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Insomnia plagues numerous people from all walks of life. The cause of sleep trouble varies from

individual to individual, but the result is the same- lack of restorative sleep. Shut-eye deprivation has far-reaching implications and causes serious health issues. Acupuncture treatment at Acupractic Natural Healing Center helps because it supports the balance of yin and yang- the two vital energies that co-exist in each person. Yin is the body’s evening energy system, and yang is more energetic during the daylight hours. When yin and yang are in balance, a person can function during the day and rest at night. Acupuncture helps restore beneficial sleep because acupuncturists balance yin and yang by using ancient methods of acupuncture Chapel Hill, NC locals recommend.

Dr. Oskardmay is a licensed healthcare professional who treats insomnia and other sleep concerns, as well as pain and other conditions. Using small sterile acupuncture filaments or massage, she stimulates meridian channel flow and releases blockages to the body’s energy flow. Qi flow is body energy that appears to each of us as blood flow, nerve conductivity, digestive movements, and others. Every aspect of our being has qi flow, and Dr. Oskardmay understands and uses this ancient knowledge to heal people on many levels, including sleep. Treatment is gentle and pain-free, and soothes the mind.

The average person needs between 7 and 9 hours of restful sleep a night to function. About 65% of us get that amount; however, the rest function on less. In the short term, insomnia causes a lack of mental clarity and confusion during the day and decreased body strength and physical performance. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture recognize the essential nature of sleep, and Dr. Oskardmay strives to help people achieve adequate sleep without drugs or other medications. Over time, the lack of healthy sleep contributes to severe health conditions, including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Adequate restful sleep is crucial to our well being.

By restoring normal healthy yin and yang balance, acupuncture treatment at our office supports sound sleep. Yin and yang relate to the autonomic nervous system- the neuronal network in each person that controls automatic responses to everything internal and external. Yin refers to the parasympathetic nervous system’s role in our body- sleep, digestion, relaxation, and healing. The body will allow these parasympathetic actions when there is adequate yin energy. Alternately, yang relates to the sympathetic nervous system, which corresponds to fight-or-flight activities that take power away from sleep and other aspects: stress and extreme exercise cause yang to rise and the sympathetic nervous system to assume control. Acupuncturists can help patients understand the vital connection of yin and yang inside each of us and how to make changes that improve the needed balance to improve sleep and other actions.

In addition to providing acupuncture and massage treatment in the office, Dr. Oskardmay helps patients understand how to achieve better sleep control at home. For instance, to enhance yin, one must support sleepfulness and relaxation. This might include shutting off lights at night, avoiding overstimulating the senses in the evening such as imposed by television news or the like, and not overeating in the evening. Additionally, it is vital to building yin by establishing regular healthy habits because this reduces stress. Normal healthy habits include going to bed and awakening at approximately the same time each day, striving to get 7-8 hours of restful sleep a night, and avoiding overstimulation, especially in the evenings.

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