of qi causes pain, and a lack of mental clarity.

As a licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Oskardmay carefully selects points to use to unblock qi stagnation. She may utilize acupuncture to balance qi and build yin or relaxation, which is very healing to overall body countenance. In this type of acupuncture, she will use about ten points, mostly in hand, foot, and head region, and needling depth is minimal with gentle needle stimulation.

Alternately, she may use trigger point acupuncture (aka Dry Needling Technique) to help reduce muscle spasm in specific areas. For this technique, she may use longer needles inserted to a greater depth and with more stimulation. If needed, she can apply electrostimulation to specific points to help the body release stuck energy.

Another type of acupuncture is auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture. Auriculotherapy recognizes that ear points affect the brain and the whole body. Specific treatment goals such as weight loss and addiction control use auriculotherapy at their core; ear acupuncture can be used in a variety of treatments, however.

Battlefield Acupuncture is a specific type of Ear Acupuncture for pain control in which Dr. Oskardmay will insert semi-permanent needles that stay in the outer ear for up to one week. This type of acupuncture treatment has proven very useful to reduce pain fro veterans on and off the field and is available now to patients everywhere.

Acupuncture at our office can help you with many health concerns. To learn more about Acupuncture Chapel Hill, NC patients recommend, call Acupractic today and to schedule an appointment, please visit our website.

Reasons You Need Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the most joyous times of your life. However, your body will go through a lot of changes and you might not always feel your best. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take good care of your health. One of the best things you can do during pregnancy is receive regular chiropractic care. Here are a few reasons why you should see a chiropractor during your pregnancy.

It Can Reduce Spinal Pressure from Weight Gain
Weight gain is just a natural part of pregnancy; however, because most of the weight gain is in the stomach, it can put a lot of pressure on your spine. This can cause pain and discomfort. If you see a chiropractor regularly, he or she can perform adjustments to relieve tension on your joints.

It Can Alleviate Headaches
The raging hormones pregnant women experience can trigger headaches. When you’re dealing with a headache, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything. Because over-the-counter pain relievers aren’t safe to take during pregnancy, you have to consider alternative methods to deal with the pain. Fortunately, chiropractic care has been known for effectively and safely treating migraines in pregnant women.

It Can Reduce Stress
Being pregnant can definitely be stressful at times. Stress can make it more difficult to sleep, concentrate on your daily tasks, and even maintain normal blood pressure. Getting chiropractic adjustments during your pregnancy can help alleviate your stress and feel more control in your life.

It Can Shorten Labor
Another wonderful benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy is that it can shorten your labor. When your body is in proper alignment, it functions better and is more prepared for birth.

It Can Reduce Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea and vomiting are definitely the more unpleasant aspects of being pregnant. When your stomach is feeling queasy, it can be difficult to do just about anything. However, if nausea and vomiting is due to the vertebrae being out of alignment, chiropractic care may be able to help. If you get regular chiropractic adjustments, you may be able to relieve nausea and vomiting.

It Can Improve Postpartum Recovery
Chiropractic adjustments can even benefit you after you give birth. If your body is in proper alignment, it will be able to recover from the labor and delivery process a lot faster. Before you know it, you will be able to resume your normal activities.

Scheduling an Appointment with a Chiropractor
Chiropractic care is considered safe and beneficial for pregnant women. If you recently found out that you’re pregnant, consider scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Dundalk, MD. He or she can help treat your symptoms and make your pregnancy a much more enjoyable experience.

Thanks to Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic for their insight into how beneficial chiropractic care can be during pregnancy.

Gardening, the Earth Channel and The Healing Power of Soil and Sunlight

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People who work in the soil gain exposure to its health benefits. Dr. Oskardmay asks you about your job and extracurricular activities in part to ascertain how much connection you have to this healing potency. Sometimes referred to as `horticulture therapy,` planting plants and digging in the ground provides health benefits on many levels. It can help to improve not only mood and sleep but also hormone production, bone density, and vitamin production. When we seek a connection with the earth through gardening, our health improves.

Working with the soil and plants has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression for a variety of causes. For one, sunlight stimulates the neurotransmitter serotonin, which supports relaxation. Additionally, microbes in the soil interact with our internal milieu, enhancing stomach biome biodiversity and balance. The vagal mind-stomach connection benefits from this improved milieu, and mood improves. Also, we benefit from the joy of caring for a living thing, growing our food, and watching the earth perform its natural bounty for us. When we garden, we can not only save money on food, but we can also have easier access to a wider variety of organic foods and herbs. Ask Dr. Lisa about how to use sunlight to improve mood if you have any questions.

