Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count the Ways!

Acupuncture Chapel Hill, NC

The pandemic has taken numerous lives, and everyone needs to take it seriously. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, NC, we take everyone’s safety seriously. We have re-opened carefully after a period of closure.

Like other healthcare providers in the Triangle area, we know that people need our services and want to provide the necessary care safely and effectively. To do this, we have made several significant changes in the way we operate.

Whether you have neck or back pain, headaches or general muscle aches, shoulder tightness or foot pain, chiropractic, and acupuncture are available at our office safely and affordably.  Treatment also helps with stress management; acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and auriculotherapy help balance energies throughout the body.

Dr. Lisa Oskardmay is a licensed acupuncturist and chiropractic physician with over twenty-five years of clinical experience who can quickly help you get to the root of your problem to minimize time in-office. Our goal is your well-being and the health and safety of everyone.

1. We wear masks in the office and require that everyone who enters does the same and provide masks free of charge to anyone who has forgotten theirs.

                         Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 1Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 2Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 3





2. We frequently cleanse our hands using soap and water in the in-office restroom or by using sanitizer. We ask all patients to do the same and provide quality products and facilities for patient use.

3. A glass window partitions the front desk from the waiting room. We use automated intake front desk methods to create a touchless, quick front desk experience wherever possible. As always, we are available to answer questions at the time of service or via email or telephone call.

4. We ensure cleansing airflow wherever possible. We have installed a screen door at the front entrance, and put screens on the windows to keep them open and use fans in the rooms.

Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 4Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 5






5. We sanitize all surfaces between patient visits and have upgraded table and chair coverings for easy cleaning while maintaining comfort and softness.

6. We have updated our scheduling opportunities to enable social-distancing; no more than one patient at a time is ever in the waiting room, and we reserve adequate time between patients to cleanse thoroughly and air out rooms. We do not allow walk-in appointments, and non-patients, except parents or guardians, may not accompany patients to the office. Please call or email or schedule online and prepare to arrive on time for your appointment.

7. We check everyone’s vitals for signs of illness and ask that patients who are sick, coughing, have a fever, or have known exposure to a person with COVID reschedule.

8. Touchless devices in the restroom and treatment rooms reduce risks.

9. We use soft, noiseless disposable paper table covers to increase safety and comfort.

Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 6  Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 7Chiropractic Office Re-Opened Safely- Let Me Count The Ways 8





If you need care, contact us to get the help you need. Telemedicine appointments are available for those who need it. Don’t let your health suffer. Chiropractic and acupuncture Chapel Hill, NC locals recommend are well-respected alternative medicine treatments that improve well-being, support the immune system and overall body function, and reduce pain. We are here for you safely and effectively. Contact Acupractic today.

Chiropractic Care Prevents Chronic Low Back Pain

Chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC

The peer-reviewed medical journal Spine in April 2011 published a double-blind study that found chiropractic care to be the best treatment for alleviating and preventing future episodes of low back pain. While chiropractors do not only treat low back pain, this study demonstrated the benefits of active and maintenance care for back pain.  A significant percentage of doctor office visits annually are for low back pain, and back pain is a leading cause of disability, as well. At our office, chiropractic care can help relieve the acute problem and help prevent recurrence for many safely and effectively.

In April 2011, peer-reviewed medical journal Spine published an article entitled `Does Maintained Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Chronic Non-specific Low Back Pain Result in Better Long-Term Outcomes?’. Traditional treatments such as medication and rest do not create the outcomes many patients desire; 10% of them suffer disability from the disorder.  At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay is aware of these troubling statistics. As a licensed chiropractic physician with over twenty-five years of clinical experience, she has helped thousands of patients. She understands the causes of low back pain. She uses hands-on, or Activator assisted spinal mobilization and soft tissue massage in helping get patients well now and into the future.

