New Years’ Resolutions: Take Care of Yourself with Natural Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage

Many people have new years’ resolutions that relate to improving their health. The impetus to elevate health consciousness stems from the genuine effect ones health has on their day to day wellbeing and ability to thrive. In this pandemic year, people recognize good health’s value to ward off diseases and improve the immune response. The start of a new year marks a new beginning and can provide the impetus to make needed changes. Working with a healthcare partner like Dr. Lisa Oskardmay can help people identify their healthcare goals and achieve them. Our front desk will provide you with information about services offered; be sure to look at these written pamphlets. Please explore our website, too, to learn more about the possibilities provided by natural alternative medicine at Acupractic Natural Healing Center.

The first visit to our office includes an examination to determine health status in vital areas. Dr. Oskardmay evaluates posture, range of motion, strength, balance, spinal vertebral segment integrity, and essential nervous system function and vital signs. She reviews patient lab work and X-rays, and other submitted exams with each person to develop a better understanding of the previous diagnosis and current concerns. She has over 25 years of experience helping patients improve their overall health using natural medicine, nutrition, chiropractic, and acupuncture. During each visit, there is ample time to discuss concerns and goals, and we invite questions. We welcome patients who need help with various issues and strive to support the whole body and mind health using natural means.

Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic is a powerful hands-on tool to improve spinal and extremity structural integrity. Dr. Oskardmay utilizes spinal mobilization procedures, including hands-on and Activator adjustments to re-position vertebral subluxations. The adjustment improves spinal bone position and helps reduce pain and improve nerve flow from the nerves passing between each spinal segment. Dr. Oskardmay applies a specific mobilizing force to misaligned subluxation areas, gently and effectively reestablishing nerve energy flow and improved posture and muscle balance. Chiropractic care enhances nervous system function, so everybody responds beneficially to the adjustment. Although many recognize that adjustments benefit neck and back pain, spinal mobilization also helps shoulder and hip problems and headaches. It can even improve respiration and digestion.

Acupuncture Benefits

A licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Oskardmay, uses the ancient practice of acupuncture to improve overall health. Many people use Chinese Medicine acupuncture to establish wholeness and balance of yin and yang, relaxation and stress at the start of the new year, and periodically. Acupuncture involves the insertion of small acupuncture needles into specific acupoints, followed by relaxation and perhaps meditation. This healing science has helped millions worldwide find tranquility, reduce stress, and alleviate depression, insomnia, and other ailments, including pain; Dr. Oskardmay is pleased to offer acupuncture services at her clinic since 1995.

Patients can choose to receive either chiropractic or acupuncture plus massage at each visit; many decide to get both treatments at one stop. Chiropractic and acupuncture work well together as both works to help the body heal itself on many levels. Plan to relax a bit after your treatment in order the make the most of your experience.

For your new year, look to Acupractic Natural Healing Center to help you improve your pain posture and outlook. Call (919) 929-1400 today to schedule an appointment or visit us online at 24 hours a day.

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