Do You Need a Referral to See a Chiropractor?

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Patients no longer require referrals from their medical doctors to seek chiropractic alternative medical care. Chiropractic is safe healthcare that promotes healing, restores postural and musculoskeletal balance, and supports nervous system integrity. Many patients choose chiropractic care first because they do not wish to depend on drugs or risk surgical implications for conditions that the body can heal itself given the proper conditions. Chiropractic care helps produce those appropriate conditions, and patients no longer need a referral from a medical doctor to get chiropractic care.

At our office, we see patients every day who do not need a referral to see a chiropractor to get insurance coverage for their visit. For most insurance plans, and for virtually all of the plans we participate in, patients can self refer, meaning they can call and make an appointment to see Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, licensed chiropractic physician and acupuncturist. These plans include BCBS, Aetna, United Healthcare, Federal and State Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UMR, Medicare, Medicaid, and many others.

While patients in the Veterans VA programs still require a referral from their primary medical doctor to see all doctors, including chiropractors, they are the exception. We enjoy working with Veterans each day and help them get the referrals they need for chiropractic or acupuncture at our healthcare clinic. For the vast majority of patients seeking care at our office for back pain, neck strain, headache, and other ailments of the spine and extremities, we are glad to offer appointments with the need for prior authorization and referral.

Some insurance plans used to require patients to get referrals from a medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor. This lengthened the time frame for patients getting the crucial care they needed, however, as the arduous referral process was both cumbersome and elusive for many. As more people sought the safe and beneficial services of chiropractors like Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, insurance plan moderators recognized the need to skip the referral process and allow patients to call directly to get the benefits they require and deserve. This improved healthcare and allowed patients and chiropractic offices more healthcare choice freedoms. While we enjoy the referrals of many medical professionals in the area and appreciate the proximity of quality medical providers in the area, it is essential to note that referral is no longer needed for patients from anyone.

Chiropractic healthcare is a good form of whole-body medicine that emphasizes non-drug, non-surgical approaches to many health complaints. After completing pre-med undergraduate education, chiropractors attend four-year chiropractic school training, including neurology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, chemistry, psychology, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting, and other hands-on healing methods.

Chiropractors attend an internship at local hospitals and other clinics to obtain clinical skills and help the communities they work in. Dr. Oskardmay had her internships at the Lombard National Clinic of Chiropractic Student Clinic and the Salvation Army Clinics in Chicago, IL. Since graduating in 1995, she provides chiropractic and acupuncture care to Triangle residents at her clinic in Chapel Hill, NC. Call today at (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment and get the healthcare you deserve. We are here for you!


Chiropractic and Acupuncture: Alternative Healthcare Supports Body Healing

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Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture at Eastowne LLC are two offices at 205 Providence Rd. in Chapel Hill. Here, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay helps patients each day using chiropractic and acupuncture. Chiropractic and acupuncture are two of the main types of so-called alternative healthcare in America. Also referred to as holistic healthcare, these healing body solutions help bring out the best in each person’s body and mind to maximize one’s individual healing potential. But how do they do this?

Chiropractic and acupuncture rely on the fact that the body knows how to heal itself when given proper instructions, or, instead, with the removal of impediments to self-healing. Rather than a vague idea, we understand that the human body and mind are miraculous and suffer when external and internal circumstances get in the way. At the offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, she helps the body-mind get back on track using chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities, massage to the muscles and ligaments, and acupuncture to the meridian and channels that carry healing energy.

For instance, when we sit, the hips and legs may suffer because there is a blockage to energy movement from head to toe. The hip and leg muscles shorten, back muscles tighten, and other accompanying disorders result in hip and back pain, lowered metabolism, and respiratory rate, to name a few. Dr. Oskardmay uses treatments unique to each individual at our office to improve muscle balance and nerve flow and motivate good posture.

For treatment, Dr. Oskardmay may perform a chiropractic adjustment to the lower back, lumbar spine, and hips, for instance, to mobilize the vertebrae surrounding nerves innervating the hips, legs, knees, and feet. She uses massage such as Thumper percussion massage, gua sha, or cupping techniques to lengthen tight muscles and improve muscle balance. Each treatment is individualized to the persons’ needs and wishes.