The Spine article listed above points out that chiropractic adjustment decreases pain and disability in the short term, helping prevent future episodes of back pain. The reasons why chiropractic is so effective are many, and Dr. Oskardmay can explain these to you when you come in for care. Each patient is unique, and the spinal mobilization procedures take into account each person’s individual needs. The article reminds us that acute back pain is more likely to respond to any care, suggesting that `chiropractic first` is a decent message.

The article points out that the way the chiropractic adjustment works is multifold. It disrupts articular adhesions, and it improves trunk mobility. Additionally, the adjustment relaxes hypertonic muscles by sudden stretching, and releases entrapped synovial folds.  Vertebral mobilization creates attenuation of alpha motor neuron activity and enhancement of proprioceptive behavior. Importantly, it stimulates the release of beta-endorphins.

Dr. Oskardmay understands these significant findings that allow her to enhance the pain-free vertebral range of motion, overall body balance, and nerve transmission to vital organs and muscles. Additionally, back pain treatment at our office helps people feel better and gives them confidence in their strength and performance. Many drugs and surgical procedures do precisely the opposite.

At Acupractic Natural Healing, the acupuncturist and chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, we have helped many people reduce their back pain naturally, safely, and effectively. If you have tried other treatment methods and haven’t gotten the results you desire, call, or email today to learn how today’s chiropractic can help you or a loved one return to health. We participate with most major insurance plans and look forward to helping you today!

Chiropractic Care for Neck and Shoulder Pain Caused by Large Chest Size

Shoulder Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC

Neck and back pain caused by heavy breasts is a problem some women experience with little relief. Chiropractic care at Acupractic can help in several important ways. Lack of adequate bra support and balanced muscle tone contributes to the problem. Additionally,  the type of work many women perform every day- sitting at a computer or carrying children, promotes thoracic muscle tight weakness and painful trigger points such as between the shoulder blades. Here at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay DC, LAc. gets to the root of the problem by mobilizing vertebral subluxations, massaging tight muscles and restoring nerve flow. She provides exercise and nutrition advice, as well, to support healing between visits.

Large breasts and constrictive undergarments put a lot of pressure on the neck, back, and shoulder regions. Brassieres that focus weight on the shoulders compound the issue, and thin bra straps can cut into the joints. Sometimes women carry heavy purses, as well, which contributes to the problem. Our body musculature, the pectoralis muscles, naturally support the breast tissue and front of the body; these muscles attach at the ribcage and the lateral collarbone.  Excessive pressure on these muscles from large breasts and heavy purses draw the shoulders and neck forward, in effect rounding the shoulders. Compensatory tightness in the corresponding back muscles exists from the chronic pulling ahead of the shoulders and neck.  This pulling creates discomfort between the shoulder blades and pain in the neck and back. Dr. Oskardmay helps patients understand the connection between everyday habits and physical changes that contribute to pain.

The neck and back consist of vertebrae of increasing size top to bottom with intervening discs. The backbone surrounds and protects the vital spinal cord and the nerves that depart under each segment. Nerves carry crucial information to and from the central nervous system and the shoulders to hands in this area. When there is pressure on the vertebral column from tight muscles and ligaments or when bra straps cut into the shoulders, this impedes nerve flow. Proper diagnostics and effective treatment using gentle chiropractic adjustments help many women recover from the back, neck, and joint pain caused by postural distortion.

When a patient complains of neck pain and numb hands or pain in the elbow or shoulder, it is essential to identify the cause of the problem and treat it at its source. Frequently, the problem stems from the neck itself, worsened by the pressure imposed by heavy front carriage. As a licensed chiropractic physician, Dr. Oskardmay palpates, inspects each part of the back, and performs other diagnostic tests to determine its cause. Each spinal nerve affects a particular part of the neck, back, shoulder, into the hands. Pain and tenderness in the neck, accompanied by other specific signs and symptoms indicate where to apply the chiropractic adjustment most effectively. Dr. Oskardmay has helped many people with neck and back pain caused by nerve impingement and looks forward to assisting you. Contact us today to consult with the shoulder pain doctor Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend.

