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At Acupractic Natural Healing Center chiropractic and acupuncture health clinic in Chapel Hill, we strive to help people learn ways to be healthier. Virtual and online programs offer a new and exciting means to obtain information and motivation and occasionally foster a healing community. I recently signed up for a new online program called Noom for weight loss and better eating habits. This blog post aims to describe my experience and offer an additional healthy eating tool others may also find helpful.

Healthful eating is one of the best ways to ward off weight gain, inflammation, and certain illnesses. Our society provides a vast array of eating choices, and sometimes it isn’t straightforward to choose healthy foods. Additionally, each person is different regarding their access to specific foods, exercise regimen, metabolism, genetics, and sleep. Having a readily available app on the cell phone or other device to keep track of these variables seems helpful. Additionally, the new app promises to provide online coaching to support health goals. Sounds good.

My experience with the app started with inputting personal data- height, weight, gender, date of birth, etc. Next, the system inquired about my weight loss goals and reasons for losing weight. Periodic ‘messages’ appeared to remind me to read particular articles related to my goals. The articles and messages appear to be autogenerated, but someone did rapidly respond to my one question about how to log walking/step taken each day. It turns out the app connects automatically to FitBit, which I wear on my wrist to get a proper step sound each day.

Helpful lessons from app psychiatrists guided me along the journey as I progressed each day. Topics such as motivation plan creation, breathwork, learning to love the scale, and identifying low-calorie foods support knowledge and understanding. Each day I dedicated 5-10″ listening to or reading articles provided. I found the information well presented and intriguing.

While weight loss is a fundamental goal of app participants, the psychiatrists point out that weight may fluctuate from day to day, so daily weighing in is, in their eyes, key to success. They point out that a person should weigh themself in the mornings before eating to keep fluctuations to a minimum. Other measurable attributes scalable on this app include blood pressure, blood sugar, amount and type of exercise, and water consumed. One can request reminder notifications to input each of these pieces of data each day. I chose to keep track of water, exercise, and food. Inputting other data just felt unnecessary and invasive.

When it came to logging food for each meal and snacks and beverages, the app provides space to ask for the type of food and serving size. The app lists a huge variety of ready-made foods and packaged entrees, making it easy to keep track of foods if you eat that kind of meal, highlighting calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate, and fiber content of each meal and snack. There is means to homemade input meals, as well, and to save items for future reference. I could see exactly how many calories I consumed and whether or not I had gone over or under my caloric burn that day. Incidentally, caloric burn is determined by a baseline calorie burn plus any other burn from exercise and walking.

I found the app helpful and enlightening in many ways, and a motivated individual will find many opportunities to learn more about themselves through this app and others like it. I liked the ease of data entry, except for the home-cooked meals aspect and the motivational conversations related to weight loss, sleep, exercise, and other elements. For the right person, this and other apps can provide a means to increase the personal awareness needed to navigate nutrition in our country.

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