Acupuncture is a beneficial treatment option for many. Dr. Oskardmay may employ acupuncture needles in the lumbar region and legs, for example, to resolve qi flow problems in the lower back.

Similarly, there are many treatment options for neck and shoulder pain, the tightness between the shoulder blades, and problems sitting up straight or concentrating. Both chiropractic and acupuncture treat every condition from headache to stomach to infertility to depression from the standpoint of helping the body improve and use its natural resources- that is, nerve flow and qi flow.

Chiropractic and acupuncture are ages-old non-drug, non-surgical healing options available to us all. Call today to discover how alternative medicine can complement your healthcare regimen to help you make the most of each day. Call us at the offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit us online to learn more and schedule your appointment 24 hours a day.


Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

Healthcare should be for all people and at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, we specialize in family chiropractic. Located in Chapel Hill just off I-40 in Eastowne Hills across from the new Wegmans, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay are here for your whole family. Patients from young to old benefit from the gentle, effective hands-on care Dr. Oskardmay provides at her local alternative medicine practice. Since opening in 1995, she offers treatment options that support the spine and nervous system of every person, helping balance posture, reduce pain and improve performance.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a hands-on therapy that emphasizes evaluation and care of the spine and nervous system to support whole body health. Dr. Lisa Oskardmay is a licensed chiropractic physician who believes that everyone who has a spine benefits from regular periodic chiropractic care. She corrects spinal misalignment using the hands-on or activator chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is a safe and effective healing tool that yields powerful benefits for people of all ages. Dr. Oskardmay helps patients achieve better posture and less pain when doing everyday activities, vital goals for everyone.

Each visit starts with evaluation to determine the presence of spinal irritation- subluxation and misalignment that contributes to pain and nerve malfunction. Dr. Oskardmay reviews patient history and uses skillful palpation to determine where to best apply care. For instance, vertebral misalignment in the neck region or cervical spine frequently causes neck pain, headaches and shoulder, arm or hand tension and pain, whereas subluxation of spinal segments in the lower back or lumbar spine usually present with back pain, hip and or leg pain. Stomach irritation may indicate nerve imbalance in the lower thoracic spine region, and problems related to fertility or menstruation in woman may relate to the sacral spine region. Spinal irritation affects people of all ages and left untreated, can have serious health ramifications.

To correct spinal misalignment, Dr. Oskardmay uses the right tools and techniques appropriate to each person’s needs and body type, health history and pain level. Patients benefit from the wide variety of supportive treatment techniques available at our office. Dr. Oskardmay is certified in hands on diversified chiropractic technique, Activator Technique and others. Additionally, we offer cushioned treatment tables for pregnant women and others, and the elevation aspect of our tables ensures safe and comfortable positioning for each person.

Men and women, children and the elderly will each discover that treatment at our office is beneficial, safe and comfortable for all their spinal concerns. People from the Triangle have trusted us with their spinal care needs since 1995. Check our patient reviews and call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website to schedule an appointment for yourself or for someone you care about.


Ear Acupuncture: What is it and How Does it Work?

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Ear Acupunctuncture, or Auriculotherapy, is a type of acupuncture that involves needle or other device into the skin surrounding the ear and the ear cartilage. At our Acupuncture clinic, licensed acupuncturist Dr. Lisa Oskardmay provides ear acupuncture in a safe and sanitary manner for patients suffering from a variety of pain conditions, or to help patients who want to lose weight, stop smoking or enhance their overall general health. Ear acupuncture is as old as acupuncture itself; one benefit of this effective therapy is the ability to treat so many health concerns using the easily accessible ear.

The theory behind auriculotherapy is that the ear is a microcosm of the entire body. Regions pertaining to body areas ranging from the head to the toes exist on both ears. For example, an ear point near the antitragus portion of the ear can help problems in the shoulder. Additionally, ear regions relate to aspects of the nervous system. For instance, the Sympathetic Nervous System point on the area of skin above the ear canal benefits stress and addiction behaviors.

ear acupunture

Dr. Oskardmay frequently stimulates acu-points during an acupuncture treatment session with a variety of treatment options. At our office, we provide ear acupuncture with small needle stimulation during a treatment session, and the needles are removed at the end of the session. This type of ear acupuncture takes moments to include in the regular treatment protocol and adds a relaxing health benefit many enjoy.

ear acupuncture2

Alternately, Dr. Oskardmay can place small ear magnets virtually invisible to the eye on specific ear points to provide a portable treatment aspect because patients can stimulate the points throughout the day. Another beneficial and attractive option available at our office is ear acu-point stimulation using ear magnets covered with a small rhinestone which appears as a small earring. These small `bling` auriculotherapy devices can function as visible reminders to patients to press the point, as well.

