What is an Acupuncture Point?

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People love getting an acupuncture treatment at our office- it’s relaxing. Aromatherapy reduces stress, and massage and cupping massage soothe tight muscles. Acupuncturist Dr. Lisa Oskardmay knows what points to choose for each treatment to stimulate good qi flow. But what is an acupuncture point, and how does a licensed acupuncturist know which points to choose?

Point selection is an art and a science. Acupuncture points are skin regions where qi flow regulation occurs. In effect, when stimulated, the acupuncture point allows for the free flow of qi. Dr. Oskardmay selects between specific points each treatment session to provide the most balancing results.

Every space on the body is not an acupuncture point. Acupuncture point detection is based on Chinese Medicine principles of qi flow along meridians or pathways that course the exterior of each living creature. Qi flows along meridians similarly that blood pulses through arteries and veins, and nerve impulses travel through nerves. Acupuncture points support the movement of qi energy, functioning as circuit breakers in a sense.

Stagnation or congestion of qi flow may feel like sharp, dull, or achy pain or may present as other forms of illness and disease. When Doctor Oskardmay inserts sterile acupuncture needles into an acupuncture point, her goal is to reduce qi flow stagnation in the channels. Chinese Medicine channels relate to the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, as in nature as in our human bodies. Each channel’s points are on unique body locations and relate to specific muscle areas, organs, tissues, emotions, and other body aspects.

For instance, the wood channel relates to muscles and ligaments on the side of the body. Dr. Oskardmay may choose wood along the wood channel or related acupuncture points to support healing in the wood channel. Alternately, the water channel courses the back of the body; problems in this region, including back pain or nervous system disorders, indicate water meridian imbalance. Dr. Oskardmay utilizes pain and disease location as it relates to acupuncture point selection, in addition to other criteria.

The element to which each point corresponds connects with an organ, as aforementioned. Element and organ correspondence provides another clue for acupuncture point selection. By way of example, the earth channel corresponds to the stomach and spleen organs. Then, any problems related to indigestion may call for treatment of the earth channel because indigestion frequently involves these organs. Alternately, the fire element channels relate to the heart and small intestine. Problems connected to the cardiac function such as hypertension or the small intestine, such as nutrient malabsorption, may suggest that we choose points to support the fire element.

Pain location and organ type involvement are just two reasons for acupuncture point selection in Chinese medicine. There are many others. Nonetheless, rest assured that the twenty-five years of experience Dr.Oskardmay provides each patient helps them achieve good health. Call us today at (919) 929-1400, email us at schedule@acudocnc.com or visit us online at acudocnc.com to schedule your health check-up, 24 hours a day. We are here for you.


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