Chiropractic Care at Acupractic and COVID-19

Acupuncture In Chapel Hill, NC

At the offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we pride ourselves on safe and effective patient care. For everyone’s well-being, we closed our office to in-office visits for several weeks during the coronavirus outbreak and offered Telemedicine in place of in-office visits. Telemedicine has been widely-received, and we hope to provide it to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it in the future. Nonetheless, to offer chiropractic adjustments and other hands-on therapies, we have re-opened with a few essential changes as outlined below. Please assist us as we continue to provide quality healthcare safely and beneficially.

We are open regular business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:15-5:30, Wednesday 12:30-5:30 and Friday 8:30-12:30. To maintain social distancing requirements, we are limiting the number of patients in the office at one time; scheduling opportunities will be affected. Patients can continue to schedule online (, by telephone (919) 929-1400 or email: and the front desk assistant will verify appointment times with you.

Try to complete any necessary paperwork before arriving at the office and call us if you have any questions regarding scheduling, payment, or other issues- we will answer your questions quickly, which helps reduce congestion in the office. Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive more than 5” early, please wait in your car. Once inside, we will give you a thermometer to take your temperature. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher or who suspects they may have a highly contagious illness like COVID-19 will need to reschedule their appointment to Telemedicine that day and until the contagion has ended.

Office staff will wear protective masks and ask you to wear one, as well. A disposable cover will be provided to you if needed. Upon entry, please wash your hands using the alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided or use the restroom. Bring your pen with you for any paperwork or signatures, or give you one to keep. If you cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow or cover your mouth; adequate tissues are available and dispose of used tissues in the trash cans available in each room.

As in other areas, we sanitize each treatment room between patients. Disposable table coverings take the place of washable sheets to reduce laundry. We use unscented, soft hypoallergenic products where possible. Fabric chairs covered in washable plastic and recently replaced treatment table coverings permit enhanced cleaning.

Your chiropractic and acupuncture examination and treatment can proceed as usual; with a few minor exceptions, all procedures are available. Your health and the health and safety of our staff is our main concern. We look forward to providing hands-on chiropractic spinal adjustments, needle and non-needle acupuncture and massage, as well as helpful rehabilitation techniques.

Please contact us with any questions. Whether you need to come in for back or neck pain, shoulder and hand aches, hip and leg discomfort, or stress relief and health maintenance, we are here for you. Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture at Eastowne, LLC, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay

Shoulder Self-Massage Using a Foam Cube for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC

Pain in the shoulders frequently stems from muscle tightness in the back, neck, and shoulder region. Taut muscles are less effective and less able to provide adequate shoulder and neck motion and stability, resulting in a cycle of pain spasm pain in the region of the upper extremity. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, Dr. Oskardmay uses chiropractic and acupuncture procedures to mobilize irritated joints and restore affected tissues. Between visits, she recommends self-massage and other methods to continue the healing response.

Self-massage for tight muscles using the foam cube is a beneficial and easy to learn technique which Dr. Lisa will demonstrate in office and which you can follow here as a reminder. To perform, place the foam cube she provided in the office between your shoulder blades. Muscles here include the trapezius, rhomboids, and infraspinatus. Avoid placing the cube directly atop the spine itself to avoid injury as there are no muscles.

Shoulder Self-Massage Using a Foam Cube for Shoulder Pain

With cube edge next to the tight muscle spot, lean into a semi-firm location like a couch cushion, firm bed surface, or even a pillow on the floor. Gently but firmly rotate over the spot to massage that focused point and surrounding areas. The area will be tender as you break down fibrous knots. This massage motion will restore blood flow and nerve impulse to areas of stagnation, improving overall healing and shoulder-neck-back range of motion and performance with time.