Dr. Oskardmay offers ASP or semi-permanent ear acupuncture needles for anyone interested in this type of treatment as well. This type of auriculotherapy provides another way to achieve the lasting benefits of long-term ear acupuncture without the need to press the point every day. To insert the ASP, Dr. Oskardmay presses the ASP device into the specific acupoints on the ear cartilage where it will remain for days or even a week or two at a time, providing ongoing acupuncture point stimulation. This type of auriculotherapy may be especially helpful for migraine sufferers seeking relief. As with all the ear acupuncture types described above, the ASP needle is hypoallergenic and wearable until it falls out or is removed. Normal bathing and showering with ear acupuncture devices is recommended, but avoid scrubbing the ear area.

ear acupuncture4

Ear acupuncture helps to relieve the troubling symptoms of many conditions, including: menopause, depression, allergies, addiction, stress and anxiety, insomnia, PMS, motion sickness, low back pain and sciatica, migraines and headaches, and lack of focus, to name a few. Auriculotherapy can also help people suffering from infertility, or who want to lose weight or stop smoking.

Whether you choose to receive ear acupuncture as part of a standard acupuncture treatment protocol or as a stand-alone treatment, you can benefit from drug-free, nonsurgical auriculotherapy. Call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit us online at anytime to learn more and to schedule your appointment.

What is an Acupuncture Point?

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

People love getting an acupuncture treatment at our office- it’s relaxing. Aromatherapy reduces stress, and massage and cupping massage soothe tight muscles. Acupuncturist Dr. Lisa Oskardmay knows what points to choose for each treatment to stimulate good qi flow. But what is an acupuncture point, and how does a licensed acupuncturist know which points to choose?

Point selection is an art and a science. Acupuncture points are skin regions where qi flow regulation occurs. In effect, when stimulated, the acupuncture point allows for the free flow of qi. Dr. Oskardmay selects between specific points each treatment session to provide the most balancing results.

Every space on the body is not an acupuncture point. Acupuncture point detection is based on Chinese Medicine principles of qi flow along meridians or pathways that course the exterior of each living creature. Qi flows along meridians similarly that blood pulses through arteries and veins, and nerve impulses travel through nerves. Acupuncture points support the movement of qi energy, functioning as circuit breakers in a sense.

Stagnation or congestion of qi flow may feel like sharp, dull, or achy pain or may present as other forms of illness and disease. When Doctor Oskardmay inserts sterile acupuncture needles into an acupuncture point, her goal is to reduce qi flow stagnation in the channels. Chinese Medicine channels relate to the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, as in nature as in our human bodies. Each channel’s points are on unique body locations and relate to specific muscle areas, organs, tissues, emotions, and other body aspects.

For instance, the wood channel relates to muscles and ligaments on the side of the body. Dr. Oskardmay may choose wood along the wood channel or related acupuncture points to support healing in the wood channel. Alternately, the water channel courses the back of the body; problems in this region, including back pain or nervous system disorders, indicate water meridian imbalance. Dr. Oskardmay utilizes pain and disease location as it relates to acupuncture point selection, in addition to other criteria.

The element to which each point corresponds connects with an organ, as aforementioned. Element and organ correspondence provides another clue for acupuncture point selection. By way of example, the earth channel corresponds to the stomach and spleen organs. Then, any problems related to indigestion may call for treatment of the earth channel because indigestion frequently involves these organs. Alternately, the fire element channels relate to the heart and small intestine. Problems connected to the cardiac function such as hypertension or the small intestine, such as nutrient malabsorption, may suggest that we choose points to support the fire element.

Pain location and organ type involvement are just two reasons for acupuncture point selection in Chinese medicine. There are many others. Nonetheless, rest assured that the twenty-five years of experience Dr.Oskardmay provides each patient helps them achieve good health. Call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at or visit us online at to schedule your health check-up, 24 hours a day. We are here for you.


