How Chiropractic Hastens Recovery from Colds and Flu

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When you’re sick with colds and flu, you want relief. Your immune system needs help to fight off invaders, but it’s hard to think clearly when your head is congested. Coughing and sneezing lead to body exhaustion and pain and can affect the ability to get restorative sleep. Chiropractic care at our office can help all of these problems. It is a full-body approach that enables you to feel better and can also help you from getting sick.

Dr. Oskardmay uses gentle hands-on treatments to support the immune system and clear congestion. Spinal manipulation applied to the cervical region has been shown to improve T-cell response, important mediators fo the immune system. Adjustments of the upper back help to enhance respiration and reduce breathing pain. She can mobilize the lower back vertebrae to stabilize posture and balance muscles connected to the back. Dr. Oskardmay can mobilize using either hands-on techniques or Activator Adjusting methods depending on your situation and preferences. Both ways effectively function to help improve spinal health.

Treatment directed at spine levels that energize the lungs, back, shoulders supplements nerve transmission to those regions. Nerve impingement can result from twists in a vertebra, tight muscles, inflammation, or myriad other causes. Manual care reduces nerve blockage and enhances energy flow to these vital areas. Chiropractic care assists other areas as well, including the neck, sinuses, and digestion, to name a few. The whole body and mind benefit when the nervous system runs better.

Dr. Lisa will massage aching muscles with essential oils to relax and soothe muscles affected by coughing and sneezing. Every time you cough or sneeze, a tightening occurs of muscles and ligaments near the ribs, shoulders, neck, and low back. This muscle contraction pulls vertebrae and bones out of place, resulting in muscle spasm and discomfort. Balanced soothing massage helps to alleviate this aspect of cold and flu without drugs or other invasive procedures.

Treatment also relaxes the lungs and diaphragm. Pulmonary irritation worsens coughing. Treatment aimed at lung support mitigates the vicious cycle of cough-spasm-irritation that delays recovery for many. Dr. Oskardmay may recommend specific home treatments, exercises, and vitamins to heal you further. Baby Vicks rub is very soothing, for instance, and helps unclog sinus congestion for many.

Dr. Oskardmay recognizes that sleep deprivation delays healing. She emphasizes using the right balance of exercise and rest to promote healing. Ask her about suggestions you can use between visits to get better sleep while you’re sick with colds and flu. You may need more than generally suggested 8 hours a night. Chiropractic care at our office is excellent preventive medicine, too, helping you stay healthy during cold and flu season. People who get regular spinal care year-round report improved body awareness and pain levels over time.

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