Are There Alternatives to Knee Surgery?


If you have obtained a knee injury, it’s important that you take the time to investigate options that may be available alternatives to knee surgery. In most cases, when a patient experiences a knee injury, there are no quick fixes. A knee doctor Gaithersburg, MD relies on may be able to provide you with options that can help you to avoid surgery altogether. Depending upon your knee injury, there are some alternatives to more invasive treatments like surgery, such as:

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can assess your injuries and develop a treatment plan that helps to manage a knee injury. PT can offer great benefits, including a reduction in pain and improved range of motion.

Cortisone Shots

When it comes to pain management, there can be a few options available to patients. Pain medication or cortisone shots may help to reduce pain experienced by patients until their body is able to heal from the injury. A cortisone shot, also known as a steroid shot, is usually injected to the problem area to help reduce knee pain experienced by patients.


An acupuncturist can administer needles to targeted points of the body designed to help maintain the flow of energy throughout the body. Having the ability to access acupuncture can offer patients with a variety of health benefits. Not only can an acupuncturist help to target the pain a person may be experiencing, they may be able to reduce pain occurrences altogether.

Weight Loss and Exercise

In some cases, a knee doctor may recommend that you begin engaging in physical activity and making efforts towards weight loss. Although in many cases, hearing this type of recommendation can be hard to hear, in the long run, taking such steps can help significantly. The knee must bear a significant amount of weight, especially when a person is engaged in a high impact activity. Losing weight can play a key role in mitigating knee problems experienced by patients.

Can Surgery be Avoided?

Whether or not you will be able to avoid surgery is probably one of the most prevalent concerns you have. Consulting with a knee doctor will be key prior to making any decisions regarding your knee injury. Although alternatives may not be a quick fix to your knee injury, it may ultimately help you to treat your knee injury with less invasive options. Allow for us to help guide you through your treatment options in a way that you feel comfortable with. In some cases, treatment options may require vigilance on your part. However, as a patient, you have the ability to reap the benefits.

Are you suffering from knee pain? Do you have concern that you will forever be experiencing the physical repercussions of your injury? Although it can be easy to set your signs on the options that will provide you with the fastest way to a full recovery, in most cases, the options available to you can all take time.


Thank you to our friends and contributors at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into knee pain and treatment options.

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