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Too much weight gain is a problem that plagues many people in the United States and worldwide. The achievement of stable, ideal weight, and BMI is a goal for vast numbers of us and challenging to attain. The sight and smell of delicious foods inundate us at every corner be it online or outside and we mindlessly consume too many calories as we rush to do our daily work, or we overindulge while we relax. Eating for enjoyment is a pastime which results in weight gain. Natural treatment for this issue is unpleasant and ineffective- many people start dieting and end up gaining more weight over time. Abdominal surgery to reduce food absorption is dangerous and also may not work. Exercising to lose weight is helpful, but needs to be combined with reduced caloric consumption to be truly helpful because people’s feet and knees can only take so much exercise! Many people need a new approach to weight loss.

An article in the NIH Pubmed describes how acupuncture ear point stimulation can help. Specific auricular areas related to appetite, relaxation, and the stomach signal satiety when used in an acupuncture protocol designed to help patients lose weight. Auriculotherapy helps the body produce the hormone serotonin by accessing the auricular branch of the vagal nerve. Serotonin is a hormone that helps us relax and reflect, which can put an end to mindless food consumption stimulated by external sights and smells rather than internal cues of real hunger.  Additionally, ear acupuncture of points directed to the earth channel and stomach organ increase the tone of the stomach’s musculature, which helps us feel full.

In Chinese Medicine, the ear is a body region that contains all of the acupuncture channels in one small location. Stimulation of points on the ear is shown to send messages along the channels, thus affecting organs and tissues distal to the ear itself. Channel pathways are important energy mediators for elements and corresponding organs and tissues; related emotional responses such as fear and joy affect well being, too. That a single ear point or two can access this cornucopia of aligned energies is fantastic and beautiful. As the article above describes, acupuncture in Chapel Hill, NC from Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture at Eastowne also has the potential to help people lose unwanted weight by assisting people in naturally.

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