My Experience Getting the Covid Vaccine

My front desk office assistant and I got the Covid vaccine today. It took a bit of consternation and multiple attempts to schedule this vital shot. Still, I am confident this vaccine will safeguard me, our staff, and, importantly, the people who choose care at our Triangle chiropractic and acupuncture clinic. We will continue to sanitize all surfaces in our office throughout the day, wear masks and provide masks to all patients. Open windows support airflow in the office as we work to deliver quality healthcare.

As explained in the packet of information given as part of the vaccine experience at UNC Hillsborough, Covid 19 is an illness caused by a coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. A novel virus quickly spread via respiratory droplets, SARS CoV-2 infection impacts the lungs and other organs; millions of people have contracted Covid-19, and hundreds of thousands have died in this country alone. We take this virus very seriously and strive through all means possible to protect ourselves and you so that we can continue to provide you with valuable, immune-enhancing pain protective healthcare in the time of this pandemic.

There is no FDA approved Covid-19 vaccine, and the Moderna vaccine received today exists through emergency authorization. Some worry that these vaccines aren’t safe, but many have experienced minimal side effects. I trust in the preventative capacity of vaccination, in general, and appreciate the science behind this covid vaccine.

There are several ways to schedule the vaccination. State and local guidelines explain when you are eligible to receive the vaccination. Contact your medical doctor or local health department online or via a telephone call to their office to find more eligibility information and schedule an appointment. As was my experience, the process may take several attempts; leave messages where possible and keep calling back.

I contacted the Durham Department of Health, and they asked me some questions and necessary health information and took my name and personal identity information. They offered me an appointment several weeks out, and I took it. My office staff went through the same process. Later I received email verification with instructions on how to proceed, and after that, another email appeared in my UNC patient portal with a reminder of the appointment. This morning another reminder came through, and I packed up for my visit to UNC Hillsborough.

Upon arrival at UNC Hillsborough, there was ample parking and no long line of people waiting to get the vaccine. I left the chair backpack loaded with reading material and water in the car. I put on a mask, entered the healthcare center, and stood in a very short line adorned with hand sanitizer bottles. A `mask volunteer` handed me a fresh mask, which I just pocketed (I kept mine on because it’s N95), and the reception person took my name, verified necessary information, and gave me a clipboard, which I took to the next station down the hall. Many masked people were seated in numbered chairs- I would learn later these were the chairs new vaccine recipients were to wait in for 15”. I pulled a number and sat down at the next station, waiting for my number to be called.

When my number was called, I went to that station where a PPE wearing nurse behind a plexiglass shield verified additional necessary health information, name, and date of birth and had me electronically sign a page. Instructed to sit until called, the next person I encountered was another nurse when she called my name and led me to enter a nearby room with a door. She verified my information again, and we discussed the basics of the vaccination. She prepped the area on my right arm shoulder area and flawlessly gave me the shot. Moderna shot volume is .5 cc, whereas the vaccine from Pzifer is .3 cc. The nurse had me go back into the hall and rest at one of the numbered chairs. 10″ later, someone came around asking me how I was feeling (fine), then 5″ after that, another person visited, inquired as to my wellbeing, and scheduled my follow up visit, four weeks out (whereas I’m told Pzier is three weeks out). She handed me a white card with my name and identity information imprinted on it, the current vaccine, and the next appointment handwritten date. She told me to hold onto this card and bring it to my next appointment. By the time I got back to my car, I had a message on my phone from UNC Patient Portal, likely a reminder of the next visit.

Currently back in my office, 5 hours later, the injection site is sore, but I can use the arm. I’m a bit more tired than usual but able to work and think clearly. I’m grateful to have gotten the vaccine and will surely keep the next appointment in four weeks. The vaccination process is very professional and orderly, safe, and attention to keep lines at a bare minimum.

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