Why Silicone Products are a Healthy Household Option

Why Silicone Products are a Healthy Household Option

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Every day we make choices that impact our health. Food and beverage containers, while not high on most people’s list of concerns, nonetheless impact our well-being in several important ways. Silicone food ware containers are BPA-free, stable, not based on petroleum, and generally considered safe. Household goods made from this pliable, lightweight, nontoxic substance deserve a place in everyone’s cabinets for many reasons. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay in Chapel Hill, NC, we have invested in pint-sized cups for this very reason, and we hope you will take one home today!

Silicone products are made from silica, which is sand. Silica gets synthesized into silicone via a process using extreme heat and oxygen. Storage containers and other items made from this substance are free of BPA and other harmful constituents. BPA is a compound used to line most canned foods and many other containers we use to store food and beverages hot and cold. BPA exposure is linked to adverse health effects of the brain and prostate and children’s mental health. We should avoid BPA exposure where possible for good health. Items made from silicone provide us a viable alternative.

Cups, bowls, baking implements such as spatulas and whisks made from silicone function as well as their plastic-based counterparts but with less worry. Silicone-based products do not melt at moderately high heat, making them suitable for stirring, serving, and storing hot food. They make great coffee cups for reasons mentioned above and because cups made from silicone maintain their heat well.

Although cookware lined or entirely comprised of silicone is available for purchase, the author still uses glass and metal for high-temperature cooking and recommends you do the same until further research is available. Some people have experienced sensitivity to silicone-based products, probably from long term contact (think silicone breast implants) or high-temperature cooking. Far more research exists to the detrimental effects of plastic usage, however. If you are sensitive to silicone, avoid using products made from it, and use glass or non-BPA lined metal.

A benefit of silicone-based food-ware is that it is recyclable and highly reusable. Whereas non-biodegradable, disposable plastic things fill our oceans and trash dumps, there is hope that once discarded,  silicone-based items will break down over time. Since it is easier to re-use the uber flexible, easily stored products, silicone cups, and bowls may provide a means for people to re-use rather than dispose of food containers so quickly. Having an environmentally-friendly mindset is healthier for the individual and the planet.

Please consider using healthier and more ecologically friendly products for food preparation and storage. That coffee cup you use today could be used again tomorrow! If you would like to purchase the attractive, reusable silicone-based hot/cold ‘Silipint’ beverage cup shown above, let us know.

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