New Year’s Resolutions: We are Here to Help!

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As we enter the new year, each of us thinks about how we can improve on the last year. Some people make New Year Resolutions, most frequently related to health and feeling better. Weight loss is a common goal, but many people fail to lose weight and keep it off, despite their best intentions. At Acupractic Natural Healing Center, we can help you improve your health using weight loss methods such as diet, exercise, balanced nerve input to digestive organs and even ear acupuncture. Weight loss doesn’t have to be a yo-yo experience or even confusing, and it can be a healthy goal for the new year that can be kept.

There are many diet plans available and they can be confusing. For instance, KetoDiet promises weight loss from eating a lot of fat and protein, while the Vegan Diet defines healthy eating without animal products. There’s the Intermittent Fasting Diet plan which seems at odds with the `Eat Three Meals A Day with snacks in between` method of eating most of us were raised with. Other diets that seem to contradict each other include the Paleo Diet, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, DASH diet, Calorie-Restriction Diet, to name a few. When you encounter a new diet plan that interests you, be sure to discuss it with Dr. Oskardmay at your next visit to see how she can help you make sense of any confusing parts. As a licensed chiropractic trained in nutrition, biochemistry and muscle physiology, she understands the factors associated with weight loss. Additionally, she understands that different ways of eating appeal to each of us in alternate ways and our relationship with food is personal.

In addition to food choices, other factors exist that affect body weight. Exercise, posture and body inflammation affect metabolism and weight loss, as does mood and even the time of day one eats. Dr. Oskardmay can help you make the most of these influences. Exercise, for instance, impacts body weight in several ways- the balance between muscle and fat in our body requires maintenance and influences pain, posture, and metabolism. It is important to exercise to be able to attend to daily physical needs and improve health while not over-exercising which can create more disabling inflammation and disrupt body mechanics.

Body posture affects weight loss because it affects respiration and the ability to transform food into energy. Additionally, posture affects spinal pain and nerve flow to vital digestive organs. For instance, nerves midback travel to the stomach, pancreas, and spleen, affecting the digestive abilities of these organs. Nerves from the low back influence the large intestine and other organs of elimination which help us get rid of waste products. As a spine specialist, Dr. Oskardmay can help reduce back pain and help restore good nerve flow to all organs involved in digestion.

Weight loss and good weight maintenance is an achievable goal that deserves attention in the new year and beyond. During your next healthcare visit at our office, be sure to inquire how we can help you lose weight and move into the new year healthier and smarter.

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