What Does Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NCwhat does acupuncture treat

Acupuncture at Eastowne, LLC is the acupuncture office of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay. A licensed acupuncturist, certified with the NCCAOM, Dr. Oskardmay understands that many patients want to know what acupuncture treats and how it works. Acupuncture is an ancient healing method that has excellent potential to help patients with various health concerns. Dr. Oskardmay has over 25 years of clinical experience using acupuncture to help patients resolve both acute and chronic conditions.

Acupuncture is the art of healing using the body’s qi. Qi is our body energy and includes blood, nerve impulse, thoughts, lymph, and water. Stagnation of qi flow results in disease, which we interpret as muscle aches and pain, mood shifts, digestive problems, and others. Dr. Oskardmay uses acupuncture to improve qi flow and reduce stagnation to the natural healing forces inherent in each person. She does this through careful examination to determine where blockage and limited qi flow exists, followed by needle and or massage stimulation of involved channels and meridians to support better qi movement.

Dr. Oskardmay has used acupuncture to help thousands of Triangle residents see reduced neck and back pain, shoulder and hand pain, hip and foot aches, and improved health in many other areas.

The World Health Organization lists that acupuncture is a beneficial treatment for many psychological and physiological conditions. Psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety respond to acupuncture treatment. Additionally, Dr. Oskardmay uses ancient therapy to treat patients who have insomnia. Disorders of the eye, ear, nose, and mouth such as post-extraction toothache pain and gastrointestinal conditions such as acute gastritis benefit from acupuncture care. Acupuncture helps neurological disorders, including migraine and trigeminal neuralgia. Other health concerns demonstrated to respond well to acupuncture treatment include respiratory conditions such as acute sinusitis and bronchial asthma. Gynecological problems such as infertility and PMS benefit from Chinese medicine treatment at our office. Additionally, acupuncture helps hypertension and many musculoskeletal aches and pains such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, sciatica, and frozen shoulder. Treatment programs for smoking cessation, opiate withdrawal, and appetite suppression using acupuncture help many people.

Acupuncture is a beneficial healing modality that relieves many painful conditions without the use of drugs or surgery. Chinese Medicine acupuncture works by helping the body access its healing resources called qi. In addition to using acupuncture, Dr. Oskardmay also incorporates massage, chiropractic and exercise, and nutrition so that each patient gets what they need to further the treatment once they get home.

We’ve helped thousands of patients since 1995 and look forward to helping you, too. Call today at (919) 929-1400, email us at, or visit us online at anytime to learn more, see patient reviews, and schedule an appointment.

Can A Chiropractor Help a Herniated Disc?

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At the Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, patients frequently inquire about treatments for neck and back pain caused by herniated discs and back joint irritation. We understand how bulging discs impact back motion and pain, and we strive to learn what factors contribute to each person’s condition. Holistic healthcare leaders in the Triangle since 1995, our goal is to provide effective natural remedies for pain. As a licensed chiropractic physician and licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Oskardmay uses natural methods to reduce pain and restore stable, supportive vertebral alignment with less irritation from bulging discs and other disturbances.

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a region of instability in the joint of the backbone that happens when the disc material sandwiched between vertebral units pops out or herniates. Sort of like what happens when you step on a balloon, the disc material spreads to other areas, potentially putting pressure on vital nerves and other structures. Local pain in the back or neck will likely occur, and distant areas of pain and decreased vitality can also occur in regions where impacted nerves travel. For instance, a herniated disc in the low back 5th lumbar region will cause back pain and can also feel like pain in the leg and foot. Additionally, reduction in shock absorption between the discs and the presence of muscle spasm to guard the area causes additional pain.

Dr. Oskardmay examines each patient to determine the cause of both local back or neck pain as well as correlated areas of pain in the feet, hands or other areas, and applies correct treatment. Examination involves patient history, posture analysis, spinal and extremity palpation, appropriate orthopedic tests and review of past medical exams as provided. Be sure to inform Dr. Oskardmay of any previous test results. We can order x-rays and other scans, as needed.

