Acupuncture Helps by Promoting Qi Flow and Body Self Healing

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Acupuncture treatment utilizes needle and massage stimulation of body channels that course the system and reach deep inside to effect change. Discovered many years ago and used to treat pain and disease for centuries, acupuncture channel treatment supports genuine self-care. These channels carry all forms of body energies associated with body care: blood, lymph, hormones, nerve impulses, and other energies known and as yet unknown.

Just as none of us yet knows precisely how the body heals itself following an injury or gene mutation or mental pause, each of us depends on the body’s latent, silent and relentless curing of our many ills. We are blissfully unaware of the healing tasks and maintenance occurring within us every minute of every day. When problems arise, however, we may need help to re-invigorate these healing energies. Blockage to our natural forces commonly occurs from injury, chronic posture challenges, food imbalance, overuse, or other forms of stress. Acupuncture works to detect where stagnation of healing qi exists so that measures taken can improve qi flow.

For instance, if you have shoulder pain, one channel blockage frequently involved is that of the metal meridian. Comprised of yin lung and yang large intestine energies, the lung channel affects not only the radial (thumb side) portion of the shoulder, arm, and hand; but also potentially the lung and large intestine organs themselves. Acupuncture treatment designed to motivate healing resources along the metal channel paths heals on all levels and helps keep the lungs and large intestines healthy as well as the shoulders pain-free.

Alternately, a different person with shoulder pain may find that it is due to an imbalance in the fire channel. Associated with yin heart and yang small intestine energies, metal channel imbalance may portray ache or inflammation along the ulnar (pinky side) of the shoulder arms hand complex along with issues like sleep disturbance, mineral absorption problems or heart pain.

There are five main elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and corresponding yin and yang energies associated with each that affect the upper and lower extremities in unique ways. Additionally, there are other correspondences and natural laws related to the meridians that make it easy for a Licensed Acupuncturist such as Dr. Lisa Oskardmay to identify sources of imbalance and means to correct.

Dr. Lisa Oskardmay starts each visit with a health history, inspection, and examination because this evaluation provides information as to which meridian may be blocked and in need of balance. Be sure to inform Dr. Lisa of any health challenges you currently experience at your initial exam and each follow- up treatment. If you have questions about how acupuncture can help you heal on many levels or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Acupractic today.

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