Being outdoors or in a greenhouse where plants grow encourages us to get more sunlight, something many people lack. Morning sunlight, especially, helps to improve sleep, as the hormone melatonin increases. When a person can wake up and experience sunshine in the morning, and go to bed at night with decreasing light activity, this can help to improve sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, tell Dr. Lisa, and she can help you learn how to use natural light to sleep better.

Sunlight is crucial to the production of vitamin and hormone production. When the sun’s rays hit our skin, vitamin D production can occur from cholesterol in our skin-enhancing hormone production, as well. We depend on sunlight to build bone density, and other vital features and gardening can supply us with the sun’s rays. Try to avoid sunlight at the brightest times of day, wear a protective covering, and use the early morning or late afternoon during the summer to be outside to prevent overexposure.

Gardening can be an athletic activity so prepare in advance. Ask Dr. Lisa about stretches and strengthening exercises that can help improve your endurance and stamina while enjoying all the aspects of planting- digging, stooping, twisting, and pulling. Be sure to use good supportive posture while twisting and pulling, especially, to avoid back and shoulder injury. A good hour of gardening is an hour well spent — it counts for daily exercise, and the benefits are numerous.

To learn more about the healing power of soil and sunlight, contact a chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC patients rely on. Contact Acupractic today to schedule a consultation.

Relaxation and Healing at Acupractic Natural Healing Center

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At the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we strive to enhance your healing response in every way possible. One of the most effective means we have is to engage your relaxation response at every encounter. In the words of Chinese Medicine, relaxation and healing are yin, whereas stress is yang- we aim to help you build yin to balance yin and yang. To do this, we strive for low-stress encounters. Our front desk staff and Dr. Lisa are well prepared and ready to help you in every way possible. Dr. Lisa employs gentle, effective chiropractic and acupuncture techniques, and we utilize conditioned treatment facilities to soothe the mind. Our goal is to engage your healing energies and to support you while you’re here at the office and when you leave.

From the initial phone call or online scheduling experience, we are here for you. We strive to answer your questions thoroughly and help you get the answers you need. Whether it be about insurance coverage for chiropractic and acupuncture at our office, or other concerns, we strive to answer your questions. Importantly, we try to make you the appointment time that fits your schedule. We utilize state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant medical records keeping to perform required communications and to facilitate billing and scheduling online.

Our office is conveniently located just off the highway but nestled in the trees, creating a relaxed ambiance. Accessible parking and walkways ensure ease of mobility to the office, and we have accessible facilities, as well. Our treatment tables elevate to accommodate everyone’s mobility needs, and our private treatment rooms are ample with additional seating for a family member if desired. We play relaxing spa music and diffuse gentle aromatherapy to enhance calm during therapy.

When you come for care, Dr. Lisa will examine to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment. Gentle yet competent, she has treated thousands of patients since 1995 using the alternative medicines chiropractic and acupuncture. She strives to create balance in all areas through treatment. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities enhance posture, massage relaxes tight muscles and acupuncture supports meridian flow. Each visit takes about 45,” and she strives to provide you with take-home exercises and ideas to supplement treatment goals. Many of these suggestions will center on how to help you improve your relaxation response so be prepared to discuss sleep and relaxation with her.

Help us to help you balance yin and yang, healing and stress by keeping your appointments, asking questions, and following suggestions and instruction. Our goal is to improve your health naturally.

To learn more about relaxation and healing, contact an acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC patients recommend from Acupractic Natural Healing Center. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

How Battlefield Acupuncture Helps Reduce Pain On and Off the Battlefield

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At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay is committed to helping people reduce pain naturally. She recognizes that pain can come in many forms and that discomfort has many sources; her goal is to help you in the best way for you. Dr. Lisa is trained to offer BA as a way to alleviate troubling body aches. This treatment can quickly and easily break the vicious pain-spasm-pain cycle that hinders so many despite their best efforts at pain control. While not exactly a holistic approach in that BA doesn’t evaluate the whole person, BA can still provide rest and relief from pain. Dr. Oskardmay can use this therapy in conjunction with regular acupuncture treatment or even the chiropractic adjustment at the end of treatment, or even as a stand-alone therapy if necessary. The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women or persons taking blood thinners.

BA utilizes auriculotherapy (ear) acupuncture to help break the pain cycle in which many patients find themselves entangled. Acupuncture points on the ear are demonstrated to have an intense connection with parts of the brain which mitigate the pain response. The link is particularly valid when these specific points are stimulated in specific ways using ASP needles. Comprised of gold, stainless steel or titanium, ASP (semi-permanent) needles are unique in that they are very short (2 mm) and somewhat thicker than regular acupuncture needles. They are designed to maintain their insertion for more extended periods. Some people experience a bit of discomfort on insertion, but the impact is generally minimal. Let Dr. Lisa know about any trouble you experience.