Natural treatment methods employed at our office include the chiropractic adjustment, massage, and acupuncture. After locating spinal levels of disc herniation or other forms of irritation, Dr. Oskardmay applies mobilization procedures to improve vertebral position and movement. Techniques she uses include hands-on chiropractic manipulative therapy or Activator adjustment, each of which achieves correction of vertebral subluxation or painful misalignment. The use of thumper massage to paraspinal muscles benefits muscles and ligaments surrounding achy spinal joints, as well; the overall effect of treatment is to restore postural alignment and balanced musculature for long term healing and pain reduction.

Treatment of the joint related to back pain and affected distal regions improves treatment response. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, we take your pain seriously and strive to uncover the cause of the problem in order to provide the best care. With over 25 years of healing experience in the Triangle, you can trust us to care for you and your loves ones. Call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website for more information and to submit an appointment request.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Sciatica?

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

A licensed chiropractic physician with over 26 years of clinical experience, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay understands how to help patients by asking this question. Sciatica is a complex healthcare problem that deserves attentive care; at Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, we help patients recover from sciatica and learn ways to keep it from returning. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective hands-on healing procedure that can restore the body’s innate healing response to balance muscle disturbance and postural distortion seen in sciatica. Dr. Oskardmay takes the time needed to understand each person’s unique needs to achieve complete healing.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica, named for the interference with the sciatic nerve innervating the lower extremity, afflicts thousands of Americans annually due to injury or just from sitting. The sciatic nerve is the nerve bundle comprised of the lower three lumbar segments: L3,4,5 that travels under the sacral located piriformis muscle to redistribute fibers to the lower leg. In sciatica, sharp or dull pain begins in the back and travels down the back of one leg; rarely are both legs affected.

The mild or severe pain can be in the lower back, gluteal region, hips and can radiate down to the lower extremity below the knees and even into the feet. Additionally, one may experience burning and or numbness in the feet. Patients undergoing sciatica will have difficulty walking due to muscle weakness in the legs and possibly the feet. Dr. Oskardmay will evaluate all areas of pain and strive to determine the origin of sciatica pain. Be sure to tell her all your symptoms and any X-rays, MRI, and other materials to avoid redundancy.

Disability from sciatic nerve pain varies from individual to individual; many people find it hard to attend to their normal daily activities because it is hard to sit or stand, walk or drive. Sciatica may affect one’s ability to sleep, and medications to treat the pain and sleep disturbance have their side effects. Many patients lack safe and adequate pain relief and cannot exercise or enjoy life when they have sciatica. At Acupractic, we understand that sciatica and other types of pain affect people in many important ways. It is our goal to help patients achieve pain reduction quickly and safely. Dr. Oskardmay always performs an adequate physical exam and reviews health history before performing any chiropractic adjustment. She takes time to listen to patients to learn their needs and help them as needed.

Sciatic nerve disturbance occurs at the spinal level from nerve impingement. Misaligned vertebrae put undue pressure on portions of the nerve, hypertonicity of surrounding muscles and ligaments contribute to the problem. Using massage, precise vertebral adjustment, and other techniques, Dr. Oskardmay helps many people recover from sciatica naturally.

Call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website to schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you get back to life.

Acupuncture versus Dry Needling

Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC

Occasionally patients report they have received something called ‘Dry Needling’ from another practitioner and ask if we perform Dry Needling Technique at our acupuncture office. Dr. Lisa Oskardmay is a licensed acupuncturist with additional training specifically in DNT. Additionally, most acupuncturists can perform DNT, which involves deep needle insertion into muscle spasm areas to relieve trigger points and other muscle spasm issues as it is part of our scope of practice and general training. Nonetheless, although trained in the method, not all acupuncturists choose to use acupuncture in that manner and focus on other ways to mobilize qi and body energy. At Acupractic, DNT is available, and we offer meridian balancing acupuncture, as well.

There are some similarities between acupuncture and DNT, but profound differences, as well. Practitioner training and philosophic differences impact safety and outcome. Patients need to know the difference between the practices of acupuncture DNT to make good healthcare decisions.

