Stretching the Neck and Back Improves Digestion

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Good digestion is an essential component of general health. Central to our well-being, digestion means to incorporate what we eat into who and what we are. When we eat well and digest properly, we perform better, and we are better. Stretching the body muscles and stomach helps to improve these vital processes. When Dr. Oskardmay adjusts the spine and surrounding muscles, one of her goals is to improve digestion and overall well being. Read more to learn how stretching the neck and back improves digestion.

The stomach is a hollow organ located just below the diaphragm and rib cage, mid body. It is filled with digestive components – enzymes to digest proteins and carbohydrates, bacteria to facilitate absorption of foodstuff, and a high acid, low pH environment acidic enough to break down most everything else. Dr. Oskardmay understands the complexities of digestion and strives to communicate how food selection and exercise influence metabolism and digestion. She educates patients regarding stretching and specific exercises and other activities to impact this vital process.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Stretching the Neck and Back to Improve Digestion

Nerves arising from the brain through the spine system communicate complex processes in the stomach. The nerves surround and enter the stomach to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and material passage to the small intestine. Faulty nerve conduction affects the circuits influencing digestion. Using palpation and other diagnostic methods, Dr. Oskardmay determines where nerve flow blockage may interfere with stomach function. Using the chiropractic adjustment to mobilize subluxations in the spine, she will improve nerve input, central to the digestive process.

The diaphragm is a large muscle just above the stomach. Located in the middle of the body, the diaphragm moves rhythmically in response to stomach motion- when the belly expands, space created moves the diaphragm down which pulls air into the lungs. The esophagus and several major nerves, arteries, and veins pass through the diaphragm en route to the lower body aspect. Diaphragm movement massages the stomach, and full diaphragm excursion assists with digestion. When we sleep, normal diaghragm movement occurs, but sometimes during the day, the average movement suffers from stress and faulty biomechanics. All of these issues affect digestion and even nerve and blood flow. Dr. Oskardmay educates patients on improving their body mechanics to improve these coordinated motions. She applies adjustive maneuvers and soft tissue massage to the spine and muscles affecting the stomach.

Digestion is a central component of each person’s well being. Chiropractic and acupuncture with soft tissue massage at the offices of Dr.Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, NC can help you like it has helped thousands of other Triangle residents. In addition to providing quality hands-on and Activator vertebral adjustments, she will also educate each patient on what they can do at home to improve their health naturally. The exercises and stretches, nutrition, and daily living guidelines she describes help patients stay healthy. Call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website 24 hours a day to schedule your new patient appointment.

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