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Many people think of chiropractic therapy first for back and neck pain. Dr. Oskardmay is a local Doctor of Chiropractic who provides effective chiropractic care for Chapel Hill and Durham, and surrounding areas since 1995. If you are looking for ‘chiropractic near me’ in the Triangle, you can be confident we can help!

Dr. Oskardmay performs chiropractic back adjustments using hands-on adjustments (aka chiropractic manipulative therapy). This type of treatment helps the vertebral bones of the back move more fluidly, with less pain. Chiropractic services reduce back pain and improve posture, assisting patients to stand taller with improved posture, less bent forward, and reduced shoulder slump. Following an adjustment, Dr. Oskardmay applies massage, acupuncture, or other therapy to help the body acclimate or relax into the adjusted position. This delightful treatment combination benefits all on many levels.

Dr. Oskardmay utilizes hands-on spinal adjustment procedures or a technique called Activator Technique to move individual vertebrae in need of repositioning. She always takes each person’s individual health needs, medical diagnosis, and other unique presentations into account regarding the type of therapy she prescribes and uses to achieve safe and effective results. Many people who have never had an adjustment before think that the procedure will always result in a loud cracking sound, and they may even believe that the treatment will hurt. Dr. Lisa explains the treatment before applying it which helps patients understand that the treatment should not hurt and that no sound is necessary for an effective adjustment. However, sometimes a sound is heard as energy is released.

Dr. Oskardmay understands the connection between the backbone and good health and strives to help each person with effective spinal mobilization and other therapies designed to improve muscle tone.

Notably, the chiropractic adjustment also helps the nerves coming out between each spinal unit also function better. The spinal cord that starts at the brain in the head passes through the middle of each vertebral segment, and nerves depart at each spinal piece. The nerves coming from the neck spinal region go to the shoulders down to the hands; vertebral irritation or subluxations in the neck cause neck pain and worsen shoulder pain, elbow tendonitis, or carpal tunnel pain. Similarly, nerves emanating from the vertebrae attached to the thoracic area’s ribs go to local muscles and other regions. The nerve impingement of the thoracic spine causes pain in those regions well as other conditions. The oversized lumbar or lower back, spinal bones surround spinal nerves going to the legs, knees, and feet. Painful conditions such as lower backache, knee arthritis, and plantar fasciitis correspond with the vertebrae’s irritation in the lower back and nerves arising there. Dr. Oskardmay incorporates careful spinal palpation with a personal health history to determine the best areas to mobilize to impact health in many ways each visit.

Call our office to schedule your appointment today at (919) 929-1400, email, or visit our website 24 hours a day to learn more and send us a request for an appointment. We offer chiropractic and acupuncture services to the Triangle and surrounding areas and look forward to helping you with natural, effective chiropractic care.

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