Treatment is long-lasting in part because the needles remain in place for several days at a time. Up to five ASP needles are inserted into ear points on the outside of the ear directly into the cartilage, starting at the lowest location and moving upward at specific ear points. After each insertion, Dr. Oskardmay will ask you to move about or walk around for 30 seconds to assess if more points are required. She will add more points bilaterally until pain reduction has occurred. Total treatment time depends on several factors but generally takes about 10″.

Following application, engage in average but not strenuous activity for 6-12 hours to allow the treatment to settle in. You can bathe or shower but avoid vigorous ear washing. The use of a hairdryer 6″ away from the ears will reinvigorate the points.  Inspect your ears every day to look for irritation. If your ears become red or irritation and you wish to remove the needles, turn them gentle while pulling to remove them. If they fall out or your remove them, store them in a lidded container or put them on tape and dispose of them properly. Needles can remain in place for 5-7 days.

BA can be an effective alternative to certain pain medications and can help break the pain-spasm-pain cycle many patients experiences, and that affects sleep and the ability to heal. It is a field-tested modality that has few side-effects, doesn’t take that long to receive and can be used in addition to other therapies when desired.

To learn more about battlefield acupuncture Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend, contact Acupractic Natural Healing Center today for a consultation.

How Can Acupuncture Help Colds and Sinusitis with Shoulder and Neck Pain?

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Many people at our clinic ask the question posed in the title to this post. Patients who have not utilized alternative medicine such as acupuncture and chiropractic wonder how they support health and bring relief for cold-related illness. They rightly wonder how massage and hands-on healing methods might elicit body change. Nonetheless, alternative medicine treatments can bring relief.

A person can suffer cold issues in the middle of freezing winter or the damp warmth of summer. Regardless of the season, their suffering is the same- sniffling congestion, neck pain, shoulder tightness, body aches, even headaches. While modern medical care promises quick resolution to these symptoms, many people do not experience the relief promised with pills and liquid tonics. Patients then seek another path to healing, one that is more personal and effective to eliminate the problem rather than cover up its symptoms.

Acupuncture works in part because it is holistic. Chinese Medicine recognizes that each body is connected within itself by a series of meridians or channels. The metal channel, in particular, influences the respiratory system and the elimination system of the large intestine. Tendinomuscular body areas impacted by the metal channel include the neck, shoulders to hands. These connected areas suffer together, and Dr. Oskardmay works on all relevant regions to elicit a lasting healing response that gets below the surface and mere symptoms.

Cold can enter the body in the form of a cold wind on a stormy night or freezing rain day. Cold can penetrate in the form of air conditioning that beats down on a person entering a frigid building in the middle of summer. Also, when one consumes cold food or beverage, these frigid fares consume body warmth and make one more susceptible to cold’s penetrating influence. Chilly weather affects the delicate metal channel, and we see it played out as sinusitis, headaches, shoulder and neck pain. Left untreated, cold will penetrate the body. It will eventually lead to further problems such as calcifications and other collections of cold. Superficial treatment with elixirs may not help the penetrating aspect of coolness.

Dr. Oskardmay utilizes warmth and massage along connected channels in the body to expel cold and invigorate the interior. Skillful acupuncture technique to the body points helps your system engage its healing response to fight off invaders, eliminate toxins, and dispel cold. She will also palpate the spine to determine affected vertebrae and then properly adjust subluxations to support the nervous system and spine health further. Please be sure to let Dr. Lisa know where you have particular areas of sensitivity so that she can attend to them.

At Acupractic, we recognize that there’s more to health than just feeling ok. Let us know when you have neck and shoulder pain or other symptoms from colds and sinusitis. Using an array of alternative medicine techniques that have proven effectiveness, Dr. Oskardmay can help.

To learn more about how acupuncture Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend can help with colds, sinusitis, as well as shoulder and neck pain. Call us today.

Sitting Is The New Smoking

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

We sit too much. When we sit for more than four hours a day, we gain weight, lose muscle mass, we hurt more, and our mood deepens. These metabolic and mental changes affect our productivity and increase our use of pain pills and mood-altering drugs. Many people are unaware of the adverse effects of sitting because they see it all around them and perceive sitting and sedentary lifestyle as normal. Additionally, when we spend most of our time in sedentary posture, the message we send our children is that sitting for most of the day is normal. Alternative medicines such as chiropractic and acupuncture which emphasize drugfree healthcare strive to install balance all areas; the deleterious posture of sitting is an essential area of concern.

