Why Do We Need Sunshine Every Day?

sunshineThe title of this blog may sound silly- Why do we need sunshine every day? Our natural health medical practice emphasizes the benefits of natural healing and getting adequate sun exposure regularly is part of that. But why?

The World Health Organization reports that a very high percentage of the world’s disease burden is caused by deficient levels of UVR (the ultraviolet portion of sunlight). The WHO postulates that most musculoskeletal disorders and probably many autoimmune diseases and cancers are also due to inadequate sunlight. (Environ Health Perspect. 2008 May; 116(5):A197), whereas too much sunlight is responsible for a tiny percentage of deaths worldwide.

Sunlight activates Vitamin D production in our bodies. This crucial nutrient (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) regulates over a thousand genes in our bodies, including calcium metabolism, immune system, and neuromuscular system functioning. Additionally, the light rays coming from the sun stimulate the release of a hormone called serotonin in the brain, which boosts mood, helps us focus better, and feel calmer. When we don’t get enough sunlight, our bodies and minds suffer.

Many people are aware of the need to avoid sun over-exposure to avoid melanoma (skin cancer), but under exposure increases the risk of dying from Hodgkin‘s lymphoma, cancers of the breast, ovaries, colon, pancreas, prostate, and others. Paradoxically, getting enough sunlight also reduces melanoma risk. Additionally, there is a connection between getting adequate sunlight and reducing the risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis and even Type 1 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and hypertension.

At the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, we want patients to experience the healthy benefits of natural sunlight safely and effectively. Dr. Oskardmay advises patients to check with their dermatologist if they have any concerns about skin cancer or another sun-related disorder and to be aware of the need for daily sunlight.

The recommended amounts of natural sunlight start at 15” per day, which might seem easy to get, except when it is cloudy outside or when a person doesn’t go out when the sun is shining or wear so much protective clothing or sunscreen that they aren’t getting adequate sun exposure. Some people think they depend on nutritional supplements such as Vitamin D to compensate, but lack of Vitamin D may be just one part of the issue.

Our natural medicine healthcare clinic supports healthy sun exposure to improve many aspects of life. Call today at 919-929-1400 to see how natural healthcare can benefit you. Serving the Triangle since 1995, licensed acupuncturist and chiropractor Dr. Lisa Oskardmay is here for you. Call 919-929-1400, email schedule@acudocnc.com, or go online to schedule 24 hours a day: acudocnc.com. Located just off Eastowne Rd in Chapel Hill, we look forward to serving your healthcare needs.


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