Too Little Sunlight Causes a Variety of Health Problems

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As a chiropractic and acupuncturist, Dr. Oskardmay’s goal is to help each patient achieve their best health naturally. During an examination, she will review your health history with you regarding various health aspects and concerns, including how much time you spend outdoors. Many people eschew sunshine, thinking that too much sunlight will cause health problems such as skin cancer and premature skin aging. Some people also have jobs that force them to stay, so they don’t get much opportunity to go outdoors. Just the thought of going outdoors around all the bugs and the heat and the need to put on sunscreen to blocks the sun’s rays causes so much stress for some people that they avoid going outside much at all during the summer months. But the lack of sun can have serious health ramifications, and everybody should strive to get at least 15-20″ of sunlight each day, preferably in the morning to ward off serious health concerns. Studies show that sunlight exposure in the morning has the most benefit, incidentally, on weight gain, and nighttime sleep. If you go out in the early morning before the sun’s rays are directly overhead and exceedingly powerful, the sun’s rays will not be damaging to your skin. Additionally, if you wear some sunscreen such as zinc oxide on the more delicate areas, or wear some sun protective clothing, you can stay outdoors a little longer to get the full benefit of the sun’s rays.

Sunlight helps the body in many ways when it hits the skin and transforms cholesterol under the skin into Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a precursor to many body hormones including estrogen, testosterone and many others that we need to slow the aging process, fight cancer, and other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, obesity, depression, insomnia and many others. Studies have even demonstrated a link between the higher prevalence of back pain in people with limited sun exposure, such as persons who live in higher altitudes or people who cover up their skin whenever they go outside. A lot of people who have had their Vitamin D levels checked in recent years come to learn that they are deficient in this vital nutrient and begin a supplementation plan to combat hypovitaminosis D. It is unclear, however, whether or not Vitamin D supplementation is the answer for sunlight deficiency.

Talk with Dr. Oskardmay about your health history and any concerns you have regarding sunlight exposure. A few simple changes to your daily routine might be helpful to add sunlight back into your life at levels that can help you in myriad ways. Contact Acupractic Natural Healing Center today.

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