Shoulder tension builds up for many reasons such as stress, `shouldering` too much responsibility, working in a hunched posture, or sitting too much. Other possible causes include lifting improperly or carrying too heavy a load for too long, chronic neck pain, even poor breathing technique. When you take steps to attend to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in and around the shoulder using foam cube soft tissue self-massage, you will notice a change.  This at-home technique supports other procedures received in the office, such as spinal mobilization and acupuncture meridian therapy.

If you continue to experience muscle tightness and fatigue in the shoulder region after this technique, perform some of the other stretches reviewed at our office and seen here. Additionally, you can soak in an Epsom salt bath to dissipate the build-up of lactic acid and other muscle metabolites that build up and irritate muscles. Drink adequate water and consume a diet high in fiber to remove additional toxins from the body and to reduce inflammation further. Take time to relax and `belly breathe` to take some of the mental components out of shoulder tension and neck pain.

We look forward to helping you with your shoulder pain and muscle tightness at Acupractic Natural Healing Center. Contact us today to consult with Dr. Lisa Oskardmay the shoulder pain doctor Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend.

Using the Gymnic Ball to Do Exercises to Prevent Back Pain

Back and Neck Pain

As demonstrated in the youtube video, the Gymnic Ball is a useful tool to combat many of the causes of back pain. This colorful, low tech, lightweight, and inexpensive device can also serve as a seating option in the home and office, making it a must-have. In this blog post, I describe how to choose the right size gymnic ball and how to use it for exercise safely. For best results, do these exercises first in the office with Dr. Oskardmay and then use the attached video in-between visits as a reminder.

The gymnic ball is also known as a therapy ball, physioball, stability ball, or balance ball. Many people first encounter these useful devices at their gym or therapy office, although, as described above, homes and offices host them as sitting alternatives as well. Athletic stores and other major retailers carry these for purchase. When choosing the best size for you for sitting or exercising, consider the following chart:

Using the Gymnic Ball to Do Exercises to Prevent Back Pain

It is essential to get the right size so that your feet rest comfortably on the ground when using it. Additionally, when you inflate the ball using the included pump, you may choose to keep it slightly underinflated to add stability. The Gymnic ball is great to help develop strength and stability; choosing the right size and inflation level can add safety while using a vital component. If you are not accustomed to using a gymnic ball, practice sitting on it first, perhaps against a wall or even in the room corner for added stability.

In preparation for ball use, prepare your space. Move items with sharp edges and choose a flat area with several feet to move. As we go over in the clinic and, as demonstrated in the video, start the exercise by sitting comfortably on the gymnic ball, feet comfortably in front, arms outstretched. While pushing back into the ball, walk forward, allowing the ball to move with you as you roll your back over the ball. At the midpoint of the exercise, relax with arms outstretched overhead, with your head resting on the ball. This opportunity to stretch the front of the body should be enjoyable. After a few moments, reverse the movement to return to sitting on the gymnic ball.

The exercise is not easy to do, so do not get frustrated. If you have problems with dizziness on head extension, balance issues, or muscle weakness, talk with Dr. Oskardmay about modifications to this exercise.   It may take several attempts before you can easily do the technique, but once you have mastered it, this helpful maneuver will aid in back pain prevention for years to come because it tackles several key problem areas. These areas include abdominal core muscle weakness, balance problems, leg weakness, and tightness in the front of the body.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact Acupractic for a consultation with our back and neck pain specialist, Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, DC, LAc.

Lung QiGong Exercise to Support Lung Health, Shoulder and Neck Pain

Musculoskeletal Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC

Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise shown to unblock energy flow and improve healing response in many ways. When used on the metal channel, which relates to the lung and large intestine as well as the arms, shoulders, and neck, qigong benefits these connected regions in a stimulating manner. This easy to do exercise is something each of us can do daily to support organ and muscle health. Dr. Lisa Oskardmay demonstrates this activity in the office and on her youtube channel so that patients can learn and refresh their understanding anytime.