Sedentary jobs have increased by more than 83% since 1950. The Mayo Clinic concludes that sitting time and activity levels found in those who sat more than eight hours a day with no physical activity had an increased risk of dying. This risk is similar to the dangers of dying posed by obesity and smoking. When a person sits at work and then drives home to sit in a leisure activity such as tv or computer gaming, this poses a health problem with regards to stationary behavior disorder. Dr. Oskardmay will help you recognize the problem and help you make changes to improve this unhealthy situation.

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay will perform a complete exam to determine how much sitting affects your health. Too much sitting contributes to neck pain and upper back pain, inflammation and spinal degeneration with its resultant dowager’s hump appearance. Nerves arising from these spinal areas innervate the shoulders to hands. Additionally, they go to internal organs such as lungs and heart. Degeneration of spinal units affects these areas over time. Excessive sitting posture exacts its toll on the lumbar spine, as well, causing low back pain and leg muscle imbalance, lumbar nerve inhibition.

Through careful exam and treatment, Dr. Oskardmay helps you understand and overcome the effects of sitting. A licensed chiropractic physician, she will mobilize irritated spinal segments in the neck and back to impact posture and pain resulting from excessive sitting. She may suggest diet changes to improve digestion and recommend other dietary and supplement additions to reduce pain and inflammation while you heal. Additionally, she can assist you with exercises and lifestyle adaptations to reduce the amount you sit and to reduce the negative consequences of too much sitting.

Dr. Oskardmay is also a licensed acupuncturist. Acupuncture can help balance and sustain the healing response and reduce stress. Dry Needling technique helps to reduce muscle spasms in tight areas that can result from too much sitting. Gu sha, cupping, and other soft tissue massage techniques soothe the tissues and restore blood flow to areas injured and weakened by too much sitting.

If you suffer from back pain due to sitting for extended periods of time, consult with an acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend from Acupractic Natural Healing Center.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care for Senior Citizens

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

If you are an older person interested in chiropractic or acupuncture treatment and you have questions regarding its safety, we are here to help. At the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, NC, we love working with people of every age. We believe that everyone deserves the benefits of health-promoting alternative medicine.  Dr. Oskardmay has trained in the most gentle, effective adjusting techniques, such as Activator Methods and SOT. We use modern equipment to facilitate care delivery in the safest, most comfortable fashion.

Dr. Oskardmay is a chiropractic physician and licensed acupuncturist and has worked with Triangle Residents since 1995 providing quality healthcare. She understands the needs of the elderly community and uses diagnosis and treatment methods that are equally gentle and effective. Patient safety is our utmost concern, and Dr. Oskardmay examines patients and reviews goals with patients before applying the treatment.

Our patients, office staff, and Dr. Lisa appreciate the proximity of UNC hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We can share information with them via the Patient Portal and even order lab tests or other diagnostics if needed.  If you have had diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, Xrays, CT scans, and even blood work, be sure to relay this information to Dr. Lisa.  Doing so will help her gain a full appreciation of your healthcare needs. Dr. Oskardmay enjoys assisting seniors in improving their lives using non-drug and non-surgical methods of healing. She emphasizes modalities and techniques that are very safe, gentle, and effective.

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, we have adaptive exam and treatment tables and chairs to provide comfort and facilitate movement. Our office is handicapped accessible and external proximate handicapped accessible parking is available for anyone who needs it. We strive to help everyone utilize complementary medicines chiropractic and acupuncture and help you work with your insurance company to receive the care you need, as well.

Dr. Oskardmay is trained in the art of palpation and diagnosis using both chiropractic and Chinese medicine methods. Palpation is the art of assessing structures beneath the skin using the touch method. This hands-on diagnostic method is a very useful, non-invasive, extremely safe, and low-tech way to gain a lot of information regarding one’s health. In addition to palpating the spine and surrounding structures, Dr. Lisa will assess the range of motion, pain level, and other health aspects of other areas of chief complaint. She examines to understand the individual limitations you experience and to help improve these areas. For instance, shoulder pain frequently relates to irritation of spinal vertebrae in the neck, whereas hip pain may relate to lumbar nerve problems. Treatment of related areas helps the whole body.

Fortunately, both chiropractic and acupuncture have excellent track records regarding safety and patient satisfaction for senior care.  You are in good hands.

For more information about chiropractic and acupuncture care for senior citizens, contact a chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend from Acupractic.

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