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Adequate sleep is imperative for good health, and Dr. Oskardmay strives to help you improve this life aspect through inquiry and education. She uses alternative medicine concepts to understand how to address problems in a unique way that is nonetheless effective. She can apply chiropractic and acupuncture treatments to support general body health and to reduce stress and pain in a balanced fashion. The holistic care available at our office is the perfect choice to help remove obstacles that hinder sleep.

The Chinese medicine concept of balance is integral to good sleep. As we shift from morning wakefulness to afternoon fullness to evening relaxation, we pass through all stages of yang and yin. Yang refers to the sunny warmth of the day, full of activity and thoughtfulness- our nervous system’s sympathetic tone. Yang’s opposite, yin relates to the darker, calm spirit of the night, relaxed and sleepy- our nervous system’s parasympathetic tone. Ideally, we inhabit both stages equally, just as we pass through day and night. The crucial balance of our autonomic nervous system facilitates every aspect of our being from breathing to heart rate, to digestion to sexual performance. Dr. Oskardmay uses acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and massage techniques such as gua sha and cupping as part of a treatment plan to restore the balance lost.

Acupuncture treatment may emphasize specific channel dynamics. For example, the fire channel reflects sleep and consciousness, whereas the metal channel reflects energy and grief. The water meridian correlates with the spine, nervous system, and the emotion of fear. The wood channel controls the eyes and the capacity to control, and the earth channel affects humidity, the muscles and ligaments and the sweetness of joy. Imbalance of these briefly described energy transits will affect sleep. Acupuncture treatment helps.

Similarly, chiropractic care influences body-mind balance in many ways. Central portions of the autonomic nervous system lie next to the spine; restful sleep requires the balance of the two opposing aspects of the ANS. Dr. Oskardmay mobilizes spinal vertebrae to improve nerve function of the ANS and support sound sleep. When you have neck or back pain along with a sleep disorder, the chiropractic adjustment can help you.

It is easy to see how we have lost restfulness and the ability to sleep. We live in a world where lights illuminate the nighttime sky, and televisions and cell phones and computers beckon into the wee hours. Work is taken home as bosses require us to be on-call. We do not value sleep as we do wakefulness.

Additionally, many people experience stressful thoughts that plague their dreams, and others experience body aches and pains that make sleep positions uncomfortable. Dr. Lisa will help you find options that support the evening bedtime ritual of restful sleep. She offers soothing pain reduction treatment to help you establish sound repose.

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