To perform lung qigong, stand in a relaxed posture with feet parallel and legs slightly bent at the knees to allow energy flow. Connect abdominal breathing with arm motions. Abdominal breathing refers to relaxed inspiration and exhalation wherein the abdomen enlarges with inspiration to engage the belly muscles and draw the diaphragm down and pull air into the lungs; the shoulders relax.  Exhalation via abdominal breathing sees the belly muscles flatten as the stomach draws in, and the breath exhales from the lungs, and the diaphragm rises. It may help to think about the belly as a bellows, drawing air in as it enlarges and pushing air out as it flattens.

Lung qigong arm motions start with hands comfortably in front of the body, umbilicus height, palms down. On the inhalation, allow the hands to rise a few inches, and the chest expands as the shoulders open, and the head slightly extends. Breathe in fully and rest for a moment. On exhalation, allow the hands to follow the same trajectory, returning to the front region in front of the body, palms down. Allow each motion to occur fluidly as if in a dance to relax the mind. Use this motion three times or more.

Lung QiGong Exercise to Support Lung Health, Shoulder and Neck Pain

Another way to use lung qigong breathing stems from the musculoskeletal trajectory of the lung-large intestine channel. Channels go from thumb and forefingers along the ulnar (thumb) side of the forearm. They pass anterior shoulder to the lateral clavicle, through the neck, and cross to the opposite of the nose. Start with feet-legs as before, and with the palms comfortably in front of the body, with thumbs touching thumb, forefingers touching forefingers. On inhalation, allow hands to separate as before. On exhalation, allow hands to return in front of the body with fingers touching. Do this three times.

Use lung qigong to stimulate blood flow to the lungs and chest in the following manner: using the left palm, gently but firmly slap the opposite thumb-forefinger region and continue this slapping motion up the arm to the clavicle region. Continue this Tarzan like motion on both sides the chest down the belly, shaking the stomach when you get there. In this manner, you invigorate the lungs and abdomen, essential components of energy production and transmission. Do this slapping motion firmly but gently three times.

The metal channel outlines the fingers, wrist, arm, shoulders, and neck region. Perform these qigong exercises every day to improve blood flow and reduce muscle tension in these areas to minimize neck and back and shoulder pain and to improve organ function and overall energy level.  If you have questions, ask Dr. Oskardmay so that you can have this exercise to do at home in-between visits.

For more information contact us at Acupractic to speak with a musculoskeletal pain doctor Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend.

Foam Roller of Hip and Leg Muscles for Back Pain

Back Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC

Hip and leg muscle tightness frequently accompanies back pain. Whether it is a cause or a result of an aching back, muscle hypertonicity causes postural imbalance, instability, and altered motion. Fixing short tight hip and legs muscles improves back pain considerably. At Acupractic, Dr. Oskardmay emphasizes rehabilitation of the whole body to reduce back pain and provides stretches and exercises to help. One effective way to stretch the hip and leg is through the use of a foam roller.

Using a 3’ high-density foam roller (available online here: or elsewhere) placed on the ground, side-sit with your top leg bent over the straight bottom leg.

Foam Roller of Hip and Leg Muscles for Back Pain Foam Roller of Hip and Leg Muscles for Back Pain 2

Tensor fascia lata muscle:    

Using your arms, walk the roller down from hip to knee, massaging the fibrous tensor fascia lata muscle in the process. This stretch may be excruciating the first few times you do it, and you should do the procedure in our office before trying it at home. Do the roll-down two times and map-out where the muscle hurts, if at all. Spend 2″ more massaging this region where it hurts and repeat this activity every few days, but not every day. Once the pain is gone, come back to the stretch once a month or so because old habits and patterns of activity that created it in the first place can be hard to break.

