What to Expect Following a Chiropractic Adjustment at Acupractic Natural Healing Center

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Following a chiropractic adjustment at the office of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, you can expect to feel some relief from troubling symptoms. The chiropractic adjustment aims to mobilize spinal subluxation to restore pain-free motion, proper position, and balanced muscular attachments. The treatment brings comfort because spinal mobilization reestablishes normalcy to the body, improving posture and nerve flow.

Subluxation refers to a slight dislocation between vertebrae. This slight dislocation has significant implications because vertebrae have essential connections. These bony multifaceted structures form our backbone; they surround our spinal cord and allow nerves to emanate between vertebral foreman. Also, primary muscles and ligaments attach to vertebrae, supporting our posture and respiration. Ribs attach to the inner twelve thoracic spinal bones, protecting the delicate underlying lungs. Spinal mobilization performed by Dr. Oskardmay repositions vertebrae so that muscles can relax and nerves can flow unimpeded. Relief is often instantaneous.

Dr. Oskardmay performs hands-on adjustments by placing her hands alongside misaligned vertebrae and providing a small direct impulse to reposition these areas of subluxation. Alternately, she can use a tool called an Impulse activator placed at a specific vertebra to move that bone in a particular direction. These adjustment techniques require tremendous skill and palpatory expertise to know where to adjust and how to perform the procedure. Dr. Oskardmay has helped thousands of patients achieve relief safely and successfully with the chiropractic adjustment.

Sometimes relief is not instantaneous, and several visits may be needed to achieve full comfort. Patients with long-standing or profoundly acute pain may need to return for a series of visits because their muscle and ligament re-education takes time. Sometimes a patient will experience soreness after an adjustment- be sure to let us know if that is the case. Our goal is to help you achieve long term pain relief and improved postural stability. We do that with the chiropractic adjustment and other therapeutic, holistic interventions.

Additionally, Dr. Oskardmay provides patients with exercises and self-care activities to continue at home which helps to carry the message of change further. Once out of pain, many patients return for regular care because they recognize the benefits of spinal mobilization and therapeutic massage and acupuncture to maintain good health.

Massage and additional supportive therapies such as electro-stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, herbal application, and acupuncture enhance the treatment. Dr. Oskardmay DC, LAc. is well trained in the use of many forms of physical therapy, such as those mentioned above.  The combination of the chiropractic adjustment along with massage and acupuncture is a glorious, relaxing therapeutic trio enjoyed by many to improve health and relax the mind.

Keep your appointments and refer your friends and loved ones for care that matters at the offices of Dr. Oskardmay. Contact us today at Acupractic to consult with a trusted Chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC.

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