How Often Should I Visit a Chiropractor?

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Regular chiropractic care benefits patients in many ways. Your spine carries the vital spinal cord from yourhow often should I visit a chiropractor brain, emanating nerves to every part of the body. Disruptions in the flow of nerve information impact your balance and strength, as well as your pain level and ability to function in the environment. Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) are the best-qualified healthcare professionals to evaluate the spine and related areas; Americans receive more than one million chiropractic adjustments every day, and more than thirty-five million of us are treated by a chiropractor annually. Read more to learn about the question “How often should I visit a chiropractor?”.

The question of how often to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic is vital to ask yourself, and the answer depends on various factors.

Most everyone could benefit from an initial visit to a chiropractor. Regular spinal checkups help to ensure a sound functioning nervous system from the spine out, as well as help to improve posture and muscle balance from head to toe. Chiropractors often palpate or feel vertebral segments (spinal bones along the neck and back) to determine where irritation may reside before the patient knows the problem. In this manner, like when you visit your dentist or medical doctor, problems can be averted before they become more significant.

For instance, the nerves in the neck travel to the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, and hands, supplying nerve input to these regions. A subluxation (misalignment) in the cervical spine will affect nerve flow to the upper extremity, affecting one’s ability to write, type on a computer and carry items with the hands and shoulders. Left untreated, spinal vertebrae misalignment can turn into thoracic outlet syndrome, brachial plexus impingement, worsened carpel tunnel syndrome, and other disabling manifestations. Your chiropractor will help to avert this and many conditions with periodic regular checkups and care.

When starting a new treatment plan, having several weekly adjustments is typical. As healing occurs, that number will decrease to once a month. Many people prefer to come in for chiropractic care once or twice a month to maintain a pain-free and active lifestyle. Alternately, others come in ‘as needed’ but schedule a ‘checkup’ less frequently, once or twice a year.

Chiropractors assess your backbone, which protects the spine, provides attachment to crucial muscles and ligaments, and helps you stand upright and move quickly. Contact the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill to see how natural medicine can help you function and feel better. Serving the Triangle area since 1995 with quality alternative medicine practices, we are here for you and look forward to assisting you with your healthcare needs. We participate with most major insurance plans and strive to take the stress out of everyday life with beneficial healing practices you can understand. Call (919) 929-1400 today to learn more or visit us online 24 hours a day at

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