Foam rolling in this manner is a bodyweight dependent exercise, meaning that the heavier the body, the more force is imposed on the muscle. Sometimes at the start of care, one finds that the high-density foam roller is too intense; in that case, you can start with a lower density foam roller because this creates less pressure on regions of tightness. As you notice less pain in an area, you can allow more pressure at those points and eventually move towards the use of a high-density foam roller.  Discuss your pain level and other health concerns with Dr. Oskardmay. She recognizes that many people have this type of pain and aren’t used to thinking about working on their legs to fix their back pain; nonetheless, you will be surprised and happy with the results.

TFL muscle tightness is a common but unrecognized and untreated healthcare complaint. If you have persistent back pain, a big part of the problem might be leg hip muscle tightness. Be sure to ask about the use of high-density foam rollers at our office to help you get out of pain and back on track quickly and with lasting results.

Visit our youtube page to learn more about this topic and others:

To learn more about how the benefits of using a foam roller for back pain management, contact a back pain doctor Chapel Hill, NC residents recommend.

Telemedicine is the New Home Visit!

We are here for you even when you can’t come into the office. Whether you’re not able to make it in because of social distancing, personal illness or other reasons, rest assured that you can still get the healthcare you need. Many diagnosis and treatment actions are available via online telemedicine and we can help you with many health concerns. Whether you’re a new patient with back or neck pain, or a current patient with headaches and shoulder pain, we strive to help.  Using state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant secure online meetings scheduled at your convenience, we are there for you in the privacy and security of your own home.

Used by major hospitals and medical clinics worldwide, telemedicine is there to help when you can’t travel to the office.  We can help you get answers and relief when you need them. Call 919-929-1400 or email to schedule your online appointment- you’ll be glad you did! Visit us online to see available times 24 hours a day.



Corona Virus and Flu Support Using Acupuncture Care

Acupuncture Treatment in Chapel Hill, NC

Chinese medicine and acupuncture help the body in several essential ways during flu season and illness epidemics such as Covid19. While acupuncture does not cure flu or Covid19, it does improve mental and physical health. Acupuncture diagnostic and treatment techniques work to determine areas of system imbalance and restore healing channel flow. Needle acupuncture and massage treatment helps reduce muscle spasm, nerve imbalance and stress, all components of a healthy nervous and immune system.  A licensed acupuncturist and chiropractic physician serving the Triangle since 1997, Dr. Oskardmay enjoys helping people feel better naturally.

Nonetheless, ours is not an infection control clinic, and we are not prepared as first responders in infection control. We offer healthcare support to help keep you healthy before infection so that you will not get sick in the first place. We counsel patients to follow the Centers for Disease Control guidelines:  maintain distance between people, avoid large crowds, wash your hands with soap and water, cover your cough and avoid visiting the elderly and immunocompromised if you have symptoms. Use alcohol-based hand cleaners when needed. Get adequate sleep, eat well, and avoid stress to maintain a sound immune system. Come into our office before you get sick and follow measures such as these to stay healthy and support your immune system.

One says: `The goal of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is to have the Shen inhabit the body and express its creative potential.” At our clinic, this looks like helping people who are struggling. Whether you struggle with pain and stress, isolation and insomnia, anxiety and poor digestion, or lack of life fulfillment, Dr. Oskardmay is here to listen and help you uncover new ways to heal. The immune system benefits from creative support, and we strive to help.

At the acupuncture and chiropractic offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we recognize the seriousness of Covid19, the flu, and other contagious illness. We ask patients to use their best judgment regarding any disease and to avoid coming into the office if you are contagious. Your health and the health of others visiting and working at our office is our utmost importance. If called upon to close our doors, we will do so and advise anyone scheduled as to this change. In the meantime, please assist us as we try to continue to provide needed healthcare in times of stress. Use home measures to assuage your stress response and to improve your immune system. If you would like to speak with us, call or email and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to offering HIPAA compliant telemedicine soon to provide needed care to those unable to travel to the office. Be on the lookout for more information on this exciting new topic.

To learn more about how Acupuncture Treatment in Chapel Hill, NC can help improve mental and physical health, contact Acupractic Natural Healing today.

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