Telemedicine is the New Home Visit!

We are here for you even when you can’t come into the office. Whether you’re not able to make it in because of social distancing, personal illness or other reasons, rest assured that you can still get the healthcare you need. Many diagnosis and treatment actions are available via online telemedicine and we can help you with many health concerns. Whether you’re a new patient with back or neck pain, or a current patient with headaches and shoulder pain, we strive to help.  Using state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant secure online meetings scheduled at your convenience, we are there for you in the privacy and security of your own home.

Used by major hospitals and medical clinics worldwide, telemedicine is there to help when you can’t travel to the office.  We can help you get answers and relief when you need them. Call 919-929-1400 or email to schedule your online appointment- you’ll be glad you did! Visit us online to see available times 24 hours a day.