Room Placement Changes Can Affect Your Health

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When you come in for a consultation at the healthcare offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, one question she may ask you is, ‘how does your home feel?’. Do your surroundings promote creativity and warmth, or do you live with too much clutter, noise, and drama to allow for these critical components of good mental and physical health?  We strive to bring clarity and fullness to your healthcare experience at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, and it is vital to recognize and acknowledge the impact of your surroundings to achieve this.

There are several decorator methods people use to make their spaces work better for them. For instance, Feng shui is the art of home and office decoration to influence the flow of qi. The goal of this ancient art is to promote the free flow of qi, quite the same purpose as acupuncture treatment and chiropractic spine balancing. It may be empowering to the reader to learn and accept the benefits of Feng Shui’s most fundamental principles as they strive to improve their health and stay healthy. One need not hire expensive feng shui expert decorators or employ foreign decorative motifs such as dragons and Bagua mirrors to achieve the goals of essential room balance. Changes may be subtle, but the harmony they instill will be palpable.

Whatever organization method you choose, start with thoughtfulness and the removal of unnecessary energy pools.   At the entrance to each building or room, you want to consider, think about the purpose of that space- do you want to instill warmth and comfort, protection and stability, or creativity and vibrancy? You can use color to impart that primary goal, such as wall color or floor rugs or even wall hangings. Soothing colors such as muted brown, yellow, pink, or green can promote comfort, whereas deep blue or forest green may instill trust. Clashing tones or bright colors can invigorate the senses. Specific color choices affect the feeling you get when you encounter them, so use that.

Clutter is the enemy of energy movement and should be dispensed with at every opportunity. Look around to identify where piles of stuck energy exist in your surroundings-is the entrance to your home or office cluttered with debris? Do you have a bunch of papers on your dining room table? Piles of laundry in disarray on your floor? Dirty dishes in the sink? Are your cabinets cluttered with unidentifiable items? Is your car a mess? Pick one area at a time to unclutter to free up mental energy. You may want to engage the help of a friend or organizer or even a feng shui consultant to help you. Goodwill, 1800GOTJUNK, and Habitat for Humanity can also help to remove more substantial items.

Another critical component of space balance is furniture placement. People are more comfortable when they sit or work with solid surfaces behind them. Try to place chairs and workstations in such a way to support this so that doors and even large windows are not behind them. Also, angle chairs so that people can talk comfortably but not be directly opposed to each other.

Good health starts in your mind. Your intention and thoughtfulness inspire improvements in many ways. Recognize the impact your surroundings have on your mental and physical health and use change to promote balanced, uncluttered harmonious surroundings to see that in yourself.

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