How Wood Channel Imbalance in Chinese Medicine Relates to Your Health

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Each element in Chinese Medicine relates to specific body areas and organs in each person. Additionally, there are emotions and seasons and other aspects that relate to one another. The element of wood connects the regions described below. Connected components tend to be out of harmony together and are diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine; treatment aimed at restoring balance in elemental areas is healing on many levels and improves overall cures response and rate. Read more to learn how wood channel imbalance in Chinese medicine relates to your health.

Spring is the season of wood and sour is the flavor. The yin organ is the liver; the yang organ is the gallbladder, the color is green; the opening in the eyes. Emotions related to the wood element include frustration and anger; creativity is a strength of wood. Body regions which relate to the wood element include the lateral foot, leg, hip, torso to the head and outer canthus, as well as the medial foot, leg, groin to the nipple.

Wood Channel Imbalance in Chinese Medicine

A Chinese medicine practitioner, such as Dr. Lisa Oskardmay at Acupractic Natural Healing Center in Chapel Hill, NC, will review each of these areas as well as other internally connected regions as keys to the health and balance of the wood channel. If you have hip pain or shoulder pain, she will examine the muscles and ligaments of these areas. She will ask about the other areas connected to the wood channel including the presence or absence of anger and frustration, for instance, or the predilection or total avoidance of the sour flavor in your diet. History and the personal story of each patient will reveal the times of the year and the times of day which affect you most as these, too, will indicate balance in the wood channels and other elements.

Dr. Oskardmay will discuss treatment with you before doing anything. Treatment will include the insertion of acupuncture needles at specific acupoints to balance meridians or energy channels. Acupoints found mainly on the sides of the four limbs, the head, and ear, as well as the mid-torso and even on the back relate to the wood channel. Following needle insertion, you will rest comfortably for 20″ or so; your practitioner will manually stimulate the needles midsession, and you will relax and meditate a bit more. Sometimes electro-stimulation is applied to some of the points to change the effect. Involved and connected muscles are massaged and potentially deep tissue massage and healing ointments are applied where needed, which primarily benefits the wood channel because it resonates with the muscles and ligaments of the body.

The Chinese medicine acupuncture perspective on healing reflects another, more holistic alternative to health improvement than avenues to healing provided in western medicine clinics. It is not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to use alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has helped thousands of people make sense of and effectively treat pain in the areas supplied by and connected to the wood channel and the other channel areas of the body and mind. If you have hip, back or shoulder pain and want to use acupuncture, you have made a good choice.

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