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People have many important questions related to chiropractic care. Some of those questions about chiropractic include: why do medical doctors disagree with chiropractors? Is there such a thing as going to the chiropractor too much? How healthy is chiropractic? Is chiropractic spiritual? Are chiropractors doctors?

Why do medical doctors disagree with chiropractors?

I will tackle the first question about chiropractic in this blog; stay tuned for upcoming blog posts for answers to some of the other questions. Why do medical doctors disagree with chiropractors? The question assumes that medical doctors DO disagree with chiropractors, an assumption that is not necessarily accurate these days. A primary adage of all healing practitioners- medical and alternative, is DO NO HARM. Most medical doctors recognize that chiropractors have an incredible safety record. Compared to the medical profession, chiropractic services are incredibly safe and have superior clinical effectiveness for many conditions. It is not uncommon for medical doctors to refer to chiropractors and other alternative healing practitioners for conditions such as back pain, headaches, stress-related symptoms, neck pain, and others when they recognize that what they have to offer- medications and surgery, aren’t helping and can have problematic side-effects.

Nonetheless, some medical doctors disagree with chiropractors because medical doctors do not know what chiropractors do nor understand the science behind chiropractic care. Chiropractors emphasize hands-on palpation and a holistic understanding of patients’ problems. While chiropractors use medical imaging – x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, for example, and can order lab tests and interpret them, chiropractors depend on hands-on diagnostic methods, patient inspection, and patient input to get to the root of the problem. Patients like this healthcare method, but medical doctors are less familiar, so they sometimes express suspicions regarding it.

Regarding the science behind chiropractic care, ample evidence shows the connection between various muscles, bones, and internal organs with the spine and nervous system. Most everyone understands the concept of a ‘pinched nerve’ as it relates to pain. Medical doctors use different methods- drugs to fight pain and relax muscles, for instance, when a patient presents with back or neck pain, headaches, shoulder aches, or wrist pain. But when the problem is a pinched nerve stemming from spinal misalignment, which is common, the chiropractic adjustment works better and faster with fewer adverse side effects.

It is fair to say that medical doctors disagree with chiropractors who say they can cure every disease using spinal adjustment techniques. Just like every ache and pain will not resolve using pain medications or surgery, other conditions- heart blockages or flu, for instance, are better managed with drugs and surgery. Patients can choose care providers to help them get and feel better. Nowadays, insurance companies cover medical and alternative medical procedures and treatments for many conditions. Patients do better when their providers are willing to help them find the best care.

There is a place for both medical care and chiropractic alternative medical care. Both medical physicians and doctors of chiropractic want patients to get well quickly and stay well safely. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we invite our medical colleagues to learn more about alternative and complementary healthcare, and we appreciate referrals. Call today at 919-929-1400, visit us online at anytime, or email to schedule an appointment.

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