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Many people think of chiropractic therapy first for back and neck pain. Dr. Oskardmay is a local Doctor of Chiropractic who provides effective chiropractic care for Chapel Hill and Durham, and surrounding areas since 1995. If you are looking for ‘chiropractic near me’ in the Triangle, you can be confident we can help!

Dr. Oskardmay performs chiropractic back adjustments using hands-on adjustments (aka chiropractic manipulative therapy). This type of treatment helps the vertebral bones of the back move more fluidly, with less pain. Chiropractic services reduce back pain and improve posture, assisting patients to stand taller with improved posture, less bent forward, and reduced shoulder slump. Following an adjustment, Dr. Oskardmay applies massage, acupuncture, or other therapy to help the body acclimate or relax into the adjusted position. This delightful treatment combination benefits all on many levels.

Dr. Oskardmay utilizes hands-on spinal adjustment procedures or a technique called Activator Technique to move individual vertebrae in need of repositioning. She always takes each person’s individual health needs, medical diagnosis, and other unique presentations into account regarding the type of therapy she prescribes and uses to achieve safe and effective results. Many people who have never had an adjustment before think that the procedure will always result in a loud cracking sound, and they may even believe that the treatment will hurt. Dr. Lisa explains the treatment before applying it which helps patients understand that the treatment should not hurt and that no sound is necessary for an effective adjustment. However, sometimes a sound is heard as energy is released.

Dr. Oskardmay understands the connection between the backbone and good health and strives to help each person with effective spinal mobilization and other therapies designed to improve muscle tone.

Notably, the chiropractic adjustment also helps the nerves coming out between each spinal unit also function better. The spinal cord that starts at the brain in the head passes through the middle of each vertebral segment, and nerves depart at each spinal piece. The nerves coming from the neck spinal region go to the shoulders down to the hands; vertebral irritation or subluxations in the neck cause neck pain and worsen shoulder pain, elbow tendonitis, or carpal tunnel pain. Similarly, nerves emanating from the vertebrae attached to the thoracic area’s ribs go to local muscles and other regions. The nerve impingement of the thoracic spine causes pain in those regions well as other conditions. The oversized lumbar or lower back, spinal bones surround spinal nerves going to the legs, knees, and feet. Painful conditions such as lower backache, knee arthritis, and plantar fasciitis correspond with the vertebrae’s irritation in the lower back and nerves arising there. Dr. Oskardmay incorporates careful spinal palpation with a personal health history to determine the best areas to mobilize to impact health in many ways each visit.

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Understanding the Vocabulary of Back Pain

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Chiropractor Chapel Hill, NC

When a person has back or neck pain, they see and hear new words related to the issue they might not initially understand. Familiarity with the vocabulary surrounding the spine and nerves will improve understanding and facilitate communication with providers. It will also help one understand the diagnosis and proposed treatments. Terminology related to the spine and its anatomy might sound intimidating, but a little knowledge can go a long way to improve treatment outcome. Additionally, it can be helpful to understand other terms used in a chiropractic or other provider office.

The back is made up of vertebrae which are bony segments separated by cushioning discs which provide shock absorption and height. The spinal cord is an extension of nerves from the brain, and the vertebrae protect it as it passes from the head (cervical vertebrae in the neck), through the back (thoracic vertebrae) to low back (lumbar vertebrae), to the tailbone (sacrum and coccyx vertebrae). Nerves arise at each level of the spinal cord. Pain at the level of the spinal cord can arise from problems at a vertebra or nerve.

Each vertebra has several important parts that can suffer injury or disease and cause pain. The vertebral foramen, for instance, is the space through which the spinal nerve passes. The facet is the posterior (back) side of the vertebra that touches the vertebra above or below. Postural distortions such as hyperlordosis can occur and cause increased spinal curves when seen from the side putting more pressure on vertebrae and nerves. A vertebral subluxation occurs when vertebrae parts are injured. Hallmarks of vertebral subluxation include pain, tenderness and slight dislocation of the vertebra and surrounding tissues and a change in laxity or tightness of connected ligaments.

A chiropractic office, such as Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC will do an exam and give a ‘report of findings’ to help patients understand the cause of your pain or problem and also to propose a treatment regimen.

The chiropractic adjustment is a high velocity, low amplitude movement applied by a chiropractor to correct a subluxation. The chiropractor will use a specific technique to mobilize or adjust the spine. The Diversified technique involves hand placement on the back or neck with a quick specific thrust. A practitioner using Activator technique utilizes a handheld instrument (activator) to apply the thrust. Some other types of adjustments techniques are Gonstead, Sacral Occipital, Drop Table and Atlas Orthogonal.

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Acupuncture for Back Pain- How Does it Work?

Acupuncture stimulates the brain’s DMN to heal the body mind.
Acupuncture for chronic back pain—how does it work?
Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective treatment for various types of back pain, yet scientists have struggled for many years to understand how it works. Recent research in the BMJ Journal ( demonstrates a potential mechanism that has eluded researchers. This creates an understanding of how acupuncture treatment can affect many conditions including: chronic back pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, and diabetic neuropathy.
The research utilized functional MRI brain scans of healthy and chronic back pain sufferers. These scans demonstrate altered and reduced connectivity in an important brain pathway called DMN (default mode network) in the chronic back pain sufferers. DMN represents our brain’s default mode when we are awake but restful, as in meditation or daydreaming. Reduced connectivity in this important pain modulation pathway may indicate that some people may not be able to fully access the relaxation and healing response the DMN is thought to provide. Thirty minutes of acupuncture with intermittent de qi needle stimulation was shown to increase DMN connectivity in parts of the brain associated with pain modulation. This suggests a possible mechanism of action for chronic back pain sufferers who experience pain relief using acupuncture. The connection between what helps us relax and what helps us heal is very real and this new research helps us understand that connection a bit more.
This research is exciting because it helps us understand and explain how a drugless, nonsurgical treatment such as acupuncture can help reduce suffering for so many people.
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