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Healthcare should be for all people and at Acupractic Natural Healing Center, we specialize in family chiropractic. Located in Chapel Hill just off I-40 in Eastowne Hills across from the new Wegmans, the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay are here for your whole family. Patients from young to old benefit from the gentle, effective hands-on care Dr. Oskardmay provides at her local alternative medicine practice. Since opening in 1995, she offers treatment options that support the spine and nervous system of every person, helping balance posture, reduce pain and improve performance.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a hands-on therapy that emphasizes evaluation and care of the spine and nervous system to support whole body health. Dr. Lisa Oskardmay is a licensed chiropractic physician who believes that everyone who has a spine benefits from regular periodic chiropractic care. She corrects spinal misalignment using the hands-on or activator chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is a safe and effective healing tool that yields powerful benefits for people of all ages. Dr. Oskardmay helps patients achieve better posture and less pain when doing everyday activities, vital goals for everyone.

Each visit starts with evaluation to determine the presence of spinal irritation- subluxation and misalignment that contributes to pain and nerve malfunction. Dr. Oskardmay reviews patient history and uses skillful palpation to determine where to best apply care. For instance, vertebral misalignment in the neck region or cervical spine frequently causes neck pain, headaches and shoulder, arm or hand tension and pain, whereas subluxation of spinal segments in the lower back or lumbar spine usually present with back pain, hip and or leg pain. Stomach irritation may indicate nerve imbalance in the lower thoracic spine region, and problems related to fertility or menstruation in woman may relate to the sacral spine region. Spinal irritation affects people of all ages and left untreated, can have serious health ramifications.

To correct spinal misalignment, Dr. Oskardmay uses the right tools and techniques appropriate to each person’s needs and body type, health history and pain level. Patients benefit from the wide variety of supportive treatment techniques available at our office. Dr. Oskardmay is certified in hands on diversified chiropractic technique, Activator Technique and others. Additionally, we offer cushioned treatment tables for pregnant women and others, and the elevation aspect of our tables ensures safe and comfortable positioning for each person.

Men and women, children and the elderly will each discover that treatment at our office is beneficial, safe and comfortable for all their spinal concerns. People from the Triangle have trusted us with their spinal care needs since 1995. Check our patient reviews and call (919) 929-1400, email or visit our website to schedule an appointment for yourself or for someone you care about.


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