Chiropractic and Acupuncture Treatment of Wrist and Elbow Pain

Acupuncture Treatment in Chapel Hill, NC

The elbow and wrist share nerve innervation from the lower neck; when there are pain and subluxation of the inferior cervical spine, the wrist and elbow frequently suffer. Additionally, muscles covering the back affect shoulder range of motion because the trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscles attach to the shoulder and back. When there is a problem in these back muscles it will affect the shoulder, elbow and wrist complex. Dr. Oskardmay adjusts each of these body areas on each visit because of this important connection. Full body adjustment helps to relieve pain and keep it from coming back.

Nerves from the lower cervical spine travel to the shoulder, arm, and hands, carrying muscle and sensory information back and forth. Irritation in the neck from conditions like arthritis or neck injury affects the ability of these cervical nerves to function and precious nerve transmission suffers. Problems in distal regions such as the shoulder, elbow, and wrist can suffer. Dr. Oskardmay uses the chiropractic adjustment to restore vertebral positioning and reduce neck pain, positively affecting distal joints. Problems such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and stenosing tenosynovitis benefit from improved nerve transmission from the neck to those areas.

Additionally, at each visit, Dr. Oskardmay will determine if the back muscles or other spine regions have contributed to the shoulder-elbow-wrist complex pain. The upper back, especially, is a rich source of irritation and can contribute to wrist elbow pain because the muscles of the upper back are main shoulder movers. Tightness and pain in the muscle between the shoulder blades, for instance, affect the ability of these muscles to do their job; this affects elbow and wrist pain. Dr. Oskardmay adjusts these vital areas and soothes the muscles with muscles, physical therapy, and acupuncture when needed.

The eight small carpal bones comprising the wrist can be a source of wrist pain, as well. These bones confer tremendous flexibility and fitness to the wrist but can be the source of tremendous irritation when any one of them is injured. Wrist bone injury can come from too much typing or writing, doing downward dog in yoga, or numerous other activities that involve the wrist. Injury to the elbow can occur from tennis or other motions that impact the joint; even sleeping posture can affect the elbow joint. Dr. Oskardmay will assess these joints to determine if they are the source of the problem and use extremity adjustment techniques to restore proper motion. She will massage and apply physical therapy to soothe irritation in connected muscles, as well, helping to heal on many levels.

When you have wrist and elbow pain, be sure to let Dr. Oskardmay know because she can help. Pain and irritation anywhere in the body affect all areas and you deserve to be pain-free and function at your physical and mental best.

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