How Can Essential Oils Benefit your Chiropractic or Acupuncture Treatment Plan?

`Getting Started with Essential Oils` presentation by established nutritionist Jenny Hoffman shows that essential oils can be used in many therapeutic ways. `Essential` refers to the high concentration of volatile plant extractions, and `oil` refers to the fact that these steam-distilled extractions do not mix with water, although they are not technically oils. Essential oils of single source or mixtures have been used for centuries to heal and cleanse, stimulate and relax, sanctify, and invite.  Today, with minimal training, we can similarly use drops of these elixirs and eliminate many toxins in our lives.

The chiropractic adjustment helps reduce neck and back pain, and aromatherapy application or massage with essential oils during the treatment will enhance therapeutic benefit. For instance, the essential oil blend `Aroma Life` from Young Living is a combination of essences such as lavender, rosemary, marjoram, and bergamot. Lavender is an example of an herbal fragrance that reduces the stress hormone cortisol; the application of this oil can help ease muscle tension. Similarly, rosemary essence, in addition to improving nervous system balance, also helps to detoxify surrounding tissues. Bergamot is an antispasmodic sedative oil; its ability to relax muscles and promote relaxation make it another right choice for body work in general. Your chiropractor may use these oils separately or in a blend as described above; whichever, the therapeutic benefit enhances the chiropractic adjustment in many ways. These are just some examples of beneficial essential oils that your chiropractor can use to improve the therapeutic benefit of the chiropractic adjustment.

Essential oils can also benefit acupuncture treatment for the relaxation reasons described above. Also, essences can be used to enhance channel work in an acupuncturist’s office in other ways, adding a new dimension to their healing efficacy. The essential oil of cypress, for instance, benefits the lung channel because it soothes coughing and clears infection. Sweet basil essence supports the earth channel and helps to improve digestion and reduce bloating when applied to the skin or taken internally. Citrus essential oils help break up liver qi stagnation resulting in lessened headache, frustration, PMS, and aggression. Your acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC can use essential oil acupressure application on channel point locations in place of needles when acupuncture isn’t recommended; this might benefit the very young or individuals with needle phobia. Even animals, who may not be good candidates for needle acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments, can benefit from therapeutic essential oil massage application.


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