Non-Needle Ear Acupuncture Using Ear Seeds

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Ear seeds are small energy pellets used in ear acupuncture. Ear seeds provide a safe, quick, and economical means to receive acupuncture treatment and to improve treatment efficacy by self-stimulation of the ear seeds in the days following initial insertion.  Also known as auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture is a non-needle form of acupuncture point stimulation, which, using the ear, is quick and easy and highly accessible. The technique can be a qi balancing procedure that complements other treatments, or it can be a quick remedy in itself. In between office visits, Dr. Oskardmay advises patients on self-stimulation of ear points, performed by pressing the ear seed a few times at specified intervals.

The ear is a microcosm of the entire body; stimulation of ear points is akin to stimulation of body points and can benefit a wide variety of health conditions. Dr. Lisa Oskardmay uses particular ear points to treat pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and to help patients quit smoking, reduce drug dependence, and lose weight. Auriculotherapy is a safe, painless, non-drug, widely used treatment tool supported by research and clinical success. Acupuncture points on the ear are highly energized and available for stimulation using needles, electrostimulation via Pointer Plus, laser stimulation, semi-permanent ASP needles as in Battlefield Acupuncture or other techniques.

Ear seeds made from a variety of substances attach to the ear using dermal tape. Substances include gold or silver or other metals, small magnets, or actual seeds such as sesame or radish or poppyseed or others.  The ear seeds remain on the ear until they fall out, or the patient decides to remove them. Additionally, at our office, we offer ear bling ear seeds- rhinestone covered self-adhesive metal seeds that look like a small earring stud. Ear seed application is NOT akin to ear piercing, and there is no cartilage penetration. The ear seed adhesive effectively situates the ear seed for several days but does not generally irritate the skin. Persons with a latex allergy should discuss this with Dr. Oskardmay so that she can make other options available. If the underlying skin gets irritated, you can safely remove the seed with few repercussions. Contact our office with any other concerns.

Dr. Oskardmay chooses which points to use on a particular patient based on years of research regarding point efficacy combined with technology. Using a point locator like Point Plus that detects regions of high energetic potential, and combined with patient history and treatment goals, she selects points. It is essential to visit a trained auriculotherapy acupuncturist such as Dr. Oskardmay.  To reap the full benefits of this science-based healing tool, one must recognize that each ear is different. Additionally, energetic point change in the same ear as time passes; just like body acupuncture, treatment benefit rests in part on individual point selection. One or two ear points are generally adequate for the treatment effect. The ear seeds can stay in place until they fall out, or the patient wants to remove them for some reason.

Ear seeds acupuncture using metal, magnets, sources, or ear bling is a quick way to experience relief from pain and stress, with some added self-healing opportunities. Whether used as a stand-alone treatment or as an adjunct to chiropractic or acupuncture therapy, ear seed acupuncture can benefit you in many ways.

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