Hip Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC

Hip Pain Doctor In Chapel Hill, NC

Hip Pain Doctor Chapel Hill, NC 

There are many options to investigate with your hip pain doctor in Chapel Hill, North Carolina when considering options for treating your hip pain. Hip replacement surgery should only be performed after other, less invasive treatments have been tried or discussed. Hip replacement surgery results last about fifteen years after which you will probably need the surgery again, with a lower chance of success. Typically, the second time around there isn’t enough bone left over to use as ‘brackets’.

Your hip doctor in Chapel Hill, NC should be able to provide you with additional information. Acupractic Natural Healing Center offers these common ways to address pain:

  • Regimen with a physical therapist — They can give you exercises to strengthen the muscles around your hip and also make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. A therapist may incorporate ice or heat, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation to your treatment to help manage the pain by increasing blood flow to the skin.
  • Exercise and Lose Weight — For every pound that you are overweight, you add additional pressure on your hips with every step you take. Exercising will assist you in losing weight and strengthening your muscles.
  • Acupuncture — This method uses thin, sharp needles in precise locations to affect nerves and disrupt the energy flow in your body. Research has proven that acupuncture does significantly reduce hip pain in some people. Types of acupuncture treatment include:
– Japanese Acupuncture: which uses minimal amounts of stimulation to obtain greater amounts of change in the body. Often, this means thinner and fewer needles, fewer points and shallower needle insertion. Abdominal palpation and other diagnostic tools are also commonly used to diagnose an imbalance and design a treatment plan.
– Korean Hand Acupuncture: which targets specific points in the hand that can actually treat the entire body. Alternative techniques including herbology to warm acupuncture points, cupping and acupressure also fall under the Korean method.
– Non-Insertion Acupuncture: is a gentle but very effective treatment that can remove blockages and enhance energy circulation at the deepest levels in the body. As the name suggests, this style of acupuncture is great for people who don’t particularly like needles as the method uses blunt needles made of silver or platinum that stimulate trigger points on the body just by touch alone. It is a gentle, but very effective treatment. Cupping or Moxibustion can also be used with this style.

Ask your hip pain doctor in Chapel Hill, NC about the options available to you. Medical advances are allowing for more options than just hip replacement surgery.

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