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art form focused on qi flow and meridian balance. Qi is the body’s energy- blood, lymph, water, nerve, muscle, cognition; these all represent qi aspects. Meridians are the pathways on and in the body along which qi flows and correspond to each person’s fundamental elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Rather than some nebulous idea created by Chinese medicine practitioners, elements are natural occurrences that help us make sense of disease and qi flow stagnation in the body. Acupuncturists balance qi flow using acupuncture needles and other massage techniques such as cupping and gua sha along meridians. Depending on who uses DNT, they may thoughtfully strive to impact qi flow in a balanced manner, or they may just inserting a needle into a trigger point and thrusting it many times. Dr. Oskardmay aims to the former when she uses DNT to support the best healing response on many levels.

Another critical difference between DNT and acupuncture is the conditions surrounding the treatment itself. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay provides a relaxed, healing atmosphere for each patient. Following needle insertion, patients rest on the table to relax the mind and allow treatment to engage fully. This differs from the highly medicalized DNT offered in some clinics that are not designed to be relaxing. Under the clinic atmosphere and the aggressive needle insertion into muscle tissue, it may increase cortisol stimulation and interfere with relaxation and healing.

Both acupuncture and DNT use sterile acupuncture needles. A licensed acupuncturist such as Dr. Oskardmay will choose the thinnest, highest gauge needle to achieve treatment results and insert the device to the depth required to balance qi flow. She may mobilize the needle gently or even somewhat vigorously at times to achieve treatment goals, constantly aware of patient comfort. The non-acupuncturist performing DNT chooses a larger diameter needle to break up muscle fibers and re-insert the needle repeatedly into the same and surrounding areas during one treatment leaving some patients to report pain and tenderness at the site of needle insertion that can last for several days.

There is no consensus on who can perform DNT; some states allow physical therapists, nurses, athletic trainers, physicians, and others to apply DNT. There is no required coursework or licensure requirement for practitioners who want to add this novel, popular technique to their treatment plans. Needles’ insertion depth ranges from 25 to 125 mm deep, and the risk of damage to nerves, muscles, and internal organs is genuine.

Whether your goal is relief from musculoskeletal aches and pains, stress relief, or other health concerns, call the acupuncture and chiropractic offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay at (919) 929-1400, email us at or schedule online at anytime. We are here for you, and our goal is to help you achieve balanced healing, naturally and safely.

Best Practices After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, the chiropractic and acupuncture clinics of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, our goal is to help patients make the most of their experience. Whether you choose natural chiropractic methods for pain relief or general wellness and health promotion, there are some guidelines to help you make the most of your experience. The time before and after the adjustment affects clinical results in many ways; Dr. Oskardmay will help you pay attention to certain things you can do to support treatment goals.

What Should You Do After a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Many patients ask what they should do after a chiropractic adjustment to help it last longer or keep their pain from returning. They want to maintain the adjustment for as long as possible. During an adjustment, Dr. Oskardmay determines where to provide care based on areas of pain and imbalance, muscle tension, and spinal misalignment caused by everyday activities and habits. She readies each patient’s spinal region for mobilization using relaxing massage, which soothes taut fibers surrounding vertebrae. The office ambiance is serene because our goal is to create a relaxing environment where patients feel ready to let go of old patterns. We softly play calming music and may incorporate aromatherapy techniques, as well, to reduce stress and muscle tension. We maintain the comfortable room temperature and soft, clean adjustment tables for patient comfort and safety. After the adjustment, plan to rest on the table for a few minutes to allow the mind to relax. Relaxing after treatment is one of the most beneficial things you can do to gain the most from the procedure.

The adjustment itself is a relatively quick procedure, and the time before and after the treatment is crucial to enhance treatment goals. Patient comfort is vital, so always communicate with Dr. Oskardmay regarding any areas of pain or discomfort you may experience. In addition to massage, ambient lighting, comfortable tables, soft music, and aromatherapy, Dr. Oskardmay may suggest acupuncture or cupping massage with oils after a chiropractic adjustment to further your healing experience.

Acupuncture and meridian cupping massage is ancient therapies applied along specific body meridians which improve parasympathetic nervous system balance. Our parasympathetic nervous system invokes a calm healing response, restfulness, and digestion. Compared to the cortisol-fueled sympathetic nervous system side in charge when we are under stress, the PNS is relaxed, the SNS the storm. A licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Oskardmay, uses acupuncture to instill calm healing for patients after a chiropractic adjustment when requested.

At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, our goal is to help patients get well for the long term. Call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website to learn more about how to unleash your true